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5225 Sheridan Dr, Williamsville, NY

The dress

Reviewed on 10/13/2012 chelsea b

My dress was absolutely perfect! I loved this shop, there was only one other person in there and they really made me feel special. The attention was on me and what i wanted and that is all that mattered to them. I went to other bridal shops and this is the only one that made me feel special, and the dresses they have there are amazing. I highly recommend this shop for brides.

Great Experience and Outcome!

Reviewed on 8/16/2012 Michelle L

I visited a few dress shops, and I felt the most comfortable at Victoria's. I found my dress on my first visit and bought it immediately, but I had plans to dress shop with my future mother-in-law the following week. They played along and pretended to help me "find" the perfect dress when I came the second time, allowing me to get exactly what I wanted and still keep everyone happy. Fittings were great as well!


Reviewed on 10/31/2011 Teresa R

My dress blew me away and all of the guests. I worked with dawn there and she is the nicest person in the entire world! THe entire staff there was amazing. I loved the atmosphere and I went to other places and got grossed out by the carpeting and everything. This plce is so nice and personal!

Found "the one"

Reviewed on 6/29/2014 kelli b

After having visited 4 bridal shops, and found nothing, I was beginning to lose hope. I then scheduled my appointment with Victoria's Bridal Shoppe. Andrea was so welcoming and helpful. She made the process so enjoyable. It was the least stressful and most comfortable appointment I had had. I found my perfect dress there and couldn't be happier!! Thank you Victoria's Bridal Shoppe and Andrea!

Said Yes to the Dress @ Victoria's

Reviewed on 6/07/2014 Ashley T

I loved my whole experience at Victoria's! I got the dress of my dreams and first class service. Thank you to Carol, Janet, Andrea, and Dawn who all created a magical experience for me and my family!

Lori was wonderful!

Reviewed on 5/02/2014 Leah H

My experience at Victoria's was great. My consultant Lori and I truly had that personal connection you look for when buying a wedding dress. I am very happy with the dress and veil and would definitely recommend this bridal salon.

The Dress of my Dreams on a Budget

Reviewed on 4/14/2014 Cristina G

After going to big box Wedding Dress shoppe and being told that my dream of an Elegant lace A-line dress with Straps a-la Kate Middleton for my Fall Rustic Chic wedding was unrealistic within my price range- I was disheartened that my dream wedding dress was unobtainable. I remembered that I went to Victoria’s with a Friend in search of her perfect dress, and instantly headed over. Lori @ Victoria’s Bridal listened to a description of my dream dress, and pulled 5 gorgeous styles for me to try on. The best thing was that after those dresses were finished she pulled a dress from back stock and it turned out to be MY DREAM DRESS- in my size.. I cannot even express my happiness and finding the perfect dress, and purchasing the store sample at a discounted rate. Highly recommend for those who are looking for elegant, conservative styles, such as with straps, illusion necklines..etc plenty to chose from. Also have gorgeous selection of other styles and prices to suit any budget

Not Open or Honest

Reviewed on 3/19/2014 Carriann S

I am rating my overall experience in purchasing a bridal gown a 1 out of 5 stars for the following reasons: Honesty and Openness: The owner of this shop, Lynn, places her own made up names on the tags inside private line dresses, which is fine, but then she tells her employees and brides that it is the actual name of the real private designer (not fine). "Private line" does not mean lie to the buyer, it means do not post pictures online. I ordered a private line dress, and when several other shop owners told me that my “designer” does not exist I naturally had questions and felt uneasy. Despite calling Victoria’s three times, and stopping in the store, they continued to give me dishonest answers. Later, I found out my dress’ actual designer logo name from an honest shop in Rochester, whom in hindsight I wish I could have given my business to. Professionalism: When the owner found out that I knew the real designer name, she called me at home and scolded me for not trusting her. She said that she “could not do business with someone when there is no trust,” and that “when my dress comes in, it will be the end of our transaction together.” This was her fault—I would have trusted her if what she told me was truth. Communication: When my dress did arrive, it was not the same as the sample gown that I tried on in her store and ordered. The boning inside the gown was 3x longer so that I could not even sit down, and there were changes to the inside brazier. She did not offer to fix these to be like her sample gown. If the designer makes changes to a gown, I would expect that the bridal store would communicate these changes with brides who have ordered the dress. Bridal Bags: When you pick up your bridal gown, they send it home in a thin, pink type of plastic garbage bag, rather than an actual garment bag—unlike most other bridal shops. I was appalled to watch them place my expensive gown a thin plastic garbage bag. Their lower quality garment bags can be purchased for $15, however.

Great quality and service!

Reviewed on 9/30/2013 Michelle M

I would recommend Victoria's to any bride shopping in the Western New York area. They have options for any budget and a great selection. Their onsite seamstress does great work.

Not Professional

Reviewed on 9/19/2013 stephanie g

Ordered all my bridesmaids dresses from here. I told them all my girls are from out of town and will need to call in their measurments. They assured me it was okay and they do it all the time. My girls spoke to the employee and stressed how they have never been that size in their life. They have been in weddings before and still never been that size! EX. one girl is a size 8-10 typically they suggested a size 20! she went with the 18 because she was nervous if she went smaller it wouldnt fit. We got the dresses late which i wouldnt care as long as everything worked out. After shipping them to all the girls myself no one fit into their dress. The girls would put the dresses on and they would fall right off!!!!! The tailor can only take in 2 size max so we are in a serious pickle 2 weeks before the wedding. I understand they went by the size chart given, but my girls told this woman how they are not that size and gave them their typical size. She insisted on these sizes and when i asked them to help with the issue they wouldnt do anything! All they can say is that these girls signed off on their sizes so nothing is on us. I am sorry but as a vendor you should know your brands and if they typically run large why would you suggest larger! I think the whole situation was unprofessional and they we not helpful at all! They do not care as long as they get paid. Go somewhere else!

Great Deal

Reviewed on 12/08/2012 Nicole B

I bought by dress off the rack on Black Friday. It was a great dress for a very low price. The ladies are quite helpful however their alterations are a little expensive.


Reviewed on 11/19/2012 Karen R

I got my dress here. They had a good selection and I got great personal attention. I paid more here than what you would probably pay at a large chain, but the personal attention was worth it! Loved my dress!!!

wedding dress

Reviewed on 11/13/2012 Joette D

Victoria's was my favorite shop that we visited and I'm so glad I found my dress here. The dresses are clean, the girls are so helpful and not pushy at all, and it feels like what a bridal salon should feel like.


Reviewed on 10/01/2011 Kristina S

These ladies are rude, pushy and seem to be bothered. Do yourself a favor and skip this place when looking for a dress.

Great customer service

Reviewed on 9/19/2011 Heather W

Everyone at the shop was helpful and friendly, I didn't feel pushed into buying anything.

Beautiful Dresses

Reviewed on 9/08/2011 Katrina M

Very helpful and easy to work with.

victoria's bridal

Reviewed on 8/29/2011 Julee L

we bought the bridesmaids dresses here. they are lucky it was a very hard decision for me to make and they had one of the only dresses i liked. i wish i would have known what a pain everything would be. first off. they have horrible hours. closed by 4 or earlier during the week makes it extremely hard for people with full time jobs to get in to even get a fitting. it took an especially long time to get the dresses in. longer than we were told. some of the girls dresses came in much larger than they should have. and when we went to pick them up we were told they couldnt do fittings because they were behind. why didnt they have any extra hands to help? if i had to do it all over again i would have never dealt with this store.

Victoria's was great!

Reviewed on 8/12/2011 Mary Kate M

I had a very good experience at Victoria's. They had to do several alterations to my dress but when I went the week of, it fit perfectly! I would recommend Victoria's to every bride in the Western NY area!


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