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The Bridal Garden experience will exceed your expectations and make your search for the perfect wedding gown remarkable. Since 1990, our full service bridal salon has provided a team of specialized consultants, extraordinary customer service, expert alterations and an outstanding bridal collection.

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900 W Rte 70, Marlton, NJ


3/01/2014 Jacqueline H

I went to about six other shops and tried on about 50 other dresses and Bridal Garden was my final stop and great. Gillian was amazing and helped me make decisions better than anyone else I had worked with. Alterations were great as well.

Love Love LOVE

2/07/2014 Jennifer P

I will admit that I did not spend a ton of time searching for my special dress, but one trip to Bridal Garden was all that it took. I found the dress of my dreams in a matter of minutes and the price was unbeatable. (I even called around to make sure). I can honestly say that I would recommend this place to any bride looking for a stress-less dress shopping experience. The saleswomen are all so kind and understanding and the alterations expert is not only hilarious but does incredible work as well. It is a little costly to have your dress altered here, but trust me- it's 100% worth it. Truly - I could not be happier. Best of luck to all the future Brides!!


11/29/2013 Lisa F

This was the first and only bridal shop I went to. Gillian, my bridal consultant, was beyond helpful and really did a fabulous job helping me find the perfect dress. The alterations department (Patricia) was also FABULOUS!!!

loved my dress and the bridal garden!!

9/27/2014 Lindsay M

after reviewing and yelping a bunch of bridal boutiques, we decided on checking out the bridal garden. its a beautiful shop with a lot of dress selections. i worked with donna, she was really sweet and helpful. i told her what i was looking for and she found it! im not a super fancy-shmancy gal, but trying on wedding dresses was SO MUCH fun! i chose the 5th dress that i put on and loved it so much that i canceled my next boutique appointment :) the alterations lady was wonderful, and she sure knew her stuff! the dress fit like a glove and i felt amazing on the wedding day! i highly recommend the bridal garden for brides, chances are, they'll have what you're looking for!! :)

What a great place

6/21/2014 Beth H

I worked primarily with Gillian the store manager. She was there for my first appointment where I fell in love with my dress but was afraid to commit. You are able to view whatever they have as a trunk sale up front, but the rest of the bridal gowns are in the back. So you can't really look yourself. That said, it wasn't too bad. I thought she did a good job listening to what I liked and had a good eye for what would flatter my style and shape. I really felt like she had a strong sense of the business and the dresses. Had a lot of good advice. Not just someone that needed a job, she really does this for a living and it shows. I also worked with Amy, who was very sweet and helped me find my veil. I had read reviews about snooty staff and horrible alteration stories, so I was a little scared to come in and purchase. But I had absolutely no complaints. Everyone that I came in contact with was very helpful and sweet - even tried to help me find other vendors. Alterations were a breeze, although they were a little pricey but that is made clear when you buy the dress. They were happy to work with me, and really, just made it easy for me. Do yourself a favor and go during the week, don't even try a weekend.


8/14/2015 Heather M

The Bridal Garden was the first and Only place I tried on dresses and I Found The One. Samantha was the associate that helped me and she brought in all the varieties of dresses I told her I liked and all were within my budget. I tried on about 12 dress or so and keep going back to the 1st one I tried on. Then Samantha asked me how I felt about a high neck line dress, I was unsure, but she read my face and said she would bring one in for me to try. I tried on this Maggie Sottero dress, one that I would have never thought to try on myself and I fell IN LOVE. I brought my mom, my MOH and 1 of my Bridesmaids with me and when I finally turned to show them, they all had tears in their eyes, just like me :). I knew then that I Found My Dress.

Awful Experience

1/01/2016 Lauren K

I visited the Bridal Garden recently to look for a wedding dress and I was extremely disappointed. I knew they carried certain designers dresses that I was interested in trying on, but I never got to actually see a single dress. I had a brief discussion with my consultant, Samantha, (who seemed very disinterested in my appointment) about what style I was looking for and what price I was comfortable spending. That was it. We were crammed in to a tiny and rather messy fitting room with enough room to seat 2 yet there were 4 of us. She brought a few dresses in for me to try on, but nothing really wowed me. That is not why I was upset with the appointment. My consultant made very weak attempts at helping me in to and out of each dress. She simply handed me each one and left me to it while I struggled to balance with one hand on the wall. Once in the dress she had me step on to the platform and zip me up, but she stopped there. Never fanned out the train to see its detail, never clipped the parts of the dress that were too big in areas, and never offered to try a veil or belt to see what an added piece might look like. My mom and sisters did more of her job than the consultant did. She was young and probably new, but I never felt like anyone of importance there as I did in other bridal boutiques I have been to. While walking out, not a single other employee behind the front desk (and there were at least 5 of them) asked how everything was or even told us to have a nice day. I would not recommend The Bridal Garden to anyone looking for a fun bridal gown experience. They were snooty and not helpful in any way. Even had I found my dream dress.. I would not have given them my business.

So Happy!

10/17/2014 Jeanne l

I was slightly overwhelmed going into the whole process of finding and picking the perfect dress. I went to two places prior to finding Bridal Garden. Once I was in the hands of Bridal Garden everything fell into place for me. They took their time with me, worked with my budget, and they truly made my experience extra special. Everything was perfect. Alterations with ease, and my dress was more than amazing. If your looking for your dress skip everywhere else and go here. I couldn't be more impressed or thankful to them. They made my day!

Store is great...alterations, not so much

10/04/2014 Marissa S

Buying the dress from Bridal Garden was easy and pleasant. So much so that we bought the bridesmaid dresses there as well. The staff is friendly and helpful. I would however recommend going somewhere else for alterations. My dress came with a jacket, it fit ok when it came in in my size and fit better during the second fitting (after alterations were made) however on the day of my wedding it was way too big in the back. We had to safety pin it to make it somewhat presentable. Weight loss or gain isn’t the culprit since the dress fit perfectly and this went over the dress so I can’t imagine what happened, but considering the jacket was the primary expense of the alterations I am more than disappointed (I ignored it and moved on the day of because it’s all you can do). My mother also used the same women for her alterations and we had to bring the dress back to get fixed because it seemed that they hadn’t done much of anything to it initially. So for the shopping part it was worth the drive (about an hour and change) but if I had to do it again I would go somewhere else for alterations.

Tailoring was perfect!

1/25/2014 Sarah M

Bridal Garden is the nicest bridal store in our area (NJ rather than going into Philadelphia). My consultant listened to what I wanted, brought me several dresses, and found my dream dress. I fell in love with a dress that was out of my price range, and bought the sample dress which required significant alterations. She was a bit pushy and I realized afterward that I probably should have gotten a better price on the sample, or could have bought it new somewhere else for a better price. However, Patricia, the woman who did my dress tailoring was FABULOUS! She did such a beautiful job, and at each of my fitting appointments she listened to all of my comments and concerns and addressed each of them. On my wedding day, my dress fit like a glove and I looked stunning! Thank you, Patricia! I highly recommend her tailoring skills if you buy your gown at Bridal Garden!

Don't Patronize This Bridal Salon

4/18/2015 Kristen B

Let me start out by saying that I have never in my life actually taken the time to write a review (positive or negative) about an establishment, but I felt so strongly about my HORRIBLE experience at Bridal Garden that I felt like I had to. This was my first choice to begin looking for a bridal gown and it couldn’t have been any more disappointing. My consultant was incredibly uncooperative and rude. She wouldn’t listen to me when I explained to her what I was looking for and was dismissive to my mother and bridesmaid. If you want an enjoyable and pleasant gown shopping experience do not go to Bridal Garden.

Snobby and very pushy like car salesmen.

4/11/2015 Samantha W

I, like many brides, went to the Bridal Garden because they carried the designer I liked. I made an appointment during a trunk show to see a specific dress. They called and told me it would be there in time for my appointment and then called back to let me know that was a mistake and it would not be there on Sunday, but it would arrive Monday. I appreciated the heads up. So, I went for my appointment on Sunday with my Mom and MoH and tried on other dresses to get the feel of the place and the designer. My consultant, Diana, offered to come in the following day on her day off for another appointment the next day so I could try the dress on. I thought that was nice. The next day, I tried on the dress and loved it but I wanted it in another color and it was hard to picture it. I tried a Alabaster/Gray and wanted the Ivory. I could not take the chance and order a $4,000 dress (plus alterations, a veil, shoes, jewelery, etc...) and end up not liking the color on me. WELL, when I said I had to think about it, Miss Diana, copped an attitude and said, "But I'm giving you trunk show pricing." Like she was doing me favor. It was not a favor. It wasn't my fault the Bridal Garden didn't have the dress in time for their trunk show, of course "truck show pricing" had to be offered. EXCUSE ME, but $500 is not enough incentive for me to spend $4,000+ and take a chance. Besides, just because I come in and try on a dress that I really like does not mean you have a guaranteed sale! Its MY money, MY decision! She was pushy from the beginning, her "friendliness" was as real as a McDonald's hamburger, and was snobby when I needed time to think about it. If I decide to get this dress, which is highly likely, it definitely will not be from the Bridal Garden or Diana. I would rather spend that extra $500 than deal with them.

Great experience!

6/06/2014 Jacqueline S

The Bridal Garden was my one-stop shop for most of my wedding needs and I couldn't have been happier! I purchased my dress, jewelry, and bridesmaid dresses there, and had my wedding gown alterations done there. The Bridal Garden was my first stop in searching for a wedding dress. I brought in pictures and my consultant, Danilelle, was exceptional and was right on target with the style that I was looking for. My wedding dress was the third one that I tried on. I went to one other bridal shop but knew I had found my dress at the Bridal Garden. Danielle and the rest of the staff were outstanding. The bridesmaids dresses were ordered there as well. The bridesmaid consultant did a fair job and the dresses came in on time and looked fabulous... despite some confusion/mishaps regarding sizing for one bridesmaid who was going to be 7 months pregnant by wedding day. My jewelry from the store was by Thomas Knoell, and all of his jewelry is STUNNING. It is unique and excellent quality using Swarovski crystals. I dropped my dress off for preservation at the Bridal Garden.... I am looking forward to seeing it again in 6 months! 5 stars for the Bridal Garden! Excellent bridal store in South Jersey.

Bridal gown

4/25/2014 Laura D

Definitely recommend them! Service was excellent! Worked with my tough schedule to get all alterations done and kept going until I was 100% happy! I loved my dress and my experience at bridal garden!!

Not a dress for every bride....

3/14/2015 Nicole B

I went to Bridal Garden this past weekend. I want to start off saying they everyone was nice to me. I am a plus size bride. I found a plus size designer that had alot of dresses I liked. Bridal Garder advertised that they carried this designer, along with a big selection of plus size gowns. I called to make my appointment and they asked I printed out the dresses I like so I was prepared for them. I did just that I looked up all the designers they desplayed and picked out dresses. I got to Bridal Garden and they put my mother, my MOH, and myself in a room. I had to get undressed in front of them and stand there in my underwear and a small robe ( super uncomfortable). She brought in three dresses. Only two of them where plus sized. She told me they are they only two they had over a 16. That I could hold up the other dresses to my body and imagine what they would look like. REALLY? you want me to purchase a dress worth thousands of dollars that I imagined on my body? I was mortified! My appointment was at 2:30, I was in my car before 3. I called Alfred Angelo from their parking lot, drove 10 minutes down the street and purchased the dress of my dreams! Not only did they have a HUGE selection for me to look at and try on, if I liked a dress that wasnt my exact size, they pulled a dress in the same shape, in my size so I could see how it would fit. Maybe if i was smaller Bridal Garden would have been a good spot, but I feel you shouldnt advertise a whole plus size section, bring me in and embarrassme by telling me to play pretend with the dresses. I would not recomend.

Beautiful gowns

10/11/2013 Jessica M

Kai did a great job of finding me the perfect dress. I gave her my budget and an idea of a style and she pulled me tons of dresses until we found the perfect one. They weren't pushy and really do aim to make the bride feel beautiful. The service after I ordered my dress could have been better. They didn't tell me it was in, I had to call them. And they didn't call me to tell me when to schedule the fittings. I was a bit surprised by the cost of the alterations, but it was nice not having to take my dress someone else for alterations. I left it in the shop until 3 days before my wedding so I didn't have to worry about it getting wrinkled at home. Overall, loved my dress, but service could have been a little better.

Felt like a princess

9/10/2013 Brittany B

The staff at Bridal Garden is definately snobby but they know their stuff and have a wonderful selection of gowns (although expensive). There was some conflict with the alterations department and the semstress' snobby attitude but I have to say I did not pull up my strapless dress once on my wedding day! I still find that amazing and for that it was worth putting up with the snobbiness.

Great End Results

9/21/2013 Rachel F

A little pricey, but I think this is one of those "you get what you pay for" instances. The quality of the dress was great & the alterations staff was great. Trying on sample size dresses is hard, it would be nice if they would carry a couple of sample sizes. They are pretty strict with their policies & rules. The facility has a nice atmosphere & everyone acts very friendly but some of sales people come off as fake. Overall I was pleased with the product & services I received.

Great Gowns and People

9/14/2013 Rachel L

My experience with the Bridal Garden was friendly and easy. I know several other women who have gotten their gowns from here, and they are all beautiful. They worked with my budget and was available with any questions and requests I had.

Loved my dress...alterations were the problem

8/03/2013 Kara G

Everything went fine with ordering my dress as well as the bridesmaids dresses. I loved them both. My issue was with alterations. They do not do any bridesmaids alterations, so everyone is on their own. I needed minimal alterations on my dress (hem, small tuck by the chest). By my third fitting the hem was still too long and uneven on one piece and the cups were not put in. WHen I went to pick up my dress, although the pick-up sheet said dress and veil, my veil was not pressed or ready. Unnecessary stress 2 days before a wedding.

Very Professional & Helpful!

9/14/2013 Stephanie P

I got my wedding dress here as well as my bridesmaids dresses. Debbie was my gown consultant and I loved her. She was very nice and patient with me and made me feel so comfortable and excited about my purchase. She constantly called to check in and keep me up to date on everything. Irena helped with the Bridesmaids dresses and even went above and beyond to help with one bridesmaid whose dress was ruined when getting altered (not at Bridal Garden). Everyone is very nice and easy to work with!

Wonderful experience

9/03/2013 Natalia S

I tried 5 dress shops before coming to Bridal Garden. I was reluctant to travel so far for my dress but I am glad I did. I worked with Kye who was AMAZING and provided the best advice for how to accessorize my dress. She was open and honest about the dresses I tried on. I found my dream dress at Bridal Garden and Kye worked with me on the price. The whole team is helpful and patient when I would call to check on the dress. Excellent service, Clean facility, excellent selection for all price ranges. They sell very good quality dresses.


7/26/2013 Jeannine R

I recommend bridal garden to every bride I meet. When I was dress shopping I decided I wanted my dress to be "Made in America." The only dresses that are made in America are high end designers so I made a few calls to some boutiques and everyone told me there was nothing for me within my budget. But Bridal garden was more than happy to work with me. They showed me plenty of dresses in my budget some samples some new. It was the classic bridal gown story: The first dress Kye pulled for me I knew was the one but I needed to try on a few more to realize it. It was a lovely Tara Keelly drop waist with removable sleeves for church. It was absolutely perfect! The fittings went perfect. I lost a lot of weight after ordering the dress and it had very delicate lace on the bodice but it was no issue and it turned out PERFECT. I got so many compliments on my wedding day about the fit and how the dress was "so me". If at all possible GO TO BRIDAL GARDEN!

Great experience

6/15/2013 Emem A

Bridal Garden was the only store around that carried the designer and style of my dress. Gillian was very helpful in not only finding my dress but in finding similar styles for me to try. I got a fabulous deal on my dress and my bridesmaids dresses. My only complaint is that it was difficult coordinating bridesmaids orders; I do wish they had some sort of online system for it. Alterations were also challenging to schedule, mainly because it took a while have someone get back to you. All in all, everything was prompt and well done, my dress was absolutely beautiful!

Wedding gown

7/03/2013 Me'Lita B

My dress consultant was FABULOUS!! She was helpful and encouraged me to attend the trunk show for the designer Lazaro I was interested in. This led me to finding and purchasing my wedding gown. The seamstress was also excellent and my dress fit like a glove. The other staff were not as friendly or catering as my consultant Kye. I found myself only wanting to deal with her and felt as if in her absence, I'd wait until she returned. The other staff were not welcoming and If it wasn't for my consultant I wouldn't have bought my dress there!!


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