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Docuvitae - photo journalistic gem

Reviewed on 7/21/2011 Amy G

While my wedding planner provided us a list of photographers she especially recommended – we still spent a lot of time deciding which to choose. Budget was a critical factor but more difficult was that we all (parents, fiancé, and I) had a very different expectation or visions... Read More of how we wanted the day captured and trying to meld them all into one choice was a challenge. My now husband took the lead in this decision - photography and film is far more his forte than any of ours. He selected Docuvitae as for one simple and precious reason – their images were timeless. The photos could have been from any decade – they were had a style and a look that was unarguably classic. When we all relooked at their portfolio with ‘classic timelessness’ in mind we all realized THIS is exactly what we wanted from our photographs. Then came budget – unfortunately for us, we did not have a limitless well of funding for this day. However, very lucky for us, they offer a fantastic package called “book the studio,” for a reasonable price. Basically this we booked Docuvitae without confirming a specific lead photographer, and they would assign our photographers a few weeks out from our wedding day. We decided to do it. We trusted Docuvitae’s integrity in style - they have a uniqueness and we trusted this style would be consistent regardless of photographer. It turned out we won the “book the studio” lottery when we got our photographers – Gennia and Laura – who owns the studio. We were stunned at our luck and so incredibly excited. If you’ve looked at Docuvitae’s work, you’ll notice very few large posed or group shots, and absence of every face facing front, smiling perfectly for the camera. And this was perfect for us. We have thousands of photos where the photographer has yelled - Say CHEESE – and everyone stops, finds that perfect angle and smiles. I did not want our day being stopped every minute for a photo opportunity. I wanted the live moments. The unscripted, un-posed, natural, raw moments. I knew I would be incredibly disappointed with a thousand pictures in straight lines, posing for shots with each guest. Our wedding was about US, our day, documenting our love, our ceremony and our commitment, not making sure we had a photo with every guest. The ladies who documented our wedding were absolutely everywhere and nowhere at the same time – meaning they were in every freaking nook and cranny of our wedding day, and you never noticed they were there. They never pulled us out of our day, they were quiet, they were up high and down low. They captured the most beautiful emotions, moments I didn’t realize how much wanted to remember and cherish. My mom’s last look at my dad and me before she headed down the aisle, my face just as I start to tear up during my vows. Getting down on the dance floor with my Grandma. My absolute favorite, as my husband briefly thanked our guests – they have a shot of us from behind and our friends and family all gathered around us beaming and smiling at us. I couldn’t be more pleased with our photos, they leave me speechless, smiling and on the verge of tears. They are so authentic, and they take me right right back into my wedding day…smelling the peonies, hearing the songs that were playing, face tired from smiling so wide. We will cherish these for our whole lives and generations after us.

Rating for Docuvitae

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Jeanne L