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The Bridal Garden experience will exceed your expectations and make your search for the perfect wedding gown remarkable. Since 1990, our full service bridal salon has provided a team of specialized consultants, extraordinary customer service, expert alterations and an outstanding bridal collection.


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Reviewed on 3/19/2014 Jacqueline H

I went to about six other shops and tried on about 50 other dresses and Bridal Garden was my final stop and great. Gillian was amazing and helped me make decisions better than anyone else I had worked with. Alterations were great as well.

Love Love LOVE

Reviewed on 2/09/2014 Jennifer P

I will admit that I did not spend a ton of time searching for my special dress, but one trip to Bridal Garden was all that it took. I found the dress of my dreams in a matter of minutes and the price was unbeatable. (I even called around to make sure). I can honestly say... Read More that I would recommend this place to any bride looking for a stress-less dress shopping experience. The saleswomen are all so kind and understanding and the alterations expert is not only hilarious but does incredible work as well. It is a little costly to have your dress altered here, but trust me- it's 100% worth it. Truly - I could not be happier. Best of luck to all the future Brides!!


Reviewed on 1/05/2014 Lisa F

This was the first and only bridal shop I went to. Gillian, my bridal consultant, was beyond helpful and really did a fabulous job helping me find the perfect dress. The alterations department (Patricia) was also FABULOUS!!!

Reviewed on 5/25/2016 Alexis B

I don't even know where to begin with how amazing my experience was at The Bridal Garden. I had a Friday morning appointment and was the only one in the boutique which was fantastic for my entourage of 5! Donna was my consultant and not only did she have amazing ideas and style,... Read More but she completely eased my nerves! After showing her a few dresses from Pinterest that I had liked, she came back with so many amazing options and I found the perfect dress! They have a fantastic selection of great designers, and truly do care about making you feel special! I can't wait for my dress to arrive!

Reviewed on 4/17/2016 Julia N

I bought my dress from the bridal garden but my experience was perfected by Kye! She really listened to me, she's hilarious, so personable and made my experience at the bridal garden unforgettable!

Reviewed on 2/10/2016 Naomi L

All the ladies at Bridal Garden are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. Bought the second dress I tried on. Process was easy and fun.

Very helpful and friendly

Reviewed on 11/11/2015 Cathy G

The staff at Bridal Garden made me feel like I was the most important person in the world. My consultant Kye was knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. She helped me select my dress, my bridesmaids dresses and my jewelry. I am so grateful for everything the ladies at Bridal... Read More Garden did for me. They helped make the whole whole shopping experience feel special and fun.

Reviewed on 11/10/2015 Lauren W

I've read a lot of bad reviews, so I was a little weary about going to visit. ASK FOR DONNA! She was so sweet, really made me feel like she was listening and that she wasn't at all annoyed with my indecisiveness! I ended up telling her I wanted a mix of two dresses that I found,... Read More and she brought me exactly that! My mom was so impressed! She also gave me a lot of good advice and I look forward to working with her :) Thanks again Donna :)

Kye Rocks

Reviewed on 10/31/2015 Laurie J

I have to admit, the idea of having to try on wedding dresses and basically standing around in my underwear didn't thrill me. Especially because I was afraid to buy a dress too early before I lost weight. The Bridal Garden eased all my fears and concerns. I called ahead to... Read More make an appointment and let them know my concerns about losing weight. The person I spoke to assured me that it's better to buy early to allow the dress to come in with enough time for alterations. She asked the type of dress I was looking for and she said that weight loss would be easy to alter with that type of dress. My consultant was Kye and she is absolutely amazing. She sat down with me and asked what type of dresses I wanted and what my budget was - I handed her some pictures I'd found online and in magazines - she studied them and then was off to retrieve some dresses. (You don't get to look at the dresses - they bring them to you.) She'd have my try on a dress, then ask me how I felt in it. She'd ask what I liked about it, then we'd move onto the next dress. If I didn't seem happy with a dress, she immediately had me take it off - she didn't let me waver from my original reaction. After the first group, she brought more dresses based on my initial reactions to the first group and we repeated the process. She told me she wasn't going to tell me the prices of the dresses (though she assured me they were all in my budget) because she wanted to me to focus on how I felt in the dress. Many dresses were those I brought pictures of, and if she didn't have those - she brought some with the same look/feel so I could decide if I liked that type of fit. It came down to two dresses and she helped me try them both on several times, even bringing me a veil and having me walk around in it. She asked me to describe my wedding (decor, location, etc) then told me how one of the dresses really went with that vision. Turns out it was the dress I was leaning toward (it was in the pictures I brought) and her setting the stage really helped me decide. At the end - she told me the prices of the two finalists - I'd picked the dress that was nearly half the price, which is the dress she also felt fit my vision. I bought the dress and she told me we were "in a relationship" now and that I should let her know if I needed anything - which I did - bridesmaids dresses. The bridesmaids got the same awesome treatment and service with Kye. We were able to look at some samples up on the bridesmaid floor, then Kye would carry up other samples that went along with pictures I brought and types I was looking for. If she didn't have colors I liked in a certain style, she brought me another dress from that designer in that fabric and color so I could react. She even brought up my wedding dress sample so the bridesmaids could stand next to it and I could see how we would all look together. We found a dress we all loved, and my bridesmaids got a 15% discount because I bought my dress there. Alterations was the only hiccup because I lost so much weight. The dress wasn't fitting right up top and the seamstress and I had a difference of opinion for how something should look (but given a 30 pound weight loss - she did amazing work). Kye stepped back in and helped get it all sorted out because she saw my vision for what I wanted - and everything looked wonderful on my wedding day. Overall - a great experience!

Reviewed on 10/20/2015 Natalie S

I am happy and honored to write a wonderful review about my experience at Bridal Garden. I worked with Kye who helped me find my dream dress. It was absolutely gorgeous and I am still getting compliments on how beautiful I looked in it!! I had gone to about 7 bridal shops before... Read More working with her and was beginning to get frustrated with finding something that I loved and for a good price. She was accommodating, generous, honest, and funny which made my experience that much better. She also worked very well with my tight budget and really made me feel beautiful. In addition, I had difficulty finding the perfect veil but once again she helped me find something that fit well with my dress and budget. I couldn’t help but notice some of the negative reviews in here. I am sorry if your experience was not great but mine was and I do not want to steer away other future brides. Bridal garden has an amazing selection of dresses within reasonable cost. If you are hesitant about meeting with a specific consult, please work with Kye. She really does an amazing job and will not make you disappointed. As I wrote in my recent thank you card to her, “Every bride needs Kye!!!!”

Not the experience I imagined

Reviewed on 10/05/2015 Suzanne T

I sensed some tension between the sales and alternations departments. My sales consultant clipped the back of my dress in a spot that made it look very different than the actual dress (looked more mermaid but was really a fit & flare). This wasn't known until my second fitting... Read More when I asked the seamstress about the shape of the dress and we figured out the issue. I even had a picture of my back when I tried on the dress and she pointed out exactly where it SHOULDN'T be clipped. However, the seamstress was very kind about the confusion. She gave me time to think about it and said the change was definitely possible. I ended up keeping the intended shape of the dress, but it was certainly different than what I was sold on. The alternations department was very understanding and kind about the change, but, of course, it was really a sales mistake. Overall, I was pretty disappointed in this place.

Reviewed on 8/18/2015 Linda F

My visit to the Bridal Garden to find my perfect wedding dress was very disappointing from start to finish. When I walked in, I was greeted rudely and told to sit down and fill out a form like I was visiting a doctor's office! Is this really how to greet a bride who is coming... Read More in to potentially spend thousands of dollars at your shop? I was soon taken to a messy dressing room by my consultant. After explaining to her what I had in mind for my dream wedding dress, she brought back a number of dresses to try on, but only one or two were even close to what I had asked for. I am a somewhat curvy bride, and the selection was extremely limited. The worst part was that my consultant was very rough with me, tugging and pulling the dresses to get them on me (almost to the point of ripping them). She had no respect for me or the dresses. This was not the wonderful experience I was expecting for my first bridal shop visit! Also, my consultant had no patience and just rushed the whole appointment. I had scheduled a 1 1/2 hour appointment, which she crammed into 30 minutes. She never took the time to get to know me or my preferences. The rest of the staff was very snobby, and not a single person even smiled or said anything to me. Sorry, Bridal Garden, but you made shopping for my wedding dress an awful experience. I have since found a wonderful bridal shop where the staff actually care about their brides!

Good Variety!

Reviewed on 8/16/2015 Megan D

I will start off by saying that I didn't purchase my dress here. It was my first time trying dresses on, and wasn't ready to commit before visiting other stores. However, they have so much variety, and brought me exactly the types of dresses I was looking for. My consultant... Read More really listened to my feedback and brought me dresses based on what I felt about the ones I had already tried on. Overall, I had a very nice experience here.

Bridal Garden

Reviewed on 7/30/2015 Mary C

I got my dress and bridesmaids dresses at Bridal Garden and I was very happy! Ky made me feel so special and beautiful even though I was a little nervous especially because my entourage was pushing me in different directions the first day I went there. What I liked is that she... Read More focused on showing me dresses like I described and reading me to see what I liked or didn't like. The dress I ended up getting, which is 100% the perfect dress for me, was not even at the top of my budget, so she didn't try to get me in the most expensive dress but definitely the right dress for me. I also think the bridesmaids had a good experience, although they pushed them to order 2 sizes larger than their street size and I don't really think that was necessary according to the bridesmaids. But I guess you never know. Alterations were also great -- one time I forgot my shoes but it wasn't a big deal and I didn't get scolded for it or anything! My dress was strapless and I hardly had to tug at it all day, so they got it right. This place doesn't carry the cheapest dresses, but they carry a huge selection and I was very happy with the variety I tried on initially and according to my alterations girl, I was the only one who bought that dress that she has seen, so they even carry the more quirky ones you might not see elsewhere or even know you want!

Reviewed on 7/22/2015 Elizabeth A

Worst place ever!!! i would not recommend this place to anyone ever, not even my worst enemy! It didn't start off horribly but it ended in a disaster! We went there based on recommendations from friends. The first appointment was fine. We only ended up going back because of a... Read More trunk show. The second appointment, I had found my dress & didn't want to keep looking. I really wished I had because this place ruined my dress experience. We went to my first fitting and the dress was 4 sizes to small! I hadn't gained any weight, I had actually lost some! The company sent a wrong size, and since this had never happened before, nobody knew what to do. The alternations department decided to let it out, without calling mangement. When my mom called the next day, mangement blamed us!!!! Nobody apologized , they kept saying " good thing they could let it it", " they never do things like that so you are lucky" like wtf they better have done everything to get the dress to fit! Then for my second fitting, the alternations lady blamed us for getting her in trouble and told us how she has to pay for everything. So unprofessional!! Then the icing on the cake, my bustle broke 1/2 hour after wearing it (nobody step on it) and the boning states to pop out before the ceremony!! The alternations were awful, customer service was awful, this place is just awful! I would recommend Jay West ( right down the road).

I found my gown!

Reviewed on 7/14/2015 Eugenia C

Literally everyone I know has gotten (or plans on) their wedding dress from Bridal Garden. They have an extensive selection of designers and silhouettes. My consultant, Diane, sat down with me to discuss my budget and what I was looking for. She brought out a few that were... Read More exactly what I asked for, but when I wasn't finding THE dress, she found a few that she felt I might like. Ultimately, I ended up with a dress that was completely different that what I had imagined getting. But I can't imagine having worn anything else on my wedding day. The dress she found for me was PERFECT. All of their consultants have such great knowledge of what will work for you. It's definitely to your advantage to use their expertise!

Reviewed on 7/12/2015 Lauren P

After about 5 other shops and 40+ dresses that I had tried on, I was beginning to feel completely disappointed and overwhelmed... until I stopped at Bridal Garden! I went in with the expectation that, yet again, I wouldn't be saying "yes" to the dress. But with the help of my... Read More consultant Sam, I did! Within a half hour of my first visit I had tried on about 4 or 5 dresses and ended up narrowing down to my dream dress. I love the approach that Bridal Garden takes. In other shops, I would browse through rows and rows of dresses without the help of any consultants and it would become so overwhelming. At BG, I simply brought in a few photos of styles that I liked, and Sam provided a handful of options that not only met my style preferences, but also worked well for my body type. No time was wasted on looking at or trying on dresses that simply weren't going to be what I wanted. I loved the overall experience so much that I also had my jewelry and bridesmaids dresses purchased there, which were all amazing! On my wedding day I got so many compliments on my dress and it fit PERFECTLY thanks to their awesome alterations department. Would highly recommend!!!


Reviewed on 6/16/2015 Cristina K

I would like to start off by saying how amazing this Bridal salon is! They cateterd to every single one of my needs and I selected the dress of my dreams!! Jillian is absolutely a pleasure to work with! She knew exactly what I was looking for and put me in my princess dress!!... Read More Not only is this place classy and sophisticated but the entire staff was a pleasure to work with!! Everyone was so nice an accommodating! My alterations came out perfect! On my wedding day everyone was telling me how beautiful my dress was! Thank you Bridal Garden!! A++++++

Great experience, until the fittings!

Reviewed on 6/02/2015 Chelsea S

I had been to a view bridal salons before I went to the Bridal Garden. My consultant was Kai, and she was awesome! She was super helpful and funny, and I truly felt like she was listening to me. I told her my price point and she only went over it once, but after asking me and... Read More it was only $100 over. I ended up getting my dress from the WToo trunk show that was there that day, got my dress for $1575 after the discount. I was over the moon about the price and it was exactly what I wanted. My max budget was $2000, so I was ecstatic to not go over that. Because my dress had an appliqué that needed to be attached at the bottom, my family seamstress said it would be better to keep it in the store and use their alterations department b/c it something she had never done before. However, the dress fit me like a glove before alterations, so I didn't imagine them being crazy expensive (in my head I thought $200-300 max). No no no. After meeting with Patricia, she let me know that alterations start at $450-500, not including cups. I was speechless. I can't imagine how much it would cost for a girl that needed a lot of work done to her dress. After coming close to breaking down into tears due to the shock of the price, they bumped it down to $485. Thanks... Yes, my dress fit me great, but I didn't like the bustle when all was said and done. Just be prepared to pay a lot of $$ for alterations if you go there. I would have taken my dress to my seamstress and I know she could have done it, she was just uncomfortable.

Great Experience

Reviewed on 4/23/2015 Meredith B

I worked with Deb at the Bridal Garden and had a great experience. I found the Paloma Blanca dress I wanted to try online and was able to try it on in the store. I ended up buying from the Bridal Garden as another store quoted the same dress for almost $1000 more. Alterations... Read More turned out great, although it was inconvenient to only be able to go during the week.

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 4/13/2015 Shannon S

I went to the Bridal Garden with a vision in my head of what I wanted my dress to look like. They helped me stay true to my vision and even had me try on a dress I was unsure of on the hanger (mind you that's the dress I ended up loving a buying). Price was on point with my... Read More budget!

Calmed My Nerves

Reviewed on 3/25/2015 Leah R

I was super nervous about starting to shop for my dress. I'm super picky so started a whole year before my wedding. Let me also state that I NEVER write reviews but had such a wonderful experience I had to share. Let me also say...I didn't find my dress here. Most good reviews... Read More are from brides who found their dress here. Which makes sense that they had a good experience..they found the one! My consultant, Debbie, was absolutely lovely. I was so nervous about trying on dresses and she had so much patience with me she eased all my worries. I so badly wanted to find my dress here solely because I had such a wonderful experience. This was, however, the first place I started looking and since have gone other places and still had the best experience here. I fell in love with two beautiful dresses but it being the first place I went and the fact that I didn't feel that "this is the one' gut feeling, I feared making the jump. I felt zero pressure though, she was so accommodating with my lower budget, she read my thoughts and body language to a T and I never felt like I had to explain myself. If my search remains as it's been going then I will certainly find myself back at Bridal Garden to try again!

loved my dress and the bridal garden!!

Reviewed on 1/08/2015 Lindsay M

after reviewing and yelping a bunch of bridal boutiques, we decided on checking out the bridal garden. its a beautiful shop with a lot of dress selections. i worked with donna, she was really sweet and helpful. i told her what i was looking for and she found it! im not a... Read More super fancy-shmancy gal, but trying on wedding dresses was SO MUCH fun! i chose the 5th dress that i put on and loved it so much that i canceled my next boutique appointment :) the alterations lady was wonderful, and she sure knew her stuff! the dress fit like a glove and i felt amazing on the wedding day! i highly recommend the bridal garden for brides, chances are, they'll have what you're looking for!! :)

What a great place

Reviewed on 12/03/2014 Beth H

I worked primarily with Gillian the store manager. She was there for my first appointment where I fell in love with my dress but was afraid to commit. You are able to view whatever they have as a trunk sale up front, but the rest of the bridal gowns are in the back. So you can't... Read More really look yourself. That said, it wasn't too bad. I thought she did a good job listening to what I liked and had a good eye for what would flatter my style and shape. I really felt like she had a strong sense of the business and the dresses. Had a lot of good advice. Not just someone that needed a job, she really does this for a living and it shows. I also worked with Amy, who was very sweet and helped me find my veil. I had read reviews about snooty staff and horrible alteration stories, so I was a little scared to come in and purchase. But I had absolutely no complaints. Everyone that I came in contact with was very helpful and sweet - even tried to help me find other vendors. Alterations were a breeze, although they were a little pricey but that is made clear when you buy the dress. They were happy to work with me, and really, just made it easy for me. Do yourself a favor and go during the week, don't even try a weekend.


Reviewed on 11/24/2014 Heather M

The Bridal Garden was the first and Only place I tried on dresses and I Found The One. Samantha was the associate that helped me and she brought in all the varieties of dresses I told her I liked and all were within my budget. I tried on about 12 dress or so and keep going... Read More back to the 1st one I tried on. Then Samantha asked me how I felt about a high neck line dress, I was unsure, but she read my face and said she would bring one in for me to try. I tried on this Maggie Sottero dress, one that I would have never thought to try on myself and I fell IN LOVE. I brought my mom, my MOH and 1 of my Bridesmaids with me and when I finally turned to show them, they all had tears in their eyes, just like me :). I knew then that I Found My Dress.