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2255 East Ridge Rd, Rochester, NY (585) 266-1590

Great Store

Reviewed on 1/22/2016 Tessa W

Although it took about 9 months for my dress to come in, it was well worth the wait! I loved my dress and attention I got when I went into the store. They also ensured that I had all the other dress essentials that I would need, but were understanding when I didn't purchase from... Read More them. The seamstress that comes to the store is also great and very reasonably priced. Overall a great experience.

Easy, Relaxed experience!

Reviewed on 9/11/2014 Suzanne H

I walked into Belle You after a not so pleasant experience at a larger store, pulled four dresses, tried them on, bought one off the rack. It can't get any easier than that!

easy to shop

Reviewed on 8/15/2013 Carrie H

I bought my wedding dress and veil off tge rack. Saleswoman was very sweet.

Gorgeous Dress, Horrible Owner/Manager, Wonderful

Reviewed on 11/02/2012 Leah C

I bought my wedding gown here along with all my bridesmaids dresses. The manager was very curt with my mother, sister and I during our numerous interactions with her. She lied about when things were ordered, if things could be ordered, if they could be ordered in a certain... Read More color, etc. She was rude and extremely unprofessional. She ordered the wrong size dress for my bridesmaid and tried to charge my sister extra for jackets we had ordered. The only saving grace this store has is it's seamstress Josephine. She is sweet, extremely accommodating, and an absolutely amazing seamstress! She turned my dress into something more gorgeous than I had originally pictured, and was very reasonable about the price of her alterations. In fact, I would say in every way that Margaret, the store owner/manager, was rude, greedy and unprofessional, Josephine was polite, generous and demonstrated top of the line customer service. I would highly recommend Josephine to anyone looking for their dream wedding dress. Just do not go through Bella You! If I could rate the seamstress I would give her 10 out of 5 stars, she was that good!

Beautiful gown

Reviewed on 8/31/2012 Kate M

I found my dress here at the first shop I went to! I knew it was the right one and they let me do my own thing! They had me try on ones I had a feeling I didnt want but helped me to confirm my style! They were positive and helpful and made me feel comfortable from the start!!


Reviewed on 7/29/2012 Pat K

my dress was champange and just beautiful.


Reviewed on 7/10/2012 Alison L

I have to say this was by far my worst experience with a vendor. They ordered my dress a size too small. It was skin tight and told me that that was something the seamstress could take care of. Clearly, it was not. It also had very heavy straps in the size they ordered for me... Read More and they were attached in a weird spot and when I bent over the whole top fell down. I tried the dress originally three sizes bigger than what I was so this was not an issue in the larger dress. They were uncooperative and very pushy. Never followed through with ordering more material to fix the dress. I took it to another seamstress to fix since Bella You had absolutely no solution and I was very unhappy. I would never go there again and tell people now to stay away.

Dream dress

Reviewed on 8/29/2011 Lynette R

They took my dream dress from the bridal magazine and made it happen.

Bella You - not worth the headache

Reviewed on 8/09/2011 Michelle P

My experience with Bella You is long and involved, and there is not nearly enough space to explain all of the details, but I will do my best. We went to Bella You to look for bridesmaids dresses, and in the process I found my wedding dress. When we were at the shop, they were... Read More very helpful and attentive. We purchased 8 attendant dresses, 2 flower girls, and my dress there. Once the dresses were ordered the problems began. My bridesmaids were not contacted by the store for over a week to tell them the dresses were in. I had to call the shop and tell them that no one had been contacted. Their response "Everyone has been called," however, though I would agree that one or two people may have missed a call, they were claiming that SIX people didn't answer their phone, AND didn't pick up their messages. Highly unlikely. I was told later, by the owner, that it was MY responsibility to have contacted the attendants (because I don't have enough to do as the bride??) One attendant's dress did not arrive with the others, and it was nearly three weeks before it was ordered. The owner of the store blamed the attendant for the error, however, I personally reviewed the order with them before it was placed and I am SURE that it was ordered with the rest. We had attendants wearing different colors, so it was essential that the order be correct and I checked and re-checked before the order was placed. The owner of the store specifically told the attendant NOT to tell me that the dress was missing. She couldn't guarantee the dress would arrive on time, and didn't know when it was going to ship. She also told the attendant that they would do rush alterations on it, but that they would be charging to do so. When we called for an update on the dress, we were specifically told by the owner's daughter that the dress would NOT be in on time. The owner stated that this was not true and that I needed to "trust them" with the order. I had no reason to trust them, as they were deceptive right from the start. I found the missing dress in the correct size and color as a sample at a shop in Atlanta, GA, and we purchased it from there. When we tried to get a refund from Bella You I was told that we should have told them THREE WEEKS before that we weren't going to get the dress from them. Key detail here - the shop hadn't told us that the dress was missing three weeks before. Were the dresses beautiful? Yes. But unless you are buying off the rack and leaving with the dress in hand, you're better off purchasing your items elsewhere. They get three stars for Quality because they sell quality dresses, not because THEY delivered quality.

Awesome dress

Reviewed on 8/09/2010 Kelly C

I found my dress at Bella You, the staff was nice but the owner can be so rude. I wanted the dress bad enough that I will take the snottiness. She was nice to me but rude to my family. Overall, I'm glad I found my dress

Review for Bella You

Reviewed on 11/21/2008 Noelle R

Peggy (owner) remembers individual clients and is not pushy to buy a more expensive dress.