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427 ROUTE 25A, Rocky Point, NY (631) 828-8464

Reviewed on 12/30/2017 Dominic G

Service was great! Every car was on time no issues at all. Pleased with the service.

Reviewed on 8/29/2017 Danielle S

Was pretty disappointed with Red Carpet Limo for our wedding (used them for other occasions which were fine) but they literally delayed everything in our wedding day timeline. And for the amount of money we still spent on their service, I could have spent an extra $100 to have... Read More had amazing service by another company. Poor decision on our part. We hired a sprinter to pick me up, drop me off at the venue, and then get my fiancé at the hotel and drop him off at the venue. The sprinter to pick me up was the only thing that was on time. Thankfully I was ready early so I asked to leave earlier than usual to go to the venue. But after dropping me off, it took the sprinter over an HOUR to even get to the hotel to pick up my fiancé! (The ride should have taken 30-35 minutes tops with traffic, we tested the ride time to make sure, it took us 20 minutes so we gave a coach bus added time). So my fiancé got to the venue later than expected so we had to rush our photos more than we should have. Then we hired a separate coach bus to pick up out hotel guests. Starting at 4:30 it was to pick up our immediate family members so we could take family photos at the venue at 5:00. Well the coach bus didn't show up at the hotel until 5:00!!! (Obviously, family photos were delayed then). So then of course it was late in going back to pick up the rest of our guests for the ceremony. We had several guests miss the ceremony completely and many showed up late because the coach bus was late. Then after the wedding, it took the first set of guests back to the hotel right at midnight. It didn't return until 1:15am to get the rest of us at the venue (and there definitely is no traffic at that time of night). Was very disappointed in their service & would not recommend using. This was the only thing that went wrong on our wedding day :(

Reviewed on 7/09/2017 Chris T

Limo driver was 45 minutes late to pick up my bride for our wedding. Horrible experience. No one called us or notified us that they were being late. We tried calling their "office" on three different numbers about 20 times and left numerous voicemails before receiving a call... Read More back. Finally spoke to Barbara who called me back 25 minutes after their expected arrival and she got in touch with the limo driver, who said he was sitting in traffic because of an accident and would be there soon. Then the driver thought this was an opportune time to finally call my wife and inform her that he would be late. At this point, a bridal party of 8 and both of our mothers were standing outside in 90 degree weather with all of their belongings waiting, while their hair and makeup were getting ruined. Excuse me? Are you serious? If you're in traffic because of an accident, that means your not driving and safe to call your customer to tell them your going to be late. Then my wife who was now 40 minutes late to my wedding spoke to Barbara to tell her how unprofessional this is. Barbara proceeded to tell my wife "Ms you don't have to be so nasty?" Are you really allowed to say that on the day of my wedding, when your company can't get your sh*t together. We can start at the beginning where we went over the limo schedule about 50 million times, in which we were "guaranteed" a pick up time by 1pm. The best part is after ALL of those calls, he had the wrong number address on the home and LEFT the women standing there for another ten minutes. Furthermore, while inside the limo, the women started complaining and the driver had to pull over because the AC wasn't working. No one has contacted us since to even offer us a discount or anything for our horrible experience.

Reviewed on 5/30/2017 lauren O

I had contacted a ton of limo companies before my wedding. I didn't get great vibes from anyone, so I decided to start asking friends and family. My cousin used Red Carpet limo for her wedding in September and said that they did a great job. She was right! I talked to the owner... Read More on the phone and he was so accommodating. I wasn't 100% sure about my plan for transportation, and he helped me make a plan that fit our schedule and budget. In lieu of a traditional limo, we actually booked a 56 passenger coach bus for the entire day. Barbara helped throughout the planning process with our deposits and contract. She was resourceful and helpful. Our times and schedule changed quite a bit over the last 3 months of our wedding, but they made it work. Half of our guest list was from PA, so we had two different hotel blocks with over 75 out of town guests. The schedule I gave the driver (Tyrone) was tight and complicated with 9 pick up and drop offs. All of our guests arrived to the wedding venue on time and were returned safely back to their hotel at the end of the night.  I'm very happy with the service that we received and I would recommend Red Carpet Limo to anyone in need of wedding transportation.

Reviewed on 11/17/2016 Jodianne T

Our limo company was amazing! All the staff was so nice from start to finish. Our driver was not only on time but even early and extremely patient and helpful! The limo was so clean and fully stocked, they provided such a tasteful peach champagne to celebrate on our way to... Read More the reception. They were so accommodating and made our day stress free and perfect! I would highly recommend their limo services to anyone who is getting married!!

Horrible experience

Reviewed on 7/28/2015 Kim M

Horrible experience. We rented a shuttle bus to get our wedding guests to and from the venue. Driver showed up early and left the first hotel with only a handful of guests. It took him almost an hour to stop at the second hotel which was 3.62 miles away and then to get to the... Read More venue which was another 3.31 miles away. He spent about 15 minutes trying to get the hotel back into his gps so he could make a second pick up. The hotel finally sent its OWN bus over-filled with our guests to the venue because they were already 10 minutes late for the wedding. The bus showed up (empty) 30 minutes into the ceremony and proceeded to drive with squeaking brakes directly next to the outdoor ceremony. Although I had made arrangements for him to be on call throughout the reception, he told my guests he was only making one return trip and I had to speak to him about what his job was. He had to take time to re-enter the addresses into his gps EACH TIME he made the trip back to the hotel. When I called to complain, the owner of the company told me that the driver was not familiar with the area and that he was not willing to do anything to resolve the situation except offer future limo service. We do not live in the area and would have no use for (nor want to risk) his service. Although he indicated he would email me the gps records "proving" the driver was timely, he did not do so until after I filed a negative review. Subsequent to the negative review, two owners have called me numerous times and threatened me with legal action if I do not remove the reviews.

Do not use in your package

Reviewed on 10/20/2014

Horrible!!!! I see the same complaint a couple of times - "expedition broken sending replacement" we also ended up with a party bus BUT with a nasty, rude driver - who did bachelorette party and was a doll so we don't know what happened. First , he was 20 mins. late getting to... Read More groom - then he was supposed to be here at 2:15 - shows up at 2:40 and gets nasty that "we're running late" no we aren't - you were - then driving like a maniac he just missed hitting someone crossing street on bicycle - granted person was wrong but - limo driver was on cell phone , which Barbara tried to tell me he uses for gps but , since I was sitting in front - I could see the large screen showing him where to go . Once we get to venue - my now son in law - assuming he was the driver for the night hands him $20 and tells him "we will see you later" well then the driver Christian says " I'm not coming back and I normally get $130 to $150 for these jobs" my son in law not knowing what to do , came to my husband who gave him $130 from his wallet. Then I call Barbara and she calls driver then calls me back and basically tries to cover up for him because he bold face lied to her . I was expecting my $. 150 returned but instead I got " I'm sorry Lorraine , if you need any limo service in the future - I will take care if you " no thanks red carpet - I will take care of it and get my $moneys worth by writing this zero* review ! Have a good day ,,, Lorraine

2014-10-23T16:02:59 Response from the vendor

In response to "momzilla228", we offered the customer a free upgrade to the party bus to the bride who had graciously accepted, not due to any mechanical issues. Customer did request driver from the great experience they had with him for the bachelorette party. Limo... Read Less Read More


Reviewed on 1/10/2013 mary beth T

We got their party bus for our bridal party of 22. Safe driver, punctual and friendly. Nice vehicle and decent price, comparetively.

Med Manor Option

Reviewed on 12/27/2012 Lee S

We had the Mediterranean Manor package deal and chose this limo company. They arrived early and were very nice. The limo (10 Passenger Lincoln Town Car) was very clean and new. We only had 8 people in the car and I don't think 2 more would've fit. The driver was very helpful and... Read More considerate. I'd recommend them.


Reviewed on 8/15/2012 Richard K

RCL is prompt, courtious, and safety oriented!!! Barbara is an absolute delight to work with!! The 30 person party bus we ordered for my bachelor party arrived a half hour early, it was extremely clean, and just simply blew us away!!! had many extras and ammentaties, such as... Read More mood lighting, high quality stereo with ipod attachment, and more!!! It had a great modern look also! The driver was safety oriented and had us exactly where we had to be when we had to be there, an absolute delight!!! Pricing was extremely competitive and fare!! Looking forward to having them for our wedding in a week with absolutely no concerns!!! Thanks Mike and Barbara, you have gained a very loyal customer, and we look forward to recommending you!!!


Reviewed on 8/02/2012 Crystal M

Only vendor I had an issue with all day. They called an hour before the wedding to let me know that the escalade limo was broken down and that they were sending a replacement. Did not tell me what they were sending. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw a party bus pull up... Read More outside my parents house. Until I found out from the bridal party that they were sweating in there because there was no AC and that it was not fully stocked and that the bathroom on board was dirty and out of order. Just plain embarassing!! To top it off, the party bus wasnt even from their company. However, my Bentley Arnage was great!

2012-08-06T16:09:13 Response from the vendor

In response, we at Red Carpet Limousine take pride in our customer service. With unforseen circumstances, we did our best to provide a replacement vehicle quickly to accommodate their special wedding day. Our main concern was to not cause any delays since time was of... Read Less Read More

Very professional

Reviewed on 4/03/2012 Alison M

I dealt with the owner Joey, had the limo driver do two pickups and two drops offs. No problems whatsoever. Very pleased.

Red Carpet Limousine

Reviewed on 2/06/2012 Lianne C

I was very pleased with our limo company overall... My husband and I reserved a stretch SUV as well as a Bentley for the 2 of us after the ceremony. The service was impeccable. The ONLY complaint I had is that we were promised a full bar stocked with liquor, beer, soda,... Read More water, etc. in the SUV and all that was provided was water. This obviously did not effect me because I wasn't riding in it but I know that our BP members were a little disappointed. Our drivers were very friendly, dressed nicely and treated us with great respect. Very glad I chose to go with Red Carpet

Good Quality

Reviewed on 12/05/2011 Mary F

We reserved a limo bus for our wedding and everything went great. The bus was absolutely awesome and the driver was great. After taking pictures outside, my heels were dirty and the driver actually cleaned them off for me! I would definitely recommend them to any other... Read More bride.

great price

Reviewed on 11/17/2011 Jennifer D

Red carpet gave us a great deal. The limo was on time and the driver was professional. The limo could have been in better condition inside, but all in all it was great


Reviewed on 10/15/2011 Beverly E

I am so happy I picked Red Carpet for the limo service the day of my wedding. Everyone was on time and so professional. The limo bus was totally the best and so amazing.


Reviewed on 8/18/2011 Lindsay W

Everything was perfect! We had 2 limos going to the venue and a party bus going home. Joey was so helpful, flexible, and accommodating. They know what they're doing and really helped the day to run smoothly.

worst limo service ever

Reviewed on 9/29/2010 Jessica V

We missed our pictures by half an hour because the dirver followed GPS and got limo stuck on a hill. We all had to get out and help traffic pass by and then help limo driver go the right way. Then we get to reception late, instead of giving a discount or admitting mistake they... Read More charged our credit card and wanted 10% more! Horrible service!


Reviewed on 8/23/2010 Colleen F

They were on time, help everyone out of the limo, got me water , catered to me and my bridal party and the driver had a smile on his face the whole time! they are amazing!!!


Reviewed on 8/09/2010 amanda P

They were ontime polite affordable and accomidating.

Review for Red Carpet Limo

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Christina D

On time. Great drivers. Clean. Great champagne.;Heard the owner doesnt tip the drivers when its 'included'. Should tip them yourselves.