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Your wedding is approaching and the thought of swaying back and forth in front of your guests is terrifying. No worries. We are here to share our expertise to help you get ready dancing at your big day. Take your first step now with an introductory lesson with Duet!


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Country, Dance, Disco, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock, World Music


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2412 W North Ave, Chicago, IL (312) 823-8199

If I could give 10 stars I would!

Reviewed on 9/22/2013 susan k

My husband and I took dance lessons with Szewai at Duet Dance Studio in preparation for our wedding day. We sought her out through 3 different referrals who had overwhelmingly positive things to say about their experience with her. Meeting Szewai for our initial consultation,... Read More she struck me as warm, friendly, charismatic, and professional. Working with Szewai for over half a year, my first impressions of her not only proved to be accurate, but as a teacher, she is extremely patient, easy going, and intuitive. My husband and I are not the most graceful people on the dance floor, so we were impressed with how Szewai was able to ease our dancing anxieties. We spent the first several lessons figuring out what style of dance would be most comfortable for our skill level and appropriate for us in the time frame we wanted to learn it by. From there, we worked towards honing the basic steps, to customizing a dance routine, to selecting the right music. Although we didn't have much time to practice in between our lessons, Szewai was always patient and able to both explain, review & demonstrate the steps for us in a way that we were able to learn it. I can say that we always left each lesson feeling good about our experience. If you're looking to take lessons for a special event or just for fun, I can't recommend Duet Dance Studio enough! Thanks Szewai!

She is the BEST

Reviewed on 8/25/2013 amber h

My fiance and I have been taking dance lessons with Duet for a couple of months now for our September wedding. We are dancing to a very non traditional song and Szewai choreographed the most incredible dance for us! She combined many different dance styles and went above and... Read More beyond to make it very unique. We had only taken one or 2 dance lessons together and I cant even explain the transformation I have seen in our dancing since we started working with Szewai. She is very patient and good at reading you and thinking of different ways to explain things. It has been an incredible experience for my fiance and I and we plan on continuing the lessons after the wedding! We LOVE duet!

The best of the best!

Reviewed on 8/21/2013

We worked with Szewai while planning the first dance for our civil union. Neither of us had any dance experience and were very much dreading the idea of lessons. Szewai's friendly demeanor and masterful instruction put our worries to rest within the first few minutes of our... Read More lesson. We left the studio feeling like dancing was something we could actually do. Each lesson we learned one new step to the rhumba. There were times when we couldn't understand the step and Szewai would not hesitate to literally pick up our feet or push us wider so our underarm turn would look better. Each week we made mistakes, had fun, and we laughed. About six weeks into our lessons, we decided that our mother-son dance would be choreographed between people. Szewai did not hesitate to suggest to bring mom in for two of our lessons. She took our skill levels into account and helped us develop a custom transition so that each of us could both dance with mom for half a song. We practiced the transition and our positions on the dance floor. We also worked on how to recover in case we ended up in the wrong spot on the dance floor. Our nine weeks of lessons flew by. By the end, we knew the basic box, inside turns, outside turns, a cradle, and a progressive step to travel around the dance floor. Our families and friends were impressed and best of all we didn't look like we were in Jr. High gym class. After our ceremony, we decided to keep going with our lessons just for fun. Szewai introduced us to waltz, and our favorite dance, hustle. Szewai taught us that every little move and touch has a meaning. She helped us learn to feel those movements and connect our frames so that the two of us danced as one person. We wish her the best at her new studio!

Reviewed on 5/19/2017 Kate V

My wife and I took dance lessons with Brennen to prepare for our first dance at our wedding in January 2017. We picked our first dance song (For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder), and then Brennen taught us two dance styles (rumba and swing) that would be used in the dance.... Read More After teaching us elements of each dance style, he choreographed a dance from start to finish. When we first saw the result (Brennen and another instructor danced for us), we were blown away! Brennen is an excellent instructor; he is very patient, especially with someone like me (an engineer who likes to think things through) who may not be the best dancer. He is also very observant, looking at our form and footwork as we were learning the dance, constantly providing feedback. After many weeks of hard work, we were very happy with our first dance at our wedding and would definitely recommend this for any couple in preparation for their wedding. The dance studio itself is very warm and inviting. The owner Szewai and other dance instructors are very supportive. We have since attended a few of their monthly dance parties - they always focus on teaching the dance moves of whatever style the party is about, and then there is open dancing that follows. I really like that the focus is always on welcoming the attendees, regardless of whether they are seasoned dancers or not. Highly, highly recommended.

Reviewed on 5/10/2017 Jennie H

My husband and I wanted a fun but classy first dance for our wedding, but we knew we couldn't do it on our own. We found Duet through other Yelp reviews and figure we should pay it forward. We worked with Brennen during a consultation and got such helpful feedback from him and... Read More had such a good time that we decided to buy a 10 class package for the two months before our wedding to work with him. Brennen was so professional: from laying out the 10 class plan, to getting to know us in order to tailor our dance to suit our personalities, to giving us ideas for practicing when not in the studio, and most of all, by just being super positive and fun to work with. Additionally, every person who works in that studio is kind, generous, energetic, and hospitable. It is clear that the people who work here enjoy being there and doing what they do. Not only was our First Dance at the wedding fun for us, but I know that our friends and families loved seeing it too. And, as cheesy as this sounds, taking those classes was a really special time for my husband and me. It was a team-building exercise, a time that we chose to laugh instead of get frustrated when we messed up (and, seriously, there's Brennen's professionalism again, as he always remained neutral and helpful!), and a breather from the final countdown wedding day hustle, where we could shut out the world and enjoy learning how to dance together. So many thanks to Brennen and the Duet Team!

Reviewed on 12/14/2016

My wife and I LOVED Duet Dance Studio. I dropped the ball on finding us dance lessons and we called them up and they did an amazing job fitting us in and getting us prepped in a week and a half. The prices were extremely reasonable for Chicago. Due to our rushed schedule we... Read More worked with 3 of the instructors and they were all incredibly well versed, taught us the same material (but in different ways) and extremely nice. I have ZERO dance experience or talent. I'm only semi-athletic these days too. But Duet got me dancing. Everyone at the wedding was incredibly impressed since I normally look like a gorilla on rollerskates. We're actually considering keeping up dance lessons for no particular event, but just because we enjoyed it so much.

Reviewed on 11/13/2016 Natalie C

Szewai and the Duet team are the absolute best of the best. My husband and I LOVE to dance but neither of us have had ballroom training. Szewai choreographed our first dance to Ho Hey by The Lumineers, and it was a great hit at the wedding. We'll be going back even now that... Read More we're married. Cannot recommend more highly.

Reviewed on 10/20/2016 Lily T

Let me just start off by saying what an amazing time we had during our first dance and all the time that we learned the first dance! We did a choreographed dance not only for us to bond and relax in the mist of wedding planning, but also to impress all of our guests. TBH, if... Read More you're going all out to plan a wedding, you might as well go all the way. My husband and I didn't know what we wanted to do for our first dance back when we were still engaged so we checked out different dance studios in Chicago. We were late to the game so we thought there wouldn’t be any openings. Duet accommodated us right away despite how busy they were during the wedding season. They attended to us and worked around our schedule. Here are some of the reasons why I liked them so much. First of all, professionalism and knowledge of the staff. Our instructor Szewai was with us every step of the way, even though we only reached out to the studio 3 months before the wedding. She listened to our medley for the dance during our first session, and asked our preference on dance style. Before we knew it, she had the entire dance created when we went in for our second session! She understood what style we wanted, observed our progress, and taught us more difficult (fancier) dance moves where see fit. It's overwheloming how many dance styles she know. They encourage practice in front of audience, so they often call other instructors and students to watch your complete dance during their break time. This only happens when they think that you're ready to perform, and it's extremely helpful because you can get used to being starred at (Stage fright could happen to anyone) Secondly, the friendliness of the staff. We were greeted every time we were there by all the instructors. We danced, laughed and chatted during every class because they genuinely cared about how our lives were. Of course, if you're all about business, they don't take up dancing time to talk at all. Thirdly, the dancing environment. The studio is a huge open-floor dance studio with a large mirror and plenty comfy seating around the studio. The interior is very rustic, there's water and candy ALWAYS. Trust me, when you have to get to the classes after work without having dinner, you want those starbursts! The instructors all have their corner to teach their students, so you can see what moves other couples are doing, get some inspiration, mingle with them and more! Last but not least, they are reasonably priced and the location is easy to get to if you have a car. By train, you will walk about 15 minutes after getting off of Damen - Blue Line. The perk of being in that neighborhood? So many good restaurants. Big Star after every dance class? Sign me up! Duet Dance Studio is hands down THE BEST dance studio in Chicago! They keep in touch with you, and offer tons of themed dance parties every month in case you’re interested in going. (You should see them in GoT costume...!) To be honest, I never knew dancing could be such a stress reliever. I hope this helps all couples in their decision making!

Reviewed on 9/19/2016 Brigid D

We LOVED working with everyone at Duet Dance. Mariel and the team choreographed the perfect, personalized dance and then taught the two of us non-dancers how to do steps, turns, lifts, dips, and more! We had a blast in the process. I can't say enough good things about the... Read More Duet Dance group!!

Reviewed on 9/19/2016 Megan M

Our experience with Duet was AMAZING! We (of course) only left ourselves a couple months to get ready for our first dance (salsa!) and Szewai and Megan actually made us into decent dancers, at least for that one song! They were very helpful along the way, always smiling and... Read More upbeat, and it never seemed like a chore to be teaching us, even though at times we were brutally terrible. Their attention to every detail and addressing each issue individually was on point - whenever we had an issue they would slowly break it down and it really helped us to understand what we needed to do. As a result of all of this our first dance was AWESOME! People were stunned and assumed we had been practicing for much longer then we had been, and that's a reflection of Szewai and Megan and their ability to teach! I give them a big A+, and will be taking more lessons with them in the future just for fun. Thanks Duet!

Reviewed on 9/01/2016 Kimberly B

Mariel and the rest of the Duet Dance Studio team are amazing. My wife and I tried one of their group classes before we were married and really enjoyed it. That's saying something since I am not a dancer! We liked the team and studio so much that we decided to have ballroom... Read More dance lessons to help us with our first dance. Mariel was our instructor and she was amazing! She helped teach us the waltz and was excellent at providing tips to improve. She was also very personable which made the experience that much better. We HIGHLY recommend Mariel and Duet to anyone.

Reviewed on 7/21/2016 Alison M

My husband and I are so lucky to have found Szewai and Duet Dance Studio! We started taking dance lessons with Szewai on a weekly basis 4 months prior to our wedding and we are SO SOOO happy that we did! Neither of us are very graceful dancers and we knew we wanted our first... Read More dance to be special. Szewai took the song we picked for our first dance and made beautiful choreography to accompany it. Very few people knew that we were taking dance lessons and our guests were amazed when we finally got to show off all of our hard work! Not only did Szewai and Duet Dance allow us to have an extra special memory in our first dance as husband and wife, but meeting with Szewai every week leading up to the wedding was such a great way for us to stay connected and grounded in the chaotic time leading up to the big day. With both of our crazy schedules, our dance lessons became our time to reconnect each week and learn something new together. If you are looking for a studio to learn a first dance, or just a style of dance in general, you need to look no further than Duet Dance. Szewai and her team are kind, compassionate, patient, and so much fun to be around! Thank you so much, Szewai, and we look forward to dancing together again soon!

Reviewed on 6/12/2016 Natalya F

My fiance and I took dance lessons here with Liz, as well as my dad and I, to prep for our first dance and father-daughter dance. Liz was so wonderful. She was incredibly patient with us (who were all complete newbies!) and gave so much positive reinforcement. While Brandon was... Read More not our instructor, he was often at the studio during our practices and we always incredibly friendly too! Because of Liz's positivity and friendly demeanor, we found the dance lessons to be way more fun than expected and looked forward to our lessons each week. Thank you Duet Dance Studio!

Reviewed on 5/16/2016

I'm the maid of honor in an upcoming wedding and booked Duet for a bachelorette party - we got to choose a song to learn a routine to and got to bring in our own food and drinks! Szewai was so much fun and chose dance moves that we could have fun with and actually do! The new... Read More space is absolutely beautiful and everything about this experience was first class - thank you Szewai for such an unforgettable experience!

Reviewed on 5/14/2016

I’m going to put this out there before the review - I did not want to take dance lessons. My (now) wife insisted that we get at least one, and after reading some reviews of Duet Dance Studio we decided to do their introductory lesson. I could not have been more wrong, and we... Read More ended up getting 10 additional lessons. Working with Brennen was awesome, and he transformed our dance from the usual boring rocking back and forth in place with a spin or two thrown in into an incredible mashup of foxtrot and swing. More than just learning a scripted dance though, he taught us how to dance, so rather than having anything defined ahead of time we did the entire thing on the fly at the wedding. The best compliment of all - our guests thought it was choreographed ahead of time. Taking dance lessons turned out to be a great idea, and I can’t imagine having done them anywhere else. Brennen and the rest of the gang at Duet contributed an incredible part of our magical day.

Reviewed on 3/02/2016 Nicole L

We were researching studios for our first dance and thankfully found Duets. It’s in a great location and usually there was one other couple practicing at the same time. Our instructor Grace was absolutely incredible. My wife explained to her that she has two left feet and... Read More dancing does not come naturally. The first dance was more nerve racking to her than getting married. I on the other hand will dance all night long. We are complete opposites when it comes to dancing and we both were nervous about how this would end up. Grace was patient and step-by-step taught us to dance as a couple. We both thoroughly enjoyed each lesson and my wife found that she in fact does have a left and right foot! The night of our wedding we were confident and really enjoyed our dance!

Party in the basement!

Reviewed on 1/10/2016 Keegan

Szewai is so good. Neither my fiance nor I had ever taken dance lessons before. However, after 10 sessions with her, she had us successfully executing a full-on rumba/swing routine to "our song"! Not only did she help us wow guests during the First Dance at our wedding,... Read More Szewai and her fun dance lessons provided us an opportunity to laugh, bond, and enjoy each other's company in the midst of the chaos that is wedding-planning. And we hope to continue seeing Szewai and her team in the future. After our wedding, my husband and I went to Duet's holiday ugly sweater party, and we still have one free private lesson to take advantage of! Thanks for everything, Szewai! P.S. If you're wondering what "Party in the basement" means, just ask a Duet dance instructor. ;-)

Reviewed on 1/06/2016 Alyson G

My husband and I absolutely love Duet Dance Studio! We signed up for lessons for our first dance but have enjoyed dancing with Grace and Szewai so much that we are continuing to go even after our wedding. I couldn't recommend Szewai and her team highly enough. You will be in... Read More great hands with every one of the dance teachers. They're all fun and encouraging and create a really great dancing environment.

Great bonding experience with husband and confidence builder!

Reviewed on 1/02/2016 Melissa C

We loved working with Szewai to choreograph our first dance for our wedding in December! My husband and I were always the people not on the dance floor at weddings; we were too embarrassed. When we first got engaged we were really worried about our first dance so we thought it... Read More would be a good idea to take lessons. We signed up 6 months before our wedding and Szewai choreographed a dance to “Tonight Tonight” by the Smashing Pumpkins. Everyone was blown away and were cheering so loud afterwards. For two people who never danced, it was pretty amazing when my husband was picking me up and swinging me around in the air gracefully. His mom said, “Is that really my son?” We became pretty good dancers in 6 months! We learned some swing and foxtrot, which now we think is a lot of fun. It helped us gain confidence as well so we ended up dancing throughout the night at our wedding and we didn’t feel embarrassed anymore. We’re even going to continue to take lessons after the wedding to learn some more sweet moves. I would highly recommend taking lessons here, it will become a bonding experience and fun activity to enjoy with your spouse, it will also make you look cool at other weddings :)

Reviewed on 11/22/2015

It was such a pleasure to work with and get to know the duet dance team while my husband and I took lessons for our big day! The team always greeted us with a warm welcome and we always left with lingering smiles and a few laughs to share on the way home. Every lesson was... Read More thought out and organized so we could learn new moves while mastering customized choreography at the same time. When we danced at our wedding, we knew what to expect and flowed easily through the 4 minute song without faltering; a true testament to the patience and training of the dance duet team! Our wedding guests complimented us on the dance and we even inspired a couple, getting married in a month, to take lessons prior to their big day! We owe it all the Duet Dance team and hope to return for additional lessons just for fun in the future!

Reviewed on 10/29/2015 Anna P

Szewai was great! We went in for a free consultation and were blown away. We ended up signing on for a summer's worth of lessons. My husband usually avoids dance floors like the plague, but she made it a fun and comfortable atmosphere for both of us. She worked with us to find... Read More the perfect song and dance style for our first dance. Couldn't be happier with how everything went and we will definitely be coming back!

Reviewed on 10/20/2015 Katrina M

Grace was so wonderful during our "training." My husband was so nervous and we signed up for classes two months before our big day. They helped us cram and it also served to destress us leading up to our big day. We can't wait to go back again soon. C-Y and grace also were... Read More so good about following up with us. Anniversary notes, reminders, etc. just great people!

Reviewed on 10/20/2015 Kimberly B

my fiance and I have been taking dance lessons with Mariel for almost two months now. When I told him I think we should take dance lessons, I could tell that he was dreading doing this. However, I am pleased to say that we have been having soooo much fun, and we both are really... Read More enjoying them! Mariel is very patient with us, and she makes learning dance fun. we actually look forward to our dance lessons now! The studio is very clean and everyone there seems super friendly! I definitely recommend this studio for dance lessons...

Reviewed on 10/19/2015 eileen A

We took our first (wedding) dance lessons from Szewai when she was starting out as a fledgling dance instructor without her own space. It's amazing how much things can change in six years! What we will notsoon forget is her attention to detail and positive, caring attitude. She... Read More took two non-dancers and choreographed a beautiful number to our special song (Wild Horses). We signed up not realizing that these dance lessons were anything but a means to an end. We had such fun and a wonderful comraderie with Szewai. I would highly recommend Szewai and her company, Duet! Once our son is older, we cannot wait to get back into the "swing" of things with some dance lessons!

Reviewed on 10/19/2015

My fiancé and I couldn't feel more accomplished learning our first dance with Szewai and Grace. We never danced before but they were so patient with us. We eventually learned a whole song of dance moves! Most importantly it was really really fun!!!