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We take the stress out of your day. Class Act's affordable packages include an MC/Party Coordinator, a DJ and we can provide an Officiant for your ceremony - that's why more brides choose Class Act! Our process is simple and you talk to one person to plan your whole day, ceremony, dinner, and dance


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$$ – Affordable

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Classical, Country, Dance, Disco, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock

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After Party, Ceremony, Reception, Wedding

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MC Services, Recorded Music, Sound Equipment, Music, Planning


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3250 Rice Street , St. Paul, MN (651) 429-6576

I am so glad I chose Class Act

Reviewed on 10/10/2014

I am so glad I chose Class Act When we announced our engagement, my uncle came over to me and mentioned Class Act and he said that they by far are on the top of the list. My uncle is in the wedding venue business for over thirty years and they can do 5 events... Read More at one time. He sees all of these entertainment companies. So with that kind of credentials I figure he knows what he is talking about. I went online and liked what I saw, then called them. Oh my gosh, I had fun the minute I started talking to them. They did a great job of listening to me first and getting a good understanding of my hopes and dreams. Then we talked about the possibilities, their experience and knowledge was astounding. I know it is crazy to say but the planning was actually a lot of fun. We booked them for everything. They supplied the wedding Officiant, music and microphones and a wedding coordinator for the ceremony. Then at the dinner and dance they told me the success of the night starts by making it fun and engaging the minute people walk in the door. They were masters at making the event be all about us and our guests and not about them. Their MC/Part Coordinator was fun and well organized while the DJ kept the dance flowing and in touch with the audience. When we called them to tell them what a great job they did after the wedding, they were very gratuitous. They also told me about all the little things that went wrong that they fixed. For instance the throwing bouquet got lost and the MC grabbed up a few flowers here and there and made me one. I threw it that night and never even noticed it was different. My cake cutter forgot to get going in it, so they reminded her. She was overwhelmed so they helped cut cake. My dad was having a bit of an anxiety attack about what to say for a toast so they helped coach him and calm him down. There is more things also, and if I would have known about them at the time I would have been stressed and it would've affected my night. Have you ever heard of a DJ company doing that? NO. That’s because Class Act are more than that. When it came to cost I found higher prices for just one DJ without all the other skills. Class Act you are permanently on my Christmas card list. THANK YOU. Susanna

A Real Class Act!

Reviewed on 10/10/2014

I have been to several weddings where Class Act was the DJ, and I don't think you can find anyone better than Mike and the gang. They do a great job of tying to get the guests involved right from the get go. They are interacting with the guests while they are waiting to eat,... Read More which sets the tone immediately. They keep the show moving and fun. I had many people ask about Class Act, and were very impressed with them. Mike is behind the scenes coordinating with the other vendors to make sure things go as smoothly as possible. He was the officiant as well, which was an added bonus. My son and his wife held the ceremony at their house. Class Act was in on the planning from the very beginning, so it cut down on the amount of people to coordinate with. I would highly recommend hiring Class Act for your wedding or any other event you may have coming up. They have been doing this for many years, and it shows. Very professional and will taylor the program how you would like it. Great job guys, I know I can always look forward to a wedding if you will be there!

Class Act was Amazing

Reviewed on 6/12/2014

Class Act was amazing!!! We had seen them at a few other functions and knew we needed them at our wedding in Door County, WI. They went above and beyond ensuring everything went smoothly from I Do to Last Call. Class Act handled the ceremony lakeside seamlessly making sure... Read More music went smoothly and people knew when to walk, . They then transitioned to the reception where they handled last minute cake emergency (cake was not delivered assembled :(, Class Act puts it together thank goodness!!!!). While the wedding party was off taking pictures, Class Act helped confused catering staff to make sure dinner and seating was timely and was a great help to the banquet manager. All of this without ever bothering me or my new husband, the night was so perfect, They made it stress free and that I will never forget. We danced the night away with fun wedding games and great music. I dont know why you would book any other company, Class Act saved the day and made our event, Thank you Class Act!!

Reviewed on 9/12/2017 Anna L

Mike and Brian from Class Act were amazing. They kept the party going all night. There were always people on the dance floor. They were great to work with and had an idea for everything. They aren't your typical DJ company, they don't work off of a computer and just stand behind... Read More the booth the whole time, Mike (the MC) goes around the room talking to everyone and the DJ will come out and dance with you at times. They are high energy and have a good time. We are so incredibly happy with how everything turned out. Thank You!!!

Reviewed on 4/12/2017

When we first started looking for the entertainment we knew that our event would be a little more challenging than the typical wedding. You see our parents had been married over 50 years but they really never had a wedding reception and it was time for that to happen. My parents... Read More have so many friends and relatives we knew that there was going to be an older contingency of guests than typical. Our venue actually recommended Class Act to us. They told us that Class Act has been playing at their venue for decades and they are the most attentive, interactive and pleasant people to work with. I took that to heart when the venue told me that on a given night they can do up to 5 events. So I figured they see everybody and if Class Act stands out for them they must be pretty awesome. Boy were they right. They helped us with the renewing of the vows, suggested a family bouquet which was perfect. Coordinated the dinner/dance and kept our guests laughing all night long. We had to end the night early because they just tired us out. They really made it so that I could enjoy the event because they coordinated everything that night.

Reviewed on 12/21/2016 Nicole C

Great to work with! They made it so easy! So many people complimented them!

Reviewed on 10/24/2016 Beth C

We really like to have things done well, and we knew where to turn relative to the entertainment of the night. Class Act did my parents' wedding, my step sister’s wedding and we knew we had to have them for our wedding. So they were one of the first calls. It was interesting... Read More because they asked us to sit through a five minute short conference mentioning how important it is to make sure that we were getting what we really want and just because other family members had used us they should not feel pressured go with Class Act. Now I really appreciate the fact that they are more concerned about us than the almighty dollar. It was wonderful working with people of great integrity and a true concern for us. We planned out a fun time during dinner and the dance floor was filled all night long. You know they do something that I have never seen any other DJ do they actually stop by each table and take requests and it was so funny because we saw people debating the best songs to play. I guess when you have a team of people there for the event you have the resources to do that. Oh, and have you ever been to a dance and requested a song at the beginning of the night and never hear yours played. Class Act announces that requests are played in the order received that fit with the program that the Bride and Groom have set up. I know people have been frustrated at other weddings when they wanted to get a song and only to be trumped by a cute tipsy girl toward the end of the night. These guys go out of their way to make all happy. I only have one regret and that everyone in our family is married now and we may not see them as much. I guess I am going to have to lean on my unmarried friends for that. If I have anything to say about it, I will encourage them to get Class Act. Beth and Nathan

Reviewed on 10/24/2016 Kristi S

We hired Class Act for our ceremony and reception. Sounds simple right? The planning was amazingly fun but the day of the event Mother Nature tossed us a few curveballs. The plan was to have a beautiful ceremony in a park followed with a reception at a venue. The ceremony in the... Read More park was a good idea until the rain was crazy and a heavy down poor. When the officiant and audio technician showed up they when right to work to evaluate the situation and cam e up with some options. The one we liked was switching the more traditional ceremony to a circle ceremony. It was wonderful. All of our guests huddled together under the small shelter in a circle when my father and I were to join them the circle opened to allow us in and in the center was the officiant with my fiancé, the wedding party outside of them, and our parents behind them. We did not use amplification we did natural. It was so moving for all the people there. Now this is the amazing part, as soon as we were pronounced man and wife the rain stopped. Now that is a ceremony none of my guests will ever forget. Ok them the people at Class Act rushed over to the venue to get everything set up for the dinner and dance. Right away they took over organizing the vendor there and coordinating them. We had issues with our photographer not catching many photo opportunities when we were talking to the people at Class Act (even though they were not supplied by Class Act). What do they do; they offer to mentor the photographer as to the possible photo opportunities. We noticed that we were getting more pictures and the photographer seamed to even be getting in to it more. Next we forgot to get a throwing bouquet or it was missing in action, still not quite clear on that one. What does Cass Act do? They grab a few flowers form each of the center pieces and made me one. All these things made our night so much better than if we would have had the typical DJ. You can bet that they would not have cared about all these details that were stressing me out or even knew what to do. Oh, did I mention I hired them for the dance. The dinner was very engaging and people were laughing thru the whole time it was fantastic. The dance was amazing. The best money I spent that day was for Class Act. They really made the whole event. Kristi and Ryan

Reviewed on 10/21/2016

Oh my gosh, these people are so knowledgeable and easy to work with. Whenever we did planning we laughed a lot, gave us a lot of ideas and worked in our own ideas. Who would expect that the planning would be fun? As soon as they got there they worked with the venue and the... Read More caterers to make some adjustments to the layout of the room. There was no room for the Bar, The DJ and we were going to have to take down the head table for the dance. They figured out how to keep the same look and have access to the bar and DJ and we did not have to take down the head table which had some beautiful decorations on it. I do not think the typical DJ would have been able to do that. They also provided head table Uplighting which put a beautiful accent on the decorations we had in that area. They had us dedicate a song to everyone there from the two of us to start the dance. This was brilliant because everyone got up on the dance floor, on the carpet and in the isles. What a way to honor our guests but it also got people going. Our guests were having so much fun during dinner as they lead us through so many fun things. We danced a ton and made a bunch of great memories.

Reviewed on 10/19/2016 Kayleigh M

Class Act got the whole crowd involved! Class Act was so easy to work with. We hired Class Act a year before our wedding to do both the ceremony and the dance. Originally we were going to have our pastor that we truly love do the ceremony, but he could not commit. A few months... Read More before our event he thought he could do it. Class Act was so gracious and totally understood they made accommodations to have him do the ceremony. Class Act people still provided the technical support for sound and worked well with our pastor and saved us some money also. It was so nice working with them for planning and throughout the whole process. They coordinated our dinner dance masterfully by coordinating the photographer and caterers and venue staff they took care f everything. We were so engaged with our audience they actually had to suspend a kissing game we had going during dinner so that we could eat. So we woofed it down and they were back at it. I was so much fun. Every single person was involved and we danced all night long. Any one we saw go home before the end of the night said that they were going home because they were tired. You should have Class Act do you event and let them tire out your guests, it the best.

Reviewed on 10/18/2016 Jeremy A

My parents own a Catering business that I've worked at for 15 years now so I've literally seen hundreds of dj's in action over the years. One dj that has always stood out to me is Class Act so I made sure to book them for my wedding. We had Class Act do both our ceremony and... Read More DJ service. They went above and beyond our expectations and everything turned out perfect. They took the time to work with us to make our outdoor ceremony unique and provided many different options of things we could do to accomplish that. Class Acts DJ service is the best in the business I feel because they keep the guests entertained all night with good music, laughter, games and an overall fun experience that your guests won't forget.

Reviewed on 10/06/2016 Chantel E

Class act did an amazing job! From our ceremony to our reception, they kept everyone entertained! I would definitely recommend them to anyone!

Reviewed on 4/24/2016

I am so happy we chose them to officiate our wedding, and DJ it! They did an amazing job of keeping everything calm, and helping me to keep everything organized. They kept the crowd engaged they helped us have fun. They helped make my wedding day amazing, and I could not have... Read More done it without them!

Reviewed on 2/28/2016 Jessica M

First off there a few things that happened early on (not pointing fingers but it was nothing to do with Class Act) that made thing run late. Ok we got there a bit late but Class Act was masterful at readjusting and making the evening flow. Our venue was a beautiful place but... Read More there was several policies that they have that made thing drag on. Instead of butting heads with them the Guys at Class Act actually went to work helping them get things done quicker. At the same time they kept our guest laughing throughout dinner and all the toasts etc. that come with that time. Class Act kept most of the issues sheltered from us with the exception of some ones that they deemed we might want to weigh in on. It was great because my night would have not been as much fun dealing with those things. The dance was fun and we actually had a conga line dance that included almost every person there. The two people did an outstanding job. If I would have had a typical DJ like you always see I am certain I would have had heartburn that night. Thanks Guys! Jessica & Tony

Reviewed on 2/17/2016

Class Act has done my brother and sisters wedding and they just did ours. If your looking for great entertainment and a stress free evening, do yourself a favor and hire these guys! I received calls from friends and relatives days and weeks after our wedding and they could not... Read More believe how much fun everyone had. They are so professional and really know how to make a party or reception fun and exciting!

Honest Pros/Cons

Reviewed on 1/22/2016 Sarah G

Class Act came recommended to us from a family friend in the wedding industry. She had seen them at numerous weddings and said they did a great job. Overall, I do think they did a wonderful job and our guests had an awesome time. Here are a few Pros/Cons to consider: PROS:... Read More They are VERY engaging. They were certainly a highlight of the night and had guests talking. Throughout dinner, we played a kissing game when guests clinked their glasses - our guests got very (and I mean VERY) into this. They were great at feeling the crowd during the dance and kept people on the dance floor the entire night. I liked that they took guest requests as well. They coordinated with my sisters to give a rap toast, which people couldn't stop talking about. They were great at coordinating everyone for bouquet toss, garter toss, dollar dance, etc. Since we had a New Years wedding, they performed the countdown at midnight for us. I really appreciated them taking care of all the small bumps that came up and letting me enjoy my day in ignorant bliss. From my perspective, the night ran extremely smooth. Really, they did everything we asked of them. CONS: Although this wasn't bothersome enough to dock a star, I was a little frustrated when they asked me to burn my songs and requests on a CD (including first dance, father/daughter, any other songs I wanted played throughout the night). I felt like that was what I hired them to do. They said it was a good memento to keep, but it was a lot of additional work during a very busy time. I ended up putting my songs on a flash drive, and they took care of putting it on a CD. They did end up playing all of my requests, which was great, but I know a lot of DJ's have online requests you can submit before your day. Like I said, overall we had a great time. No doubt, the night would not have been the same without them. I would certainly recommend them to any bride, but I also think its important to know things that weren't as great.

2016-01-26T14:29:04 Response from the vendor

Your guests were very much engaged with all of the things we had planned for you that night and it is wonderful that you confirmed that a great time was had by all. Thanks for your candid review. I guess I should have requalified why... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 12/15/2015 Marie F

We had a Friday night wedding which means things usually get going later than in Saturdays. Fortunately Class Act’s skill in keeping everything moving was a great asset. They helped release tables and suggested to our caterers to do two tables and that made the buffet dinner... Read More fly. We had our reception at a unique place that gave some tours of which almost everybody went on right after dinner. Class Act entertained the groups that choose not to go on the tour which was nice otherwise it would have been boring for them. When we got back we did toasts and got the place rocking, it was great. Becky and David

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Amanda S

Awesome, A++ We found Class Act on the internet and after reading the many fantastic reviews we decided to check them out. They were the only one we talked to that truly knew the facility and how to do the event at our venue. Our wedding was in a really cool venue called the... Read More Wabasha Caves. It is awesome but has some difficulties from an audio stand point. Class act included a wireless speaker to be set up in an adjacent area of the venue so that people in that area could hear the announcements. This really helped to include our guests in all the activities. I think another company would not have known and those guests would have been just left out. Class act provided the Officiant and a small discreet sound system that worked beautifully without looking cheesy in our pictures. Once the ceremony was done the room was converted and voila it was time for dinner and dance and Class Act brought in a supper impressive larger system. There was so much work to be done Class Act actually brought a third person when they usually bring two to help with the conversions. They did that without charge to us. When I asked what the additional charge would be they said “it is your wedding present from Class Act” now that is a Class Act. The party coordinator they provided was running all over organizing events reminding people of events that they were included in so they did not miss out. I am so glad that was not me doing all of that. The rest of it the night turned out great and we had a fantastic time. These guys really work hard for you. Check them out you will be pleased. Amanda and Kenny

Reviewed on 10/26/2015 Liz O

BEST DECISION I MADE (BESIDES MARRYING MY HUSBAND) to hire Mike and his team........my guests had such a great time......Mike had people up and dancing that normally are wall flowers......people still talk about how much fun they had.......Mike is creative, fun, entertaining and... Read More all around amazing......if I had any friends or family left to get married I would recommend Class Act DJ.......

Great party!

Reviewed on 10/16/2015

My husband and I found Class Act through our parents, and we're really glad we went with them - they made it incredibly easy to plan from afar. We live in Seattle but were getting married in Minnesota, which Michael definitely kept in mind. We were able to accomplish most things... Read More via email, and he was flexible about meeting with us for a very in-depth planning meeting the one time we were actually in town before the wedding. He's definitely got a lot of experience, and he made suggestions about everything from aisle runners to processional order that were spot on. He was flexible with planning the ceremony and very accommodating to whatever level of religious preference was desired. We wrote and read our own vows, and he worked with us to fit them into the ceremony. He also had ideas for unity ceremonies beyond a unity candle - we ended up not wanting to do any extra ceremonial bit at all, but some of his ideas seemed great for people interested in doing so. My favorite part about working with them, though, was the energy they brought to the reception - awesome ideas for making the glass-ringing-kissing more exciting that got the whole room involved and having fun. Michael was both our officiant and our emcee, and even though a few things outside his control got delayed, he was great about working with the venue to keep things moving and getting the evening back on track without ever feeling rushed. All in all, I had an absolutely fabulous time at my wedding, and Class Act was one of the most important vendors who made that happen.

Great Entertainers!

Reviewed on 10/16/2015 Lisa A

The guys at Class Act were great and a solid choice for our wedding in June! We couldn't think of anything that we wished they would have done differently. We really liked that they were more than a DJ in that they were interactive with our guests and included everyone with a... Read More few tasteful games at appropriate times and they were a big help in getting things together when it came time for the bouquet toss and other things that required specific people in the wedding party etc. Mike had a lot of helpful advice for planning as well. We hired them as an officiant also which worked out nicely. The first conversation I ever had with Mike probably lasted a little over a half hour and he had a ton of good advice before we even signed a contract to hire them so I'm sure if you'll give them a call that you'll see the difference between them and other DJ's right away.

We loved our reception!

Reviewed on 10/15/2015 Kristen C

Class Act did both our ceremony and reception. They were there early and helped direct the venue staff to set up for the ceremony which was outside. Class Acts party coordinator worked well with their staff and there were no issues which is important so I was calm for the... Read More ceremony. We had several people on how nice and short ceremony was and they particularly liked the family bouquet. Where we acknowledged the loved ones that could not be with us and other important people in our lives. During dinner the MC/Party Coordinator, talked to all my guests and got a feel for the crowd, introduced himself and got requests. This was important because the time we had for the dance was short but important. Oh, did I mention my husband (now) is a singer, songwriter and has been on stage many times. It was my job to find someone perfect for the wedding reception. Class Act came through; he told the guys at Class Act that they did a great job interacting with the crowd and kept the guests engaged all night with great stage presence. The guys in Class Act mentioned to me that was a great compliment to them and they were honored by what my husband told them. Class act was masterful at blending in our requests with the requested music. I was also relieved when one of our guests requested a totally inappropriate song and Class Act handled it brilliantly. They pointed at the dance floor and reminded this person that there were about 8 children out there and their parents would probably be pretty upset. However, they told him that if he could surf the net and find a clean version they would play it. I thought that was brilliant because if there was a clean version there would probably be about two words in it. It also kept this individual busy for about 45 minutes before he gave up. I think he appreciated the fact that Class Act at least gave him the opportunity to work together to make him happy. I think it shows right there that experience is so important when picking your entertainment. They also did some interactive events during dinner, which were great. Kristen and Jesse

Son's Wedding

Reviewed on 9/19/2015

We saw Class Act live when in the twin cities. We had never seen wedding as well done in our area. When it came to my son’s wedding we really wanted something better than the local talent. We called and talked to the people at Class Act and they actually welcomed the... Read More opportunity. We knew that there would be some travel costs but that was not as important as having my son and future daughter in-law have regrets. I asked my daughter in-law (now) to call them, she was sold from the first call. Class Act help plan everything from the program, coordinating vendors, officiating, dinner and dance. After the event was over Class Act debriefed us and I was so amazed at all the things that had to be handled by Class Act which our guests never saw. There were so many family dynamics, guest uses, vender issues if I have to deal with them… let’s not go there. The few bucks it cost for a plane tickets is well worth it. Thanks for going the extra 1,000 miles. Luann

My Fairytale wedding in a castle and Class Act

Reviewed on 9/06/2015

First off what little girl has not dreamed of getting married in a castle, I know that was definitely me? My husband made that come true for me. So there was the vision and now how could I make all that come true, well my husband came through for me again. When he was back in... Read More Minnesota for a wedding he saw Class Act and commented on several occasions that it was the best wedding he had ever been too. So we contacted them and in short order I realized that they were perfect for us. We made all the arrangements for them to do my wedding near Seattle, in Washington. We knew that they would have to hop a plane when it came to performing at the wedding but it didn’t matter to us because we knew it would make all the difference. Class Act provided the Wedding Officiant, MC for dinner and DJ services for the dance and made it flow smoothly. Class Act was great and masterful at all the preplanning, working with the venue and giving us lots of great ideas how to make our event special. We also needed help with the family dynamics and potential drama that occurs in our families for time to time. In fact I knew that there was some real possibilities for issues. After we got back from our honeymoon we found out from our family that Class Act had handled many issues that I did not realize happened, and thank goodness. Oh well in any great fairy tale there needs to be and villain right? If you have a wedding there is always has a potential of drama, Class Act helped handle much of it. If I would have known all that went on, well let’s no go there. I cannot recommend them enough. I know they are on our Christmas card list. Ashton and Rob

Reviewed on 6/05/2015

When we were shopping around for our wedding we found The Class Act to be the most reasonably priced for Officiant and DJ services. Coordinating with Mike was very easy. We had a rehearsal the night before our big day and it went well. There were a couple things we wanted to... Read More change (like the entrance of the wedding party into the reception) that Mike cautioned against due to his past experiences. But with a little convincing he did them our way and it turned out great! They definitely kept the guests involved and everyone says our wedding was the most entertaining they’ve been to. Looking back, there are only a few minor things I would have asked to do differently. We also realized that the cake cutting was never announced so no one knew to come over to watch. But all things considered we had a great wedding day! A lot goes into planning such an eventful day so be detailed and specific in how you want it to go and Class Act will work with you to make it happen!

2015-06-06T07:31:27 Response from the vendor

Thanks so much for your review. Our job is always to give advice from past experience, but to do the event any way you want and we are happy to accommodate your wishes. We had to find your photographer because the catering staff wanted you... Read Less Read More