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6021 Sandy Springs Circle, Atlanta, GA (404) 252-8767

Reviewed on 1/15/2017 Tiffany D

Terrible. I made an appointment. I drove 6 hours from southern Mississippi because I thought Bridal by Lori was the best. I went in with a decent budget of 5000. I was greeted and was treated with kindness. My problems began as soon as the first dress was picked. I specifically... Read More told my consultant that I didn't want an over the top ball gown but also did not want a mermaid style dress. I even showed her a picture of a beautiful a line dress just so we were clear. She pulled 11 dresses for me to try on. I couldn't tell what anything looked like in those bags so I had to put my trust in her. Every single dress she pulled for me was a mermaid. Every. Single. One. No matter how many times I told her that's not what I wanted she made no effort to correct this mistake. Each time she would say 'let's see what everyone else thinks' then ask me if that was 'my dress' . She had no interest in what I wanted obviously. Then she would just hand me the next one as if it wasn't the same shape I just put on. I finally went back and settled on the 4th dress I tried on because she was treating me like I was being complicated and I was very frustrated. The dress was beautiful so I decided to just go with it. The girl who checked me out messed up my ticket and payment twice then I still ended up with an extra charge she "forgot to add". I was taken and measured for alterations I was told took 4-6 weeks. 4-6 weeks was even what was on the paperwork I signed. I didn't find out any different until 6 weeks later when I called and was told it would be at least 3 and a half more months. I was livid. I had already paid for my dress and couldn't do anything about it. I waited. I went back (12 hour round trip for me) when it was "ready " only to discover it was too big and too long. I had already paid 500 dollars for the alterations. Then I was told a few inches were left for more alterations. Excuse me? I paid 500 dollars and waited over 5 months for a dress that sort of fits? You're kidding right. They wanted me to leave my dress for even more time and pay more money. I don't think so. Thank god my grandmother is a seamstress for the big areas and the length can be fixed with tall heels and an extra petticoat. I hope. This place is terrible if you're not on the tv show. They lie and they are nothing more than high dollar crooks. I was very disappointed and heartbroken in a place I had dreamed of going to for a very long time.

Reviewed on 11/30/2016 Keelee W

Bridals by Lori was my first visit to try on dresses, and I planned this because I wanted to go to a store that I knew had a lot of dresses to choose from. The team were very friendly from the beginning, but when I put my VERY FIRST dress on, my consultant asked, is this your... Read More dress? From that point, I felt like I was subtly being pressured to buy a dress, even though I shared that I was just starting the process. I did get to try on a lot of dresses, but I just felt with every dress I put on pressure to buy THAT ONE, even if it was very different from what I was hoping to find. It probably would have been a better experience had a visited other stores first and was ready to find my dress, but that day I happily decided to visit more stores, ultimately finding my dress at the fourth store I visited.

Reviewed on 11/15/2016 Christina M

Bridals by Lori has some amazing dresses. I had been to about 4 Bridal stores prior to this visit and none of them could touch Bridal by Lori. I tried on about 5 different dresses in there and they were all amazing. I found the ONE and was more than satisfied with my pick! They... Read More are a bit pricey but other than that you will not be disappointed!

Reviewed on 11/14/2016 Kim G

The staff was very friendly and helpful. The associate, Ashlen, that helped me was very patient. I could not have asked for a more wonderful experience choosing my MOB dress.

Reviewed on 11/05/2016 Niesha H

The staff was very kind and super helpful. They helped me in and out of each dress I tried on. I loved walking the runway and viewing myself in the wedding dress in the large mirrors. My bridal attendant also sent a follow up email after I left. It was a great experience - I... Read More just didn't find my perfect dress.

2016-11-07T07:06:31 Response from the vendor

thank you!!

Reviewed on 11/04/2016 Elizabeth C

Bridals by Lori was my first time trying on wedding dresses. And my consultant was very helpful... until I told her I wasn't going to purchase a dress that day (I wasn't ready to buy a couple thousand dollar wedding dress without thinking about it a little bit). She replied with... Read More "oh you're one of those girls who just likes to try on dresses" and then literally left me to change and get ready to leave by myself. I hardly ever write reviews, but if left such a bad taste in my mouth that I felt the need to share my experience. Would NOT recommend this store - high pressure to buy and dresses aren't anything you can't find at every other store in town.

2016-11-07T06:45:35 Response from the vendor

Sorry for you experience. Please contact our Bridal Manager with your specific consultant's information.

Reviewed on 10/24/2016 Kelly S

I had good luck with this bridal shop..

2016-11-07T07:06:22 Response from the vendor

thank you!!

Reviewed on 10/09/2016 Lauren G

Dresses are way overpriced, the employees are very catty, looked at me like I was a peasant when I told them my budget was $2,000....even though it was stated on my reservation form. When I explained their website advertised a section for $2,000 and less, my (and apparently 3... Read More others') assigned helper stated "well I guess we have a sale rack, but we don't do under $2,500." There are so many people in there that it is overwhelming! Just don't bother.

2016-11-07T06:49:23 Response from the vendor

Sorry for your experience. Our dresses are not over priced for the quality and designers we offer, which most cannot be found in any other shop in Atlanta, or in Georgia for that matter. We offer COUTURE designers with cutting edge designs, fabrics and fit.

Reviewed on 9/22/2016 Khalilah W

It is 8 days before my wedding and after $820 of alterations(also at Bridals by Lori) my dress does not fit. I believe my bridal consultant was so eager to make a sell that she lied and told me the dress would be made to accommodate my bust. It does not. At this point I... Read More have wasted nearly $4500 on a dress that does not fit properly and cannot be worn on my wedding day.

Reviewed on 9/21/2016 Kelly P

Everything's "Not Peachy" in Georgia, at Lori's Bridal. If I could give a -5 I would. I can only describe a very disenchanting, disappointing, demeaning experience with Bridals by Lori. How excited we all were to look at gowns that day ~ especially at Bridals by Lori. After... Read More all, we had driven 850 miles just to go there. We got to our appointment and being a plus size, had very little to choose, which I understood. However, under very high pressure, I put a deposit on a gown. My wedding wasn't until over a year away. WITHOUT BEING ABLE TO TRY IT ON ~ 1st mistake, KNOWING that I had had gastric sleeve surgery and would be having a full body lift of which I would be losing 60 pounds plus inches ~ 2nd mistake. Unbeknownst to me, the gown was ordered immediately after full payment, fully aware of my situation. I honestly thought, surely, not until after my weight loss and closer to the wedding, still over a year and 60 pound weight loss away. I was notified 3 months later that the gown was surprisingly in early! My wedding wasn't until the end of July and it was just November! I was not even aware it was ordered without current measurements. My dress is 7...SEVEN sizes too big. Because I wasn't asked if I was ready to order, or for measurements before the dress was ordered, I end up with a dress size 22, when I wear an 6-8 in street clothes. I called my consultant very upset and worried to see if anything could be done. I was also told, that's too bad, because dresses can't be taken in that many sizes without distorting them, so for me to go ahead and sell it online. HA! for what a small fraction of what they sold it to me for?! My invoice even states ~ BRIDE WILL BE LOSING POUNDS AND INCHES DUE TO SURGERY. Well, the sweet southern charm had worn off that shiny new penny! I've been hung up on, talked down to, lied to and threatened that they would keep my money and my dress. I've been in tears and finally I asked management (FLO) to please help me. In my distress she had promised me that "I was in her hands now and I would be helped." Fast forward 8 days of waiting for a call back, just to be rudely and curtly scolded that either I pay for the dress or forfeit the dress and my money AGAIN! Even better ~ this was my fault for ordering too SOON! I never was asked when to place the order! It was done for me! A $3400 dress...which BEDEZZLED BRIDES BEWARE....I FOUND THE SAME DRESS FROM THE DESIGNER FOR $1250 CHEAPER. BTW ~ they don't price match either. So, do you homework, don't think it's going be that "WOW" "TaDa" experience you've been dreaming of ladies. Believe me, by being in sales myself for over 20 years, they pull out all the stops and southern hospitality just to make sure you make that deposit THAT DAY or you won't get that price or you won't get that 20% "off", plus their mark-up, with is huge. As another Google review stated I guess all that service, glitz and glam, is just for the cameras my dears. It's the almighty dollar Miss Lori and staff are after. In true southern spirit, as spoken by Mr. Rhett Butler, as his last words to Scarlett O'Hara ~ (modified to fit)...Frankly my dears ~ they don't give a damn!

2016-11-07T06:53:13 Response from the vendor

Upset customer who REFUSED to follow our advice to order a special cut of her selected dress. Then REFUSED to pay for the extensive custom fitting services we made available to correct the dress fit. We provided two solutions to which the customer refused.

Reviewed on 9/08/2016 Rachel F

One stop shop for all things beautiful! I got my dress, my bridesmaids dresses, flower girl dresses, mother and grandmother of the groom dresses here. I LOVE Lawrencia Blout who helped me find my gorgeous gown and Krystle Arnold who did EVERYONE else as spectacular.... Read More Seriously, these two woman are the sweetest, most helpful, encouraging and professional woman ever. My whole extended LOVED Krystal because she made them feel beautiful and special each time they came in (which was a lot). And I'm obviously partial to Lawrencia for matching me with my amazing wedding dress and having the most amazing personality. The selection is AWESOME too for all clothes wedding related. I can't say enough great things about the staff there but those two woman will always hold a special place in my heart. The fitting team was also fabulous for alterations. Impeccable work!

2016-11-07T07:06:13 Response from the vendor

thank you!!

Reviewed on 5/17/2016 Sinecia P

It's all for the show. You need a high budget to be treated nicely. I had a bad experience in the store. I showed up my appt. and pretty much got ignored and sent me in to one room to pick out a dress by my dress and the consulting stay to chat with her co worker. Not once asked... Read More me what I like and if I need help.

2016-11-07T06:59:11 Response from the vendor

Sorry for your experience. Our dress prices start at $2500. This information is on our web-site, explained when any customer calls in or researches any of the designers we advertise. We do have "Immediate Delivery" dresses (discontinued designer styles) which are discounted up to 90%,... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 5/10/2016 Jordie K

I had the most amazing experience at Bridals by Lori. My consultant was so sweet and once I told her what I wanted she picked dresses that were perfect. I bought the second dress I tried on and it is my DREAM dress. I loved my time and Bridals by Lori and would recommend it to... Read More everyone!!

2016-11-07T07:05:58 Response from the vendor

thank you!!

Reviewed on 3/08/2016 Tara S

Bridals by Lori is fabulous! Lori was remarkable at helping me find my dream dress! Their service and professionalism is outstanding - no wonder they have their own show! What a fantastic experience - if you want to feel like a princess, visit Bridals by Lori!

2016-11-07T07:06:04 Response from the vendor

thank you!!

Reviewed on 2/27/2016 Melinda S

Beware! I had the worst experience at this bridal shop. Our first visit was ok, I was a little turned off by condescending nature of the bridal consultant I worked with, but I just brushed it off. I had several bridesmaids (10) so I thought my business would be valued much... Read More higher than it was. We ended up purchasing dresses from there, and then the drama really began. I thought going through Lori's was going to make my life easier. The communication was terrible, I had to follow up several times to find out the status of the dresses. I thought the consultant would be reaching out more but she was MIA for months and took forever to respond to emails. I understand that it takes time, but our situation seemed over the top. We found the dresses in January and it took them 7 months to arrive. This was in time for my wedding, but there was NO communication from the consultant. I actually visited the store again when one of my bridesmaids went to get fitted and that experience was miserable as well. We walked in and literally NO ONE said hello, asked who we were or even acted like we existed. This short lady with huge bags under her eyes just kept saying they were busy. When I finally got someone to understand that we were just there for a fitting, not even to purchase, we still waited forever for someone to assist us. Totally unacceptable Lori's. We ended up having it out with the store after consultants lied to us multiple times and kept trying to blow us off. The dresses turned out great, but if you can choose another avenue to get them I would highly recommend it.

2016-11-07T07:05:24 Response from the vendor

Sorry for you experience. We actually offer an online account status where Brides and/or Bridesmaids can access the status of their orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week without even talking to a shop consultant. It could tell a bride the status of... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 2/25/2016 Shannon R

I made this appointment because I thought it would be a fun experience for my bridal party and me. I had the best time! Yes, it was pretty crowded, a lot of brides were there, so it wasn't as intimate as some of the other bridal boutiques I went to, but that didn't make me feel... Read More any less special to the people I brought with me and really mattered. I had Flo and she was incredible! We emailed back and forth before my appt so I sent her photos and described what I was picturing in my head. The very first dress she picked for me ended up being the ONE! She def knows what she is doing. Highly recommend!

2016-11-07T07:06:48 Response from the vendor

thank you!!

amazing dress but will lie

Reviewed on 11/17/2015 Valaska S

I bought my bridal gown from here everything was good but they told me a lie. They told me that alterations should cost me no more than $500.00 and that was not true it cost me $800.00. Also they screwed up my bridesmaid dresses. I say support a local boutique.

2016-11-07T07:10:00 Response from the vendor

Usually fittings do not exceed $500. There are exceptions however, depending on the situation.

Great Selection

Reviewed on 11/04/2015 Andrea C

Bridal's by lori has a great selection for men. The service is excellent.

2016-11-07T07:07:14 Response from the vendor

thank you!!

Perfect Dress

Reviewed on 10/05/2015 Melissa D

I had a particular designer I wanted and made the drive to Lori's. I knew what I wanted in a gown and wasn't finding it. The salesperson said they had one dress that was what I wanted. It was perfect but it was out of stock and when they would be able to order it. Worked out for... Read More the best...found the dress elsewhere for $2100 less.

Reviewed on 9/19/2015 Ashley F

I ended up as a walk in appointment because I wasn't planning on going here, but after a very highly disappointing weekend of wedding shopping, I finally found my dress here! The consultant was very quick to help me in and out of the dresses, now that is exactly what I needed. I... Read More never needed to stay in a dress and analyze it. When I put my dress on, I just knew. I do really wish she was more helpful in pulling dresses. They were so many and In the plastic bags it was hard to see them luckily my mother in law pulled my perfect dress! I LOVED the going above and beyond when I found THE dress. They did my hair and jewelry and just made everyone cry. It was perfect!

2016-11-07T07:07:45 Response from the vendor

thank you!!

A lovely experience

Reviewed on 9/13/2015 Bridgett H

As an avid TLC watcher and SYTTD:Atlanta fan I knew I had to look for my wedding gown at Lori's. I flew in from Las Vegas to meet my mother, twin sister, M-I-L, and S-I-L so they could be with me. I had done my research and thankfully found a dress that I really wanted. Marta... Read More was my wonderful associate. She encouraged me to try on different styles and found my favorite. Marta just made everything easier. We had such a magical experience shopping with her and we had our wow moment when I was jacked up with my blusher and cathedral length veil. My dress came in right on time about 17 weeks or so. I went in for my first fitting in June- where I met their wonderful alterations team. I went in for one more fitting in July and picked up my dress 3 weeks before the big day. I loved how my dress fit my body. It was altered to a T. I had such a wonderful experience at Bridal's by Lori... even when the cameras aren't rolling, the staff is so charming and welcoming.

2016-11-07T07:07:36 Response from the vendor

thank you!!

Great Selection

Reviewed on 7/15/2015 Caitlyn F

I think everyone goes into bridals by Lori with high expectations. I thought they had a great selection and would recommend them because of that. Some of the down sides I experienced were that my consultant was late and I only had an hour with her. I picked out pretty much every... Read More dress I tried on, except one she brought for me. I felt so rushed to make a decision. Also the fitting room was the size of a small closet and it was not comfortable. I wound up buying my dress that day but my issues came with the alterations. I drove 2 hours for each appointment (which is not their fault of course) but I had 4 fittings. They accused me of losing weight when it didn't fit, which was not the case. The alterations staff was nice, but each time I had to come back I was more and more disappointed. I would recommend if you live within a half hour radius.

Reviewed on 6/22/2015 Natalie K

Horrible customer service!! I purchased my dress in January and received it 3 weeks before my wedding August). I was told something was wrong with my dress and they had to send it back. They wouldn't tell me the issue and I had to call constantly in order to even get that... Read More information. I had to pay an extra $250 for rush alterations and they didn't do anything to try and compensate me. You would think as expensive as the dresses are they would be a lot more customer oriented. Do not waste your time coming here!!

Great experience!

Reviewed on 3/16/2015 Ashley B

I originally went to Bridals by Lori with my mom, one of my bridesmaids, and her mom just for the experience; I wasn't expecting to find anything that I both liked and could afford. I had Melissa as my consultant, and I felt that she did a great job of pulling dresses, even... Read More different styles and fits, that matched my vision (of lots of sparkle!)! One thing to note is that their dresses start at $2000; we did ask them about that and they said that they don't have as many cheaper dresses basically. My appointment was in the early afternoon on a Saturday, and even though it was busy, I felt that I was being given her attention. I think I even got to talk to Lori and Monte then. Long story short, I went to another salon to try a dress I thought I would end up getting and ended up not loving it anymore. So, we went back to Bridals by Lori, and they were very accommodating even though it was getting close to when the salon closed. It was that time that I said yes to my dress with Flo and Monte, and Monte jacked me up so that was fun, and we all got to chat with Lori, Monte, and Robbin! It was a lot of fun! I didn't feel rushed at all, and they all were saying how they loved the James Clifford dress I picked (and not just saying it!), and I thought that Lori, Monte, and Robbin were even nicer and cooler than they looked on the show! Monte even took selfies with my bridesmaid! :) I know some people may have had bad experiences at Bridals by Lori, but I feel confident in saying that that would be more of the exception than the norm. I had a lot of fun here and found my dream dress without feeling pressured into buying a dress out of my price range!

Great experience

Reviewed on 2/18/2015

I was with my best friend when she went to Georgia to pick out her gown and ultimately purchase it. We had the best experience at Bridals by Lori! They were very accommodating with my friend and her entourage and helped find the dress that was perfect for her. The staff was so... Read More nice and worked so hard to help her and we all appreciated it. I highly recommend visiting them and finding your dream dress too! Well worth the trip from Charlotte

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