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Betsy Robinson's–over 60 years of superior service

Betsy Robinson’s Bridal Collection boasts a comprehensive selection of gowns in every price range, with many lines exclusive in Baltimore/Washington. Your consultant will be among the finest anywhere, whose knowledge, expertise, and quality of service have been recognized industry-wide for many years.



Alterations, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Other Attire & Accessories, Wedding Gowns


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1848 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore, MD

Excellent service!

Reviewed on 4/09/2014 Erika Z

The staff was very helpful in accommodating my need for a modest gown....the price, timing of the order etc was perfect!

Loved the shop, LOVE my dress

Reviewed on 11/13/2013 Kate S

I'm extremely petite, so I was nervous to go dress shopping. The staff was awesome and made the experience exactly what I'd hoped for. I also really love how the boutique is set-up - they ask you your budget, and then don't even take you in the rooms with dresses priced above your price point, so the temptation to break your bank isn't a factor. The alterations were perfect too!

Wedding gown to die for!

Reviewed on 8/26/2013 Kristina D

Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection has the highest quality wedding gowns from couture designers! I received so many compliments on my dress it was staggering. I worked personally with Maria (manager) and Betsy, and my dress fit me like a glove and had an elaborate, never-been-done before bustle. My recommendation is to make sure that you are working with a staff member who is attentive and knows what they are doing, or else you will not be as happy with the outcome.

Took Forever but Happy I Got What I wanted

Reviewed on 4/29/2015 L'Erin G

So before I was even engaged I knew the dress I wanted and it was sold by the wedding dress company Watters. Once engaged I went on a two month search of any place that was willing to have this dress ordered for me. No one in DC sold this dress and so I found Betsy Robinson's and asked if they could help. My consultation appointment fairly quick but I spent time trying on dresses I knew I didn't want but that they lady working with me suggested (for my size 16 body). Before it was over though she finally accepted the fact that I wanted this specific dress and came in to have my measurements done. I was told that since I had ordered the dress almost 9 months before our wedding that it would take about 4 months and I would have the dress sooner rather than later. How about almost 7 months later the dress finally shows up and this is after me calling and calling and calling like a crazy person worried the dress wouldn't make it in time. In the meantime - while waiting for the dress - I ordered a custom veil which they said would take a month. How about that took almost 3 months -___-. Alterations weren't really needed which was great. My final appointment I wanted to take my dress home as we live in DC and not anywhere near the shop and they refused to let me have it. They stated that they needed to iron it (my dress had thousands of ruffles)and which I knew was impossible to iron. Either way I got my dress finally a week before the wedding and it was absolutely the best purchase. I love my dress still to this day - it was so amazing. I couldn't have even gotten the dress if it weren't for the team at the store (since my dress was two seasons old). I also had the pleasure of meeting Betsy Robinson herself - who told me that she had never seen a more beautiful dress - I 100% agreed.

Not Impressed..

Reviewed on 2/17/2015 Erin K

My wedding was in October, but I waited a little while to write this review. I was very disapointed with Betsy Robinson and would caution future brides using them especaially for alterations. My first visit was during an Augusta Jones trunk show, had the reprensetatives from the designer not been there, I would not have puchased the dress. I will say that they do have a great selection of dresses and have tons of trunk shows. I was advised by some friends not to use the alteration services they provide, however I didn't think it would be a big deal and it seemed like the easiest option. I was incorrect. My ininital fitting went fine, the alterations people were not espeically friendly, but that was fine. I went in for numerous fittings and thought we were good to go. My final fitting was the Monday before my wedding, I was anticipating an in an out visit but ended up being there (in tears) for about 4 hours. Things kept getting worse and worse, the employees were uncareing and rude while I was upset with mistakes they caused. They were then extremely unaccomidating when I had to schedule another final fitting later that week. I was told I could come in 2pm Wednesday, and that was my only option. In the end everything with the dress was fixed but it was very stressful and not something anyone should have to deal with. To make up for this they offered me a free preservation, fine at least they were making an effort to make things right. I dropped of the dress to be preserved the 27th of October. By the end of Jan I still hadn't heard anything. I called to check, once, twice, three times! Talked to 3 different people over 2 weeks, left my contact info and was never called back. The 4th time I called I requested a manager, Kim, was finally able to get the information I was looking for. But this just highlights how their customer service is seriously lacking. If you value your sanity DO NOT deal with their alterations department.

Impersonal and rushed

Reviewed on 1/19/2015 christine m

This salon had a huge stock and a nice location. However, the service fell far short of my expectations. My "consultant" was rushed, flustered (presumably from some kind of in-fighting behind the scenes when another consultant took her dressing room and dumped my things back with my party), and didn't bother to ask me any questions. She let me loose and directed me towards to dresses from the current trunk show. I picked a few out and she guided me to a new room. Basically, all she did was help me in and out of dresses and coo over me in them. "This your dress, yes! You look soo good! 10% off today!" She never offered any suggestions, advice or anything helpful really. Then, when I tried to have a private conversation in the room with my friend, she hung out at the door trying to eavesdrop. We watched her outside the door and waited until she'd actually left before talking. The whole experience was rushed, impersonal, and sorely lacking in any kind of consultation, which is what I really needed. Even if I'd found my dress there, I would have looked elsewhere to buy it. My friend had it right that the salon floor felt like a shark pit, with consultants and others fawning over you, offering insincere flattery. It was just so uncomfortable.

Wedding Gown

Reviewed on 1/12/2015 Katie L

Ashley was assigned to me on the day I came into the salon to try on dresses. She was awesome, attentive, and easy to work with! I bought my dress after about 2 hours! Ashley sent me a hand written note in the mail about a week later, which was a very unexpected and beautiful touch! I highly recommend Betsy Robinson to all of my friends!

They did not disappoint

Reviewed on 11/19/2014 Nicole I

I purchased my gown more than a year before my wedding. They called me as soon as it came in and all my fitting appointments went great. They are so kind and very professional!

Gorgeous Dress Like No Other!

Reviewed on 10/14/2014 Becca M

I started trying on dresses the day after Thanksgiving so that my grandmother could partake in the fun. I went in thinking this was just for her, but I left knowing the exact dress I wanted. Ashley, who helped me, was so amazing, she was able to figure out exactly what I wanted (entering the shop I had no clue) and was not pushy in the slightest. I found a strapless sweetheart neck dress with beautiful beading, gray sash, and a-line skirt like I have never seen before. I felt beyond beautiful on my wedding day and I know that it was because of the help at Betsy Robinson that made it happen! I would recommend Betsy Robinson to everyone looking for their yes to the dress!

Bridal Shop

Reviewed on 6/15/2014 Nneka M

The people at Betsy Robinson were so helpful in getting me my dress! The experience around ordering the dress and getting it in was perfect. There was a little frustration with having multiple fittings to fix the same issue over and over again but once it was done it was perfect.

A Lovely Shop

Reviewed on 12/10/2013 Diana F

Overall I was very happy with my experience at Betsy Robinson - I'm a plus size bride, and was worried about my options, but was able to find THE dress at a great price.

LOVED my dress!

Reviewed on 8/14/2013 Megan W

Betsy Robinson's bridal was great to work with. They were very helpful throughout the process and made me feel very comfortable during the course of my fittings and alterations. They are very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They are also extremely professional and know what they're doing when it comes to selecting dresses for the bride based on her preferences. (I tried on several dresses on my own before we were helped, but ended up purchasing the first gown that our sales associate brought to me, so she hit the nail on the head with the first dress she picked for me). Their alterations department is also very skilled and puts a lot of care and effort into making all of the details 100% perfect for the final outcome. You could tell they really cared about what they were doing!

Found my perfect gown

Reviewed on 7/14/2013 Sarah C

Betsy Robinson's was the first stop on my wedding gown hunt. I told them exactly what I wanted and they picked some dresses that were just that and told me to hunt around and pick out anything that caught my eye. I told them I didn't want strapless, beaded, poofy, sparkly, for princessy. When I picked the few myself I picked on that was to a T everything I said I didn't want. Strapless, beaded, full skirt etc. When I tried it on, my face lit up and I knew it was the dress. The staff at Betsy's couldn't have been more helpful. They were spot on from ordering my dress all the way up through picking it up the week of my wedding. Alterations were all done wonderfully, they did a great job listening to what I really wanted. I only had one issue with my dress, the beading on the top began to come loose and start to fall off by the end of the night. Obviously this was not by any fault of the bridal shop. I mentioned it during my last fitting and they said they would tack it down, but it came loose again by the end of the night. The dress still looked flawless and fit like a glove. I would aboslutely recommend Betsy Robinson's Bridal Collection to anyone looking for wedding or formal dresses. They know the business and they do it well.

best selection

Reviewed on 5/22/2013 Jennifer C

The selection here is unparalleled. The staff let me come in multiple times to try on the same dress to be sure it was "the one." I rated them low on responsiveness because I did not hear back from some emails that I sent, but when I called they helped me right away. In addition, I asked to get a swatch of my bridesmaids dresses so that I could pick out their shoes and they sent me two different swatches, which were completely different colors. (not helpful). However, I love my dress and I got my bridesmaids dresses here too. When I had my alterations I ended up having to come in 7 times!, which I have to admit, I was annoyed with. However, with that being said, my dress ended up looking flawless on my wedding day and I was in love with it. If I had to do it over, I trust Betsy Robinson's selection and expertise and I would go back here again.

Betsy Robinson's

Reviewed on 4/30/2013 Kelly G

Betsy Robinson's is a really nice boutique, however they could work on their internal communication skills a bit. I had 5 different fittings and there seemed to be some confusion about what had been done to the dress and what needed to be done. Overall, my dress turned out perfectly and I loved it.

Great service

Reviewed on 11/25/2012 Rachel M

I had a great experience at Betsy Robinson. Every employee I worked with was very helpful and I didn't ever have to wait long than 5 minutes to be seen. They did quick alterations and really did everything they could to make sure that I was happy. I am really happy with my choice to go with Betsy Robinson.

I loved my wedding dress! =-)

Reviewed on 11/04/2012 Allison G

I found my dream dress at Betsy Robinson's after looking at two or three other bridal salons. I worked with a woman named Estelle and she was so responsive in listening to exactly what I wanted and helping me find it. I also got my alterations done at Betsy Robinson's and they did an excellent job.


Reviewed on 10/09/2012 Cate P

I tried on probably about 8-10 dresses with Stephanie and fell in love with the dress that I ended up choosing. This experience was pretty good. Not as good as I had had at other salons, but I think that is just the nature of the SIZE of the salon. They don't take the time to make each bride feel as special because they have SO MANY BRIDES. Once my dress came in, I went to try it on with the shoes that I had selected, which were about 3 1/2". At this point I found out that my dress was not long enought for me to wear heels taller than 1". I guess I should have thought of ordering extra length at the time, but I was just thinking about all sorts of other things!This was very frustrating to me as I think that it is the consultant's job to determine the length and size that is going to work for each bride. It's not like I'm 5'2" and wanted to wear 9" heels. I'm 5'8" and this should have been thought of when I ordered the dress. Anyway, I had to return my shoes and go on a search for cute kitten heels or flats, which turned out to be next to impossible! I ended up with flats that I did not like. Really, it wasn't THAT big of a deal, but for the amount of money I was paying, it should have been exactly how I wanted it. Anyway, onto the alterations. The original round of alterations went well; however, the alterations lady needed to take in the boning in the chest because I'm a bit smaller in that area :) This turned into a disaster with multiple rounds of changes because they completely deformed this area of my dress. This lead up until THE DAY I had to leave for my wedding. Honestly, I am not that picky or difficult. It was completely messed up. I could not try it on the day that I picked it up because it had to be mounted on a bust to keep its shape, I just had to HOPE and HOPE and HOPE that it ended up being fixed. Everything ended up being great the day of, but the process was just TERRIBLE. And the staff is very unhelpful and unprofessional, and worst of all, UNAPOLOGETIC. This is the ONLY vendor that I have that I am giving a negative review. Honestly, I'm not that hard to please. This experience was just THAT terrible. My suggestion: Go here and find a dress. If you find one, call around and go buy it from ANOTHER SALON.


Reviewed on 9/27/2012 Chandra H

I'm absolutely thrilled with my purchase. But I would go for the consultant and not necessarily the shop. Stephanie Warns and Jessica (in bridesmaids) are wonderful consultants but the shop can be a bit of a turn off to some simply because it seems once treatment is based upon the amount of money they are spending or have. I've gone to the shop and witnessed this on several occassions. The alterations are also overpriced but that is the choice you make at the final stage of having your dress fitted. I thik that they could really grow their business if they came out of that ultra conservative/affluent bubble and become more culturally and socially aware of who their potential buyers are...just because people might not "look" like money does not mean they don't have it to spend. And I have come to realize if you provide exceptional service people will spend the money...plain and simple.

Good Boutique!

Reviewed on 9/18/2012 Karla M

I went in to the shop to take a look and they were very helpful. They were so nice and so helpful. I found a dress I fell in love with. When I went back for the dress fitting the dress did not fit how I had imagined it. The dress had been ordered a size bigger and they recommend alterations. When I went back the third time I was still not 100% satisfied with how my dress looked. They said that because it was a size bigger it fit different than the original one I tried on. I was then 1 week away from my wedding day. At that point there was not much they could do;; therefore, although the dress fit nice it was not how imagined it. It would have been nice if they explained how the sizing would affect the look of the dress. After seeing pictures, I totally was not pleased with how my dress looked. I had a wonderful wedding; however, I wish my dress would have been perfect.

Beautiful Dress Selection - A few small issues

Reviewed on 9/03/2012 Emily B

The dress selection was wonderful. The alternations turned out well in the end, but I had to visit three times for very small adjustments. We had asked them to add buttons to the back of the dress, but they ordered the wrong buttons so it looked terrible. Thankfully they refunded us for the buttons, so that helped smooth over all the other little issues.

Bridal Gown from Betsy Robinson's

Reviewed on 8/22/2012 Christine K

With the help of Maria at Betsy Robinson's, I found my dream gown. Betsy Robinson's was by far the most professional place I went to (I went to over 5 salons) with the best selection. I was even able to find most of my accessories there on return visits for alterations. I would definitely recommend Betsy Robinson's!

Terrible Service

Reviewed on 8/21/2012 Katie T

This boutiquewas absolutely horrendous. I would not recommend going here if you're interested at all in how you're treated as a customer. My mother, maid of honor, bridesmaid, and I went here to try on a few dresses in the hopes of purchasing one. We were the only ones in there, which was nice. But when a party of 20 people came in, they sat the party right next to us and had us share a dressing room area (when there was clearly enough space for them to be placed elsewhere), and eavesdropped on our conversations the whole time we were there. Rude, obnoxious, and unattentive are the words I would use to describe this boutique. Needless to say, they did not receive my business.

Go to the sample sale!

Reviewed on 8/16/2012 Kathleen B

I got a gorgeous WToo gown for less than half price. I would not have been able to afford my gown otherwise. My consultant was very good and gave great suggestions for gowns to try on. Although I couldn't afford anything else there (hair combs, flowers, etc) they have a great selection and were very knowledgable.

My perfect dress

Reviewed on 8/06/2012 Kelli A

Betsy Robinson's was the second place I visited to find my wedding dress. We worked with Vera that afternoon, and started by trying on gowns we picked out ourselves. We found a couple that we liked, but Vera decided to bring in a couple more gowns we had not considered. Thanks to Vera, I found my perfect wedding dress. My mom cried, followed by all of my bridesmaids who were there with us, and then me. I was so happy, and now that I have seen our photographs I am so happy with my decision. Betsy Robinson's was great through my initial try on and my three dress fittings which followed, and my dress fit perfectly on the day of my wedding. I was very pleased with the quality of the dress, the cost, and the service we received from Betsy Robinson's. Thank you for everything!


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