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$$ – Affordable

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Valet Parking, Horse and Carriage, Limousine + Sedan


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1 Beach Drive, St Petersburg, FL (727) 894-5466


Reviewed on 12/15/2011 Lauren Z

I hired this company for my wedding. 3 days before my wedding I called them to confirm the itinerary, etc. The man who answered the phone acted like he had NO IDEA what I was talking about. Then he shuffled some papers around and said that he found my reservation but that he... Read More didn't have my deposit money, when I paid my deposit MONTHS in advance. He said that although I gave them my credit card number over the phone he didn't process it so he would have to do it again. Which he did. Then he confirmed the itinerary and order. I thought everything would be fine. I was wrong. When the limo showed up, it was NOT the limo that I ordered and no one informed me of the change. They had also given the business to their sister company and never told me. The first thing the driver did was ask me where we were going...... I had a mini heart attack at this moment. The company knew well in advance many many times what the exact itinerary was. Once I told him where we were going (address, location of town) he asked me how to get there. He couldn't even get out of the apartment complex! The wedding was in Ybor which a very popular and well-known area of Tampa and he didn't even know how to get there. Myself and my bridesmaids had to give him turn-by-turn directions to the venue. IT RUINED our limo ride because we had to use the GPS applications on our phones to tell him how to get there. This is the OPPOSITE of what ANY kind of paid driver should do. IT was extremely stressful for me. The limo was SO HOT inside, he had not turned on the air conditioning and wouldn't turn it on until we asked him to once all 10 of us were inside. This was a hot day in October and we were all in formal gowns. He also wouldn't turn on the lights inside the limo or tell us how to turn it on. Then he didn't know where to go next or how to get there. He was the WORST LIMO DRIVER in the history of limo drivers. After the wedding the company called me and said that they didn't receive my payment, which is completely wrong since I gave them my credit card number TWICE. After me complaining about the service on my wedding day, they transferred me to their sister company who just argued with me about everything that I said. After many phone calls and arguments, they finally told me that they would refund me some of the money I paid to make up for my dissatisfaction. Then several weeks after they said they would refund me the money, I still hadn't received it. I had to email them again and they finally refunded me the tip money that I had pre-paid. I will never use this company again and I strongly suggest that you don't either.

Review for Gulf Coast Limousines

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Jaime B

He arrived on time well actually early and the limo was sparkling and clean! The limo was new and the correct model/color that we reserved. The driver/owner was friendly courteous and helped us all get in and settled. Wonderful!