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6021 Sandy Springs Circle, Atlanta, GA

amazing dress but will lie

Reviewed on 11/17/2015 Valaska S

I bought my bridal gown from here everything was good but they told me a lie. They told me that alterations should cost me no more than $500.00 and that was not true it cost me $800.00. Also they screwed up my bridesmaid dresses. I say support a local boutique.

Reviewed on 9/19/2015 Ashley F

I ended up as a walk in appointment because I wasn't planning on going here, but after a very highly disappointing weekend of wedding shopping, I finally found my dress here! The consultant was very quick to help me in and out of the dresses, now that is exactly what I needed. I... Read More never needed to stay in a dress and analyze it. When I put my dress on, I just knew. I do really wish she was more helpful in pulling dresses. They were so many and In the plastic bags it was hard to see them luckily my mother in law pulled my perfect dress! I LOVED the going above and beyond when I found THE dress. They did my hair and jewelry and just made everyone cry. It was perfect!

Great Selection

Reviewed on 7/15/2015 Caitlyn F

I think everyone goes into bridals by Lori with high expectations. I thought they had a great selection and would recommend them because of that. Some of the down sides I experienced were that my consultant was late and I only had an hour with her. I picked out pretty much every... Read More dress I tried on, except one she brought for me. I felt so rushed to make a decision. Also the fitting room was the size of a small closet and it was not comfortable. I wound up buying my dress that day but my issues came with the alterations. I drove 2 hours for each appointment (which is not their fault of course) but I had 4 fittings. They accused me of losing weight when it didn't fit, which was not the case. The alterations staff was nice, but each time I had to come back I was more and more disappointed. I would recommend if you live within a half hour radius.

Reviewed on 6/22/2015 Natalie K

Horrible customer service!! I purchased my dress in January and received it 3 weeks before my wedding August). I was told something was wrong with my dress and they had to send it back. They wouldn't tell me the issue and I had to call constantly in order to even get that... Read More information. I had to pay an extra $250 for rush alterations and they didn't do anything to try and compensate me. You would think as expensive as the dresses are they would be a lot more customer oriented. Do not waste your time coming here!!

Great experience!

Reviewed on 3/16/2015 Ashley B

I originally went to Bridals by Lori with my mom, one of my bridesmaids, and her mom just for the experience; I wasn't expecting to find anything that I both liked and could afford. I had Melissa as my consultant, and I felt that she did a great job of pulling dresses, even... Read More different styles and fits, that matched my vision (of lots of sparkle!)! One thing to note is that their dresses start at $2000; we did ask them about that and they said that they don't have as many cheaper dresses basically. My appointment was in the early afternoon on a Saturday, and even though it was busy, I felt that I was being given her attention. I think I even got to talk to Lori and Monte then. Long story short, I went to another salon to try a dress I thought I would end up getting and ended up not loving it anymore. So, we went back to Bridals by Lori, and they were very accommodating even though it was getting close to when the salon closed. It was that time that I said yes to my dress with Flo and Monte, and Monte jacked me up so that was fun, and we all got to chat with Lori, Monte, and Robbin! It was a lot of fun! I didn't feel rushed at all, and they all were saying how they loved the James Clifford dress I picked (and not just saying it!), and I thought that Lori, Monte, and Robbin were even nicer and cooler than they looked on the show! Monte even took selfies with my bridesmaid! :) I know some people may have had bad experiences at Bridals by Lori, but I feel confident in saying that that would be more of the exception than the norm. I had a lot of fun here and found my dream dress without feeling pressured into buying a dress out of my price range!

Great experience

Reviewed on 2/18/2015

I was with my best friend when she went to Georgia to pick out her gown and ultimately purchase it. We had the best experience at Bridals by Lori! They were very accommodating with my friend and her entourage and helped find the dress that was perfect for her. The staff was so... Read More nice and worked so hard to help her and we all appreciated it. I highly recommend visiting them and finding your dream dress too! Well worth the trip from Charlotte

Do not waste your time or your money!!

Reviewed on 1/20/2015

I walked out of Bridals by Lori absolutely disgusted. Dresses were obscenely overpriced (at least one dress was $1,100 more than the same dress in another local store) and the customer service was abysmal. Do not waste your money for the Bridals by Lori name, and absolutely do... Read More not waste your time or the time of those who want to share the special dress experience with you. It’s not worth it!! I made my appointment at Bridals by Lori a month prior to coming into the store. I filled out the form online and then received a phone call to arrange the time. I wrote it in my calendar, arranged for my bridesmaids to come in from out of town to meet me there, and arrived about 10 minutes early. When I walked in, the two ladies at the front looked aghast that we were there. I explained I had an appointment to try on wedding dresses at 5:30. They were incredibly rude, argued with me, demanded proof of the appointment, and very rudely explained that the store closed at 6:00. After fifteen minutes of arguing and frantically looking through my phone for an email confirmation, I was told to go upstairs and “see what they would do.” When my bridesmaids and I got up to the third floor, they admitted they had made a mistake and that they would “allow me” to try on dresses. I felt incredibly awkward and uncomfortable as the store was nearly empty. The employees remaining made it clear I was forcing them to stay for me against their will while I tried on dresses. I was instructed to walk around to pick out my own dresses with no assistance or guidance for about fifteen minutes. I was finally assigned a sales associate willing to help me in the dressing room. I was absolutely shocked to see the price tag on the dresses throughout the store. On Say Yes to the Dress, girls frequently are shown with budgets of under $3,000. However, in the store, they told me their dresses START at “around $2,000.” One dress I had tried on in another store cost $1735. At Bridals by Lori, it was marked $2,800. I did not expect to have a glamorous television set, but I did expect to be treated with Southern hospitality and to be appropriately accommodated for THEIR error. My experience inside Lori’s doors was awful from start to finish. Notably, it was polar opposite of what I encountered in the several other bridal salon’s I have been to. I found a perfect dress the next day at another salon in Atlanta. After reading other brides' similar experience, I wish I had never wasted my time or my bridesmaids time by stepping foot in the store.

Good start, terrible follow through.

Reviewed on 11/03/2014 Sarah B

I had a very mixed experience with Bridals By Lori. It started really well. Even though I wasn't wearing a true wedding dress (I wore a bridesmaids dress, and therefore didn't spend nearly as much money as their typical bride), I felt sufficiently attended to by my sales... Read More consultant, Ashlen. She was very helpful and very communicative. Everything went fine and I would have been on track to write a glowing review, until it came time for my alterations. I bought a separate sash and asked that it be sewn on to the belt for my dress. I was told during my initial fitting that this would be no problem, but no one took notes or recorded my request. When I returned for the next fitting, they had taken my sash and turned it into a headband. And this was a week before my wedding. They said they would make it right, but even then when I was trying to ensure that they understood what I wanted, I didn't really feel like they were listening to me and still didn't take notes or record my instructions. My mom had to return to the store later that week to pick up the belt/sash. It looked fine, until the day of my wedding when I got dressed and put on the belt and found that it had been cut about four inches too short! WAY off. The last thing a bride wants is an ill-fitting surprise on her wedding day. I wouldn't return to Bridals by Lori based on that experience.

Helpful, friendly service.

Reviewed on 9/21/2014 Clara S

I spontaneously went to Lori's to look in their outlet department (I needed to take a dress with me) and I lucked out big time with what I found. I was then able to spontaneously look with my flower girl for a dress. We found her dress there and they were able to help decide... Read More about sizing (kids grow a lot in 9 months!) and then I was able to get my bridesmaids to order their dresses through Lori's (they were in all different parts of the country) and it was coordinated well. Shipping is a bit expensive ($15/dress - when to the same address!) so be sure to keep that in mind. If someone can pick the dresses up in Atlanta and mail them themselves it's a better deal (and they won't be any more wrinkled since they are mailed to Lori's anyways).

Bridesmaid Dresses, Junior Bridesmaid dress, and Flower Girl Dresses

Reviewed on 8/11/2014 Mary D

Stay away from the bridesmaid department especially if you're an out of town bride and are relying on one of their "consultants" or "alterations" people to help you make educated decisions. To be somewhat fair, I'll mention a good part first, we purchased and altered 4... Read More bridesmaid dresses and 3 flower girl dresses there that turned out fine but all the drama, level of service service, and money spent on the one junior bridesmaid dress is just beyond belief. They over promised and under delivered on my junior bridesmaid dress with the selection and alterations. First off, I could never get the bridesmaid consultant on the phone or to return my phone call. I had to communicate with her via email. The selection of the dress was a poor choice for the girl's measurements and the alterations that would need to be done. Once the dress arrived, alterations department claimed they would make it "perfect" and beautiful". What we ended up with was a dress that is inappropriate for her age that fits her body. Poor little girl is going to be walking down the aisle in a subpar dress that cost us $300 and that's after a so called $100 credit for our trouble..ha! That is not a solution. Oh and my wedding planner happened to see if there's anything they can do and was told I only received a $100 credit versus the full price because the dress has been altered...funny because the option to return the dress was never given to me as an option until after the dress was altered. Sorry this post is kind of long but definitely felt like it was necessary to share.

Beautiful Gown - Terrible Experience

Reviewed on 6/21/2014 Lauren D

Let me tell you - the "jack you up" technique they use is a great selling tool but once you give them the money - the customer service is gone. They mislead me on my dress designer -- almost screwed up the color of the dress -- and charge a ton of money. Definitely worth it for... Read More the bridal experience but highly recommend you go somewhere to actually buy the dress (not only will it be cheaper but I am sure you won't feel as used at a smaller boutique)

Loved the whole experience

Reviewed on 4/26/2014 Natalie P

Lori's was my first bridal salon. I wasn't expecting to fall in love their because I'm usually picky and I was just visiting my future in laws in Atlanta so I had none of my girls or family with me, just my sister in law. I told the woman who helped us (engaged for three years n... Read More bought the dress right away don't remember her name but she's on the show all the time) what I wanted- dropped waist, simple that I can dress up how I want. We picked a few options and on the third one I was in tears and didn't want to take it off. They blinged me out and put a veil on and I was done. The floor was beautiful and so spacious that you didn't feel like you were tripping over other future brides. So many options to choose from!

Love my dress!

Reviewed on 4/10/2014 Meredith D

They have a wonderful selection of dresses and Mihia, my consultant, was so helpful! My mom, a bridesmaid and I pulled about 8 dresses and Mihia was actually the one who pulled the dress I purchased! I received so many compliments on my dress! Once Mihia "jacked me up" we all... Read More knew this was the perfect dress. I could not have done it without her!

I Said Yes to the Dress!

Reviewed on 3/02/2014 Lyndy W

I had tried on dresses elsewhere but didn't find the wedding dress shopping "experience" until I went to Bridals by Lori. I drove from Virginia Beach to Atlanta to find my dream dress and I did! I was able to say yes to the perfect dress ... they also helped me pick out my veil... Read More and a gorgeous headband. Everyone at the wedding, including my groom, commented on how amazing the dress looked. I highly recommend Bridals by Lori and their alterations services (I only had to have one set of alterations!).

I Said 'Yes to the Dress'

Reviewed on 9/19/2013 April N

Of course after watching 'Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta' on TLC, I knew I had to go to Bridals by Lori for my dress! I didn't want to be on the show, but I loved the personalities of the consultants and how honest and knowledgable they were as I watched the show! Not to mention I... Read More wanted to get 'Jacked up' by Monte! Although the show is a huge selling point, the salon definitely met my expectations and surpassed them! There was enough staff that even if your consultant was running around trying to find something for you someone else would offer to help! My consultant was great and put me in a dress that I told myself I didn't think would look good on me and it ended up being the dress I said 'yes' to! The consultants really do know what they are doing and put you at ease! Then with Monte and Lori both complimenting and ranting and raving about how fabulous you look, how can you not feel like a princess?! Monte jacked me up with a veil and earrings that looked so perfect with the dress I just had to get each of them!! I was feeling on cloud 9 when I left. But, my girls and I came back right after grabbing lunch to look at the bridesmaid dresses and Ricki (I think that's how she spells it?) and Ashley we so fun to work with! We ended up finding the bridesmaids dresses too! Talk about a GREAT day! Then the communication on shipping and calling to make sure we got everything was excellent customer service! Both the girl's dresses and my dress arrived in perfect timing and looked amazing on the wedding day!! Love Bridals by Lori!! <3

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 8/12/2013 Chelsea B

I absolutely LOVE my wedding dress! Their only down fall is they seem to be a bit over priced.

Good quality bridal store

Reviewed on 8/08/2013 Kaci B

I was very happy with the staff at Bridals by Lori. I purchased my gown on a week day, so I was able to have much more attention and help from the staff! My dress was the dress of my dreams!

I got my dream dress!

Reviewed on 6/18/2013 Ashley H

Melissa was my consultant when shopping for dresses and she was great not pushy and very helpful in helping me find the right shapes and feel for our wedding. My dress was great when it came in and alterations made it just for me! It was a great experience and very helpful in... Read More making sure you had everything completed on time!

Great selection

Reviewed on 11/19/2012 Kathalie L

The store has a great selection of gowns, just make sure you are firm on your budget when you start looking

Good Experience

Reviewed on 11/17/2012 Emily B

I really enjoyed the selection of dresses. They did a great job helping me find exactly the dress I wanted. Only complaint is that because it is such a big place, they aren't quite as personal as most other bridal stores.


Reviewed on 11/17/2012 Ashley D

Found my perfect dress at a Rivini trunk show! They really know how to make you feel special!

Nice people but a few problems

Reviewed on 11/12/2012 Katie K

Very nice people and a fun place to shop. The dress arrived with a few small problems. They sent replacement fabric but did not help with the cost of replacement at my tailor. For a $3,000 dress, I was hoping they would help a little more.


Reviewed on 11/08/2012 Katryna L

We went to Bridals by Lori just to look. My mother did not intend to buy my dress there. Thier selection was amazing. We found the perfect dress. Two weeks after purchasing I found out that I was pregnant. They did a wonderful job of altering the dress after I gave birth.

Great Experience and Perfect Dress

Reviewed on 11/01/2012 Diana S

I loved getting my dress at Bridals by Lori. The consultant who helped me out listened to everything I said, and helped me pick dresses to try on that were exactly what I wanted. She even had me try on some dresses that weren't in the typical style I liked just to make sure I... Read More wasn't dismissing certain styles. The fitting process was really easy as well, and my dress fit me like a glove on my wedding day. I absolutely adored the dress I chose, it was perfect and I'm thankful for the staff at Bridals by Lori for making wedding dress shopping an unforgettable and amazing experience.

Good experience

Reviewed on 9/02/2012 Julia W

I bought my dress at Bridals by Lori and had a good experience. The saleswoman that helped me was patient in helping me find THE dress. I received many compliments on the dress and was very happy with my selection. The only reason I am not giving a 5 is because their selection... Read More of non-strapless lace dresses was pretty slim when I went - but I'd imagine that they would be getting more in stock with the popularity of lace gowns. If you buy the gown on the first day you try on, you get a discount. Definitely make an appointment. Great salon!