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Centerpieces, Bouquets, Flower Arrangements


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7400 Montgomery Blvd NE, #4, Albuquerque, NM (505) 299-6444


Reviewed on 7/30/2015 Tricia G

My centerpieces were beautiful and perfect for a Hawaiian themed wedding.

Great Prices on Beautiful Flowers

Reviewed on 10/22/2014 Alyssa M

Melba's worked with me! I told them that I was looking for flowers on a budget (flowers weren't on the top of my priority list), and they helped me to find lovely flowers within my budget. And the staff was so friendly and helpful!!

I cringe every time I look at my wedding photos because of Melba

Reviewed on 9/21/2013 Heather H

Melba did the flowers for our June 2013 wedding and I was very disappointed. While I felt confident in Melba after our first meeting, I began to worry when she called me a few weeks prior to my wedding and said she realized she didn't have all the information she needed to... Read More order my flowers. This was the first incident of many that indicated a failure on her part to adequately takes notes or remember our previous conversations. 

 I increased my budget by 50% to accommodate some large ceremony arrangements I wanted. The arrangements would be placed in urns. Melba originally told me she would see what she could find that would be similar to the ones in the photos I showed her. By the time of our final meeting a few weeks before my wedding, it seemed she never remembered this and did not have any options to show me. I offered to find some urns to use and drop them off at her shop. I spent the last weekend before my wedding running around town trying to find urns that were suitable. Without any success, I found some large, pretty glass vases that were identical to the vases I had seen in a photo online of a ceremony arrangement. I emailed this picture to Melba and had my mother drop the vases off at her shop. 

 The ceremony arrangements that were delivered to my wedding were nothing like the arrangements in the pictures I showed to Melba. Moreover, they did not even use the vases I spent countless hours searching for. To make matters worse, the arrangements looked sloppy and poorly put together. Halfway through my wedding ceremony, they were already sagging and my wedding photographer has to edit them out of photos wherever possible because of how atrocious they look. 

 When I met with Melba post-wedding to address the many issues we had, she tried to deflect blame on me by saying that they expect brides to oversee the delivery of the flowers on the day of the wedding and that's why the vases were not used. Melba NEVER told me that I needed to be at the wedding venue 2 hours early to oversee the delivery of the flowers. 


 Additionally, there seems to have been some additional communication issues between Melba and her staff. I sent her 3 separate emails during the planning process, only 1 of which she claims to have received. Moreover, she claims her staff never delivered messages I left for her when I called and she was unavailable. 

She writes brief notes down when you meet with her and I think the shortness and lack of detail in these notes added significantly to the problems we experienced dealing with this company. 

 I also feel she took a lot of liberty in color choices for my bouquets. The pictures of bouquets I took to her were very different than what we received day of the wedding. Again, when voicing this dissatisfaction to Melba she said that some peonies have yellowish centers. None of the pictures I showed her were of peonies with yellow-hued centers. The peonies I showed her had blush, pink centers. While this may be attributable to the inability to acquire precisely what I wanted from growers, it was just one more discrepancy we experienced with our order. 

 When I met with Melba to voice these concerns, she said she was sorry and felt very bad after I showed her some pictures of the ceremony arrangements. However, she never offered to refund us any of our money.

Outstanding and amazing

Reviewed on 4/24/2013 Caci C

Melba was perfection for my floral needs. My bouquet was seriously gorgeous, the boutonnieres were handsome. She worked with my budget instead of dictating what I could get for how much I wanted to spend. She was fantastic both in person and over the phone, calm, courteous and... Read More professional. Highly recommended for beautiful work!

Beautiful and Affordable

Reviewed on 12/06/2012 Cassandra H

Flowers were very lovely and the price was the best in town. Ask for Tammy, she's phenomenal.

Worked with my Vision

Reviewed on 11/11/2012 Mary P

Melba's added a great and unique touch to my reception. They worked with my vision and kept me below budget! Tammy in particular was incredible. She helped me through every detail and completed my vision!

Wedding Flowers

Reviewed on 10/01/2012 Sarah M

Melba's makes wonderful flower arrangements and works with you to make sure you get exactly what you want. They had forgotten to deliver part of our flowers the day of the wedding and were very apologetic and got the rest of the flowers to as as soon as was possible. They were... Read More great to work with.

pretty good

Reviewed on 8/10/2012 Letitia S

They were pretty good, except my husband's boutenierre exploded ten minutes before the wedding, and I wish they would have told me that hydrangias would die in the New Mexico Heat (to be fair, it was about 10degrees hotter than normal for that time of year...)

Stop and Smell the Roses

Reviewed on 12/12/2011 Alana M

Melba was amazing! She took my budget into account and really worked with me to create an amazing floral scheme.


Reviewed on 10/04/2011 Grace T

The flowere were delivered and they were beautiful. Mostly what I had wanted except for the children's Boutonnieres. I was told they would have rose petals shaped to look like calla lillies to match thier fathers and instead they had orange roses. Other than that I got what I... Read More was expecting.


Reviewed on 7/31/2011 Kelsey O

I had a few flowers that I really wanted in the wedding and she mad it happen and they looked amazing they did great!

melbas Flowers

Reviewed on 5/11/2011 Stephanie L

My Bouquet was amazing! The Bridesmaids were not what I ordered but it was ok.


Reviewed on 1/23/2011 Erika S

Melba and her staff did such an amazing job with our flowers. The reception flowers were so beautiful and turned out to be so much more than what we expected! We were so happy with our flowers!!