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For over 100 years Borsheims has had the privilege of providing couples the best selection, savings and service. One of the largest independent jewelry stores in the country, we offer thousands of ring settings, loose stones, designer jewelry, watches and wedding day essentials for any budget.

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120 Regency Parkway, Omaha, NE

Shine bright!

Reviewed on 3/25/2014 Brooke L

My husband and I both got our rings at Borsheims and we had the best experience. We worked with Katie and she made things as seemless as possible! Would highly recommend Borsheims to anyone looking to purchase jewelry!

November Wedding

Reviewed on 11/27/2013 Amanda K

I only get my jewelry from Borsheims! I'm a devoted customer! They have great prices, friendly not pushy service and they will always take care of the jewelry you buy from there!


Reviewed on 11/18/2013 Jennifer H

We bought all of our rings at Borsheims and each is stunning and beautiful. The staff was knowledgeable and helpful, including going the extra mile and sending us pictures of each ring we considered via email so we didn't feel pressured to make an immediate decision. High quality and extraordinary customer service.


Reviewed on 10/14/2014 Lisa S

If you're looking for a wedding/engagement ring in Omaha Borsheims is the best place to go! My husband got my engagement ring during Berkshire Hathaway days, and then we went back and got our wedding bands the next year during Berkshire Hathaway days. If you're able it is definitely the best time to go because the discounts are great. Deb at Borsheims was so easy to work with and worked so hard to make sure my husband and I got exactly what we wanted. She knew so much about jewelry and our rings and was able to answer all of the questions she had. She made my husband feel so much better about a potentially very stressful buying process. If you are able to work with her I would definitely recommend it.

Customer Service Experience of a Lifetime

Reviewed on 10/05/2014 Megan K

I came to Borsheims to inquire about a wedding band for my soon to be wife. Her engagement ring had a very unique shape, so I was worried I wouldn't be able to find a band to match. We were about 3 months out, and I wanted to get it taken care of. I was greeted by a SUPER associate by the name of Cathy Kruse while looking through their cases. She loved the design of the engagement ring, and asked where I got it. I purchased the ring from a competitor in the area, and was provided all the detailed information about the ring, so I thought everything was good at time of purchase. My wife is pretty active and I was told there was a SMALL chance the smaller diamonds down the band could pop out of the mount if she wasn't careful. I liked the design, so I purchased it anyway. Sure enough, I had to replace 6 of the small diamonds around the band of her engagement within our year and a half engagement. During the inspection with Cathy, she pointed out the reason for the issue with the band being the prongs holding them in place being very small. Long story short, she had their custom Jewler make a completely new ring mount using all the diamonds from the engagement ring that was NOT purchased from there and created a custom wedding band to match, in 3 months, at a price that was within my budget. Amazing team with the definition of customer service! I will recommend all my boys to you guys for sure!! Couldn't be happier with Borsheims!!

pink diamonds

Reviewed on 7/15/2014 Liza T

Found exactly what I wanted for a great price. My husband alsonhad a great experience. We purchased both wedding bands over the share holders meeting weekend.

Diamonds are a girl's best friend!

Reviewed on 6/19/2014 Steffany S

We bought our engagement rings and wedding bands from here. We had a great experience working with Sally and love our rings!

Rings :)

Reviewed on 10/09/2013 Ashlee N

Borsheims is spectacular. Our rings were everything we thought they would be and more!

Love my ring

Reviewed on 10/09/2013 Suzan K

My husband picked out my ring and it is gorgeous. They re-plated, re-sized and cleaned it before the wedding. I love my ring and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I wish I could keep it as clean as the got it on a daily basis!

Best Place to Register...

Reviewed on 10/03/2013 Erin D

My husband and I wanted to register at a variety of places to offer our guests plenty of options. After working with multiply companies I can honestly say Borsheims was above and beyond the best. This company knows what customer service is all about. Every single sales person was helpful and kind, offering honest advice, which impressed both me, my husband, and my mom. They honestly surpass Nordstrom's customer service in my opinion and that is hard to do. It seemed there was nothing they couldn't do or handle. We did work primarily with Carol Wakins...she was knowledgable and incredibly helpful. Thank you Borsheims and Carol for all of your help! It was a joy working with you. Erin

Good experience

Reviewed on 9/23/2013 Jennie R

I bought my husband's wedding band from them and only had 1 issue. We requested to not have their engraved "faith" inside of it and when it came it had that. Luckily, our contact got a new one shipped out the next day and we had it in a few days. They even took some money off for the trouble. Overall, it wasn't their fault for the mistake so I would use them again.

Katie Ruch

Reviewed on 9/19/2013 Katie e

My husband and I had a great experience shopping for engagement rings at Borsheim's! Sarah P. was our salesperson and so helpful and knowledgeable about our very special purchases. My husband was able to pick our his wedding band from a huge selection during Borsheim's wedding event in March. The service was top-notch from the moment we started looking and right up to the purchases. We couldn't have been happier with our experience!

Quality that will last forever

Reviewed on 9/18/2013 Megan

Our rings are gorgeous and I feel comfortable knowing that I will have Borsheim's fantastic customer service available to me forever.

Mom of 3

Reviewed on 9/18/2013 MARY E

Between May 2012 and July 2013 all three of our children (one daughter and two sons) were married! All three chose Borsheims as the only place to purchase their engagement rings and all three received professional and, more importantly,individualized personal care in their selections. We have been a Borsheims family since 1978 when my engagement ring was purchased.

GREAT experience!

Reviewed on 9/04/2013 Jesi D

I had a great experience at Borsheims. I found they were very GLBT friendly and were a great help in picking out the perfect ring for my fiance!

Wedding Rings

Reviewed on 8/30/2013 Kristin

Great services, great prices, personal assistance from each employee we worked with.


Reviewed on 8/27/2013 Amanda J

Absolutely fantastic. My fiance has been a loyal Borsheims customer and after getting our wedding rings there, he and Holly Lewis have successfully converted me into one, as well. The service was excellent and the entire process was stress-free, enjoyable and fun. My fiance teamed up with Holly to pick out the perfect engagement ring (sans my presence and input) and they absolutely nailed it. Holly is extremely knowledgeable, friendly and fun to work with and was as excited about the process as we were. For such an important purchase and exciting part of the wedding planning process, I'm so happy we worked with Borsheims.

I love my ring!

Reviewed on 8/26/2013 Hannah N

They have knowledgable service reps that don't try to push their products. Go in store - their prices are way less than those listed on line. They will clean your ring extra well (for free) before the wedding so that my engagement ring looked like new!

Wedding rings!

Reviewed on 8/25/2013 Mickayla C

Borsheims has a good selection and all different price ranges.


Reviewed on 8/23/2013 michelle m

We custom designed the perfect engagement ring, and Lisa Jackson really took the time to get to know us and found the perfect bands to match our style.

A "GEM" of a Store!

Reviewed on 8/20/2013 Liz W

As a New York City couple, when it came time to pick an engagement ring and propose, my fiance had the finest stores and stones to chose from just a few blocks from home and work. Having traveled to Omaha, Nebraska for the Berkshire Hathaway Annual Conference for the past few years, we both had spent time in the famed Omaha jewelry store, Borsheims. Living and working in Manhattan, I could not have imagined in my wildest dreams that I would fall in love with a jewlery store in the middle of Nebraska. Having the ability to walk just steps out of my apartment or office and admire some of the finest jewels in the world, nothing compares to the personalized service, warmth of the sales team, comfort in your purchase, and overall collection of pieces that Borsheims offers. My fiance and I were fortunate enough to meet Deb McAtee at Borsheims on one of our trips to Omaha. Gentleman looking to propose....Deb is your girl!!! Not only did Deb spend countless hours on the phone and email with my fiance, educating him, sourcing the diamond and calming his nerves, Deb gave up her evenings and weekends, to make sure every last detail was perfect even after the ring was on my finger. Deb helped my fiance design a ring and plan a proposal fit for a princess, and I could not be more grateful. This year we had the pleasure of working with Deb againto design and choose our exquisite wedding bands which we are looking forward to exchagning at our November nuptials. Our annual trips to Omaha would not be complete without spending time with Deb and of course making additional purchases. You will be blown away by the inventory and feel confident in your purchase. Make Borsheims part of your proposal, wedding day, and memorable events for years to come.

Wouldn't go to any other jeweler

Reviewed on 8/08/2013 Jess T

I used to live in Omaha but since moved to Colorado. When my boyfriend (at the time) and I started talking about engagement, I mentioned that Borsheims was the BEST ever. I thought he may be hesitant because he would have to do it all over phone/email, but the salesperson made him feel extremely comfortable about buying the big purchase without even stepping into the store!! Not only have we had great service getting my engagement ring and our wedding bands, but I just got my first anniversary gift from there too! I recommend it to everyone I know!


Reviewed on 7/13/2013 Erin B

My engagement band as well as both of our wedding bands are from Borsheims. We also bought all of our wedding party jewelry from them. They have beautiful high quality jewelry.

Rough Start

Reviewed on 6/14/2013 Elizabeth C

We had a rough start with our wedding bands. Less than a month away from the wedding and I still did not have a band. I was informed that it was never ordered and it would have to be hand delivered the day before my wedding. We went back several times to resolve the issue. We like to use Borsheims for our jewlery, however we will be careful next time of our salesperson

Wonderful Jeweler

Reviewed on 6/03/2013 MiKayla I

I got my husband's ring from Borsheims. Beautiful ring, great price!


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