Why should we use The Guest?
With The Guest, you’ll actually get all the photos and videos your guests are taking because it’s no work for them at all! The Guest is the only service out there that auto-shares photos and videos from guests’ normal iPhone and Android cameras as they take them. You’ll no longer have to rely on hashtags or manual uploads in other apps or worse, bug your guests to send them afterwards. Because everyone can use the camera app they use every day, YOU get 40x the number of photos and videos. All in full resolution and full length!
What do my guests need to do?
<p>All they need to do is download the app and sign up (takes less than 5 minutes). On the day of the event, they simply take photos and videos as they normally would with their normal iPhone or Android cameras! That’s it. There’s no manual uploading and no taking photos with a separate camera.</p><p>We make it incredibly easy for them to sign up. After you select who you want to invite, your guests will receive a unique link via text message or email to download and sign up for the The Guest app (totally free for them). We make sure to handle following up with them as the day of the event approaches, so you nor they have to worry about it!</p>
We already have a photographer so why do we want The Guest?
<p>Your photographer is going to be AMAZING, but there's no way she can be everywhere at once. The Guest's perfect for gathering those moments your guests are capturing while your photographer is focusing on you! Your guests will be taking tons of photos and videos anyway and they're just as valuable!</p><p>We couldn’t say it better than one of our brides (read the full review at <a href='/photo-sharing-app/reviews'>www.theknot.com/photo-sharing-app/reviews</a>): <br />“We got so many amazing candid moments that the photographer wasn't even present for—like the last hug my dad gave me before walking down the aisle.” - Katherine Nichols, Facebook comment</p>
Why is this better than a hashtag or a free photo sharing app?
Other apps require guests to use their special app camera or manually upload. That’s a lot of work so few guests end up doing it. The Guest lets guests use their <u>normal iPhone or Android cameras</u> to take photos and videos, and these are shared automatically to you and the other guests as they’re being taken. Because everyone can use the camera app they use every day, YOU get 40x the number of photos.
Does this work for a wedding weekend?
Yes! You can capture your entire wedding weekend all in a single event OR you can break it up into separate events based on the various festivities planned. Couples have done both!<ol><li>You can have your event span the whole weekend (up to 7 days) and capture everyone's photos/videos the whole time. With that being said, we've purposely built in several controls so that if a photo that someone doesn't want to be sharing the whole time, we handle it! First, guests can turn off auto-sharing with a single tap and turn it back on whenever they’re ready. Secondly, guests can easily delete any photo that they shared. Finally, you as the host can delete any photo/video as well! </li><li>You can set up separate events for the different festivities you'll be having. This way, only the photos/videos that your guests are taking at the specific events will be shared. </li></ol>
Does this work for a destination wedding?
Yes! We've had many many couples use The Guest for their destination weddings, and they've all loved the outcome. The Guest works without cell service or wifi. We make sure to auto-share all of the photos and videos that were taken as soon as your network connection or wifi is restored. Unfortunately guests from the EU and UK are not currently able to download the app.
Can I capture multiple events such as my bridal shower and bachelorette party?
<p>Absolutely! </p><p>Not only can you use different events to capture festivities surrounding the wedding (e.g., rehearsal dinner, reception, getting ready, farewell brunch, etc.), but you can also capture events leading up to the wedding (e.g., engagement party, bridal shower, bachelorette and bachelor parties). You’ll get a separate album for each event. </p><p>You can also create your own custom event! We’ve had people set up vow renewals, honeymoons, BBQs, and yes... even a wedding tailgate. </p><p>Each event can have its own host or hosts, so you can ditch your fiance for that bachelor(ette)! :) </p>
How does The Guest get so many guests to participate?
We’ve worked really hard to optimize getting as many of our guests as possible to participate so that you don’t have to worry about it. After you select your guests, they get a personalized invite and more importantly, we gently follow up with them (via text or email) as the day of your wedding approaches. We've spent months optimizing not only the messaging but the timing of the invites and reminders so that we make it super easy for guests to get the app while making sure it's clear and not intrusive. We also make it really easy for even the least tech savvy of your guests to download and sign up. The result is that for the average wedding, we’ve seen over 50% of guests participating. This spans all age groups, demographics, and geographies!
Is there a limit to the number of photos that can be uploaded
You and all your guests can automatically upload and share all of the photos and videos from your events.
How long will I have my gallery?
A private gallery for you and your guests will be available for up to 12 months from the event date.
Are these photos and videos private to me and my guests?
Yes, only you and your guests’ can view and download your photos/videos. Your privacy (as well as your guests’) is of the utmost importance to us.
I have a lot of less tech savvy guests attending. How will they know how to use The Guest?
The beauty of The Guest is that it is so incredibly easy that anyone can use it without questions (check our reviews! The #1 word used is “easy”: <a href='/photo-sharing-app/reviews'>www.theknot.com/photo-sharing-app/reviews</a>). After downloading the app from a personalized link, your guests follow a very easy step by step signup system (it really takes even the slowest of phone users less than 5 minutes, we’ve tested it!). Then on the day of the event, we’ll give them instructions and let them know to start taking photos and videos as they normally would… they start taking photos… and that’s it. Your parents’ friends won’t know how to use a hashtag but they definitely know how to take photos and videos on their phone :)
What if my guests won’t download The Guest?
<p>Guests love helping out the couple by downloading The Guest! A more selfish and totally valid reason is that guests also love to see other people’s photos and videos as well (We’ve all been there… when your friend posts their wedding photos, you’re sort of scanning to see if you made it in them. Am I rite???).</p><p><em>A guest, Erin Caudill</em>, said (Google Play Review): “Very easy to share with other guests, and I love that I could grab some from others attending too.”</p><p>But we’ve spent many moons figuring out how to get as many guests as possible to participate so that you don’t have to worry about this (<a href='/photo-sharing-app/faq#guestparticipation'>we’ve written out how we do this here</a>). And if you’re worried about the less tech savvy folks, we’ve got them covered too. (<a href='/photo-sharing-app/faq#lesstechsavvyguests'>see here</a>)</p>
Does The Guest work on an iPhone, Android, or iPad?
Yes! The Guest is available for iPhone, Android, and iPads. We support iPhones and iPads on iOS 9.0 and up and Android devices on Android 4.4 and up. To check what operating system you’re on and see if there is a software update available: <ul><li>On iPhone, please go to Settings > General > Software Update.</li><li>On Android, please go to Settings > About Phone > System Updates. </li></ul>
How does The Guest use our guests’ information?
The privacy and security of your guests are incredibly important to us! We make sure to contact your guests only as it relates to your event - to invite them and send reminders, to let them know to share their photos and videos when the event starts and ends, and to view the gallery after the event ends.
Who owns the rights to the photos?
We do not own the digital rights to the photos - you and your guests who shared the photos do. After the wedding is over, they are stored on our servers for you and your guests to share and download. If you would like to take them down from our servers, all you have to do is delete the event afterwards and all of the photos and videos will be deleted everywhere.
Does The Guest app Work outside of the US?
Yes! You may use the app while traveling internationally but keep in mind it isn’t currently available for download in the European App Store.
Will The Guest app work for my International Guests?
The Guest is currently available to download from all regions except the EU/UK.
How do we get our guests to use The Guest?
<p>You just have to select who you want to invite! You can pick either contacts or emails in the app to do so, and then we handle all of the rest (like the actual inviting and the follow ups). We highly recommend that you use our invite system so that we can handle gently reminding your guests as the day of the event approaches.</p><p>To select guests via the app, tap your event, then tap the person icon to access your guest list. Select your guests’ phone numbers and/or emails based on your phone contacts (or you can type new people in!). </p><ul><li>But if you want to go above and beyond, we can help you! So… for extra credit: </li><li>If you want to include information in your invites, we automatically create a PDF with your event and download information that you can print. </li><li>Include a sign at your wedding with your event details! You can make your own or we automatically create a PDF for you that you can print out to frame at your event, place on tables, etc. </li><li>Include on your wedding website a little request to use The Guest! You can include your personal invite URL, which you can find by tapping “Invite more guests”, then “Copy link” in your app.</li></ul>
What if we don’t have our guests’ contact info?
<p>That’s ok! You can select people from your address book on your phone which includes phone numbers and email addresses (yay) so that your guests can be texted or emailed the invite. Also, you might be surprised by how many people's contact information you have in your address book too!</p><p>If you really don’t have their contact information, we have a few other ways to get those guests on board: </p><ol><li>We allow your guests to help you out with invites (perfect for when you don't know your guests' significant others' contact info or your parents' friends). The same way that you can select people from your address book, your parents and other guests can do the same. If someone you don't want included gets invited though, you can remove them from the event.</li><li>The day of the wedding, we've found that even if someone doesn't get invited initially, they hear from someone else at the wedding what's going on and they can download right then. They can search by your event code, which they can get from another guest, and jump right in. Even if they join after your wedding starts, we recognize if they had taken photos during your wedding and offer an option for them to share those with a single tap. So you won't miss getting those photos as well!</li><li>Share your personal invite URL on your wedding website or with Facebook friends. You can find this link by tapping “Invite more guests”, then “Copy link” in your app.</li><li>Print out (or create your own) sign or cards to display or pass out at the wedding. We automatically create PDF’s for you so let us know if you want yours!</li></ol>
How do I share my invite link with guests on my website or Facebook?
Yes! We highly recommend that you still use our invite system to select guests, but feel free to share your invite link as well. To find your event-specific link in the app, access your event, then tap the person icon > Invite More Guests > Copy Link. There you go!
Can I see who has been invited and who has signed up?
<p>Yes! In the app, go into your event then tap the person icon to access your guest list. Only you as the host can see the full invite list, but all of your guests will be able to see who else has signed up!</p><p>You can also manage your guest list by removing guests or invites (by sliding to delete remove them), or you can select more people to invite! </p>
When will the photos and videos be auto-shared for my events?
<p>That’s totally up to you! You set when you want photos/videos to start being captured and when to stop. This way, your guests don’t have to remember to turn sharing on or off because we will activate it for you and your guests based on what you’ve set.</p><p>Remember though, if your guests want to turn sharing off at any point, they absolutely can do so with a single tap!</p>
How do I edit my event details?
You can edit your event details from within the app. Go into your event then tap the setting icon in the top right. Please note that you cannot edit the start time of your event once it has started.
When are guests notified to download The Guest?
We make sure send the original invites at optimal times (so not in the middle of the night!) and to follow up with your guests gently as the day of the event approaches. Timing may differ based on whether you provided your guests’ email address or phone numbers, and how many events that you invited each guest to. We’ve spent many months optimizing the messaging and the timing of these invites and reminders so that you get as many guests as possible. Typically, most guests join about a day or two before the event starts so don’t fret - guests can sometimes take their time! We still highly recommend that you invite them as early as you can so that it gives them more time to join.
How are guests notified about The Guest?
Based on whether you select a specific guest's phone number or email, we will remind them via SMS or email. We make sure to never contact your guests for any other reasons other than to relay information related to your event (that is, to join the event, to remind them that the event is starting, to view all of the photos and videos that were shared).
How do I delete a guest?
To delete a guest, open the app and to go your event then tap the person icon to access your guest list. You can swipe left to delete any guest and he/she will not be able to to rejoin the event.
I accidentally invited someone I didn’t mean to, how do I delete their invite?
To delete an invite, open the app and to go your event then tap the person icon to access your guest list. You can swipe left to delete the person you accidentally invited, and they will no longer be notified about your event.
How does The Guest’s auto-sharing work?
<p>The Guest’s auto-sharing technology is our unique bread and butter - it’s how we get you hundreds (if not, thousands) of photos and videos from your guests with them doing no work at all (... and why hashtags and other free apps can’t come close to matching us by the way). </p><p>With The Guest’s auto-sharing, we let your guests know when your event is starting (based on the times that you set up). Your guests then simply take photos and videos as they normally would, using their regular iPhone or Android cameras. The Guest instantly shares those photos and videos to you and your other guests. All your guests have to do is take less than 5 minutes to download and sign up for the free The Guest app, and then do what they do best… take photos! </p><p>And when the event ends, we turn auto-sharing off for everyone!</p>
What if a guest doesn’t want to share automatically?
With a single tap, guests can pause auto-sharing anytime once the event starts! They can choose to leave auto-sharing off for the duration of the event and choose to upload select photos/videos manually, or they can resume auto-sharing whenever they are ready again.
What if a bad photo or video is shared?
<p>We've purposely built in several controls so that if a photo/video that someone doesn’t want shared, we handle it! </p><ul><li>Guests can easily delete any photo/video that they shared and it will be immediately removed for everyone. </li><li>You as the host can delete any photo/video as well. </li><li>Other guests can report a photo/video and that will automatically hide the photo/video for everyone. </li><li>If a guest is worried about sharing inappropriate or bad photos, he/she can turn off auto-sharing at any time! (<a href='/photo-sharing-app/faq#turnoffautosharing'Learn more here)</a></li></ul>
What if there’s no cell service or wifi?
<p>It’s not a problem! The Guest automatically shares all the photos and videos that are taken during the wedding as soon as cell service or wifi is restored to full strength so that you'll get everything that was captured (just with a delay). </p><p>In the words of a groom, Walter T. Carll (a Facebook comment): “My (now) wife and I used this for our wedding weekend -4 days in all- when we got married on 10.1.16 in the mountains of NC. No cell reception etc, but all 788 photos were uploaded as intended when guests returned to areas with reception/data. We love the pictures and the customer service was very responsive. I/we would recommend this app to anyone getting married.</p>
How does The Guest know how to stop sharing?
Guests' photos and videos are shared ONLY during the time period that the host sets. We make sure to alert guests when sharing starts via text message so there's no way to miss it. We automatically stop sharing when the event ends so the guests don't have to worry about handling that on their own, and we alert them then as well. There's no need at all to delete the app. This way, guests can also go back into the app and see what other guests have shared and relive the wedding too :)
Will The Guest drain my battery?
Nope! Our engineering team has been hard at work to make sure the app uses minimal battery, comparable to any other photo sharing app.
Will The Guest use up my data?
Nope! The Guest is specifically designed to minimize data usage. We also make sure to upload full length videos only when the guests connects to wifi. The result is that The Guest typically uses no more data than the average social network app (e.g., Facebook, Instagram).
Can guests join and share after the event starts?
Absolutely! If any of your guests download the app after the wedding, we’ll automatically detect the photos/videos from the event and ask if they’d like to share all of them. They can also bypass that step and manually select only some of their photos and videos to share. Either way, guests can join and contribute to your event at anytime.
I don’t want any photos of my dress shared before the wedding. What do I do?
<p>The way brides have typically handled the reveal is by creating a separate event for just their bridal party to capture the getting ready portion of the day. Then you can have the rest of the wedding be captured in your normal wedding event where you can select all of your guests. (“Getting ready” is one of the more popular additional events that couples set up). The other option is for you to set the start time of your event to come after the reveal (that is, at the start of the ceremony). And your bridal party can manually upload the photos from getting ready later, if they'd like to do so!</p>
I’m having trouble finding the event I was invited to. What do I do?
<p>First, look for your email or text message invite. It includes your personalized invite link for you to download the iPhone or Android app, and you will automatically be taken to the event once you sign up for The Guest.</p><p>If you are not automatically linked and you had been invited via email, the email includes the event code. From within the app, tap the plus icon in the top right to search for and enter that event code.</p><p>If you did not receive an invite or cannot locate it, you can also find the event code from any guest that’s already a part of the event. Ask another guest to share the hashtag code with you by accessing the event in the app, then tapping the person icon. The event code will be listed at the very top of the screen.</p>
Can I pause auto sharing?
Yes! Once the event goes begins, you can turn auto-sharing off with a single tap. This will pause auto-sharing until you turn it back on again. None of the photos/videos you take while auto-sharing was off will be shared.
Does sharing automatically start?
<p>Yes! Auto-sharing begins when the event does (as specified by the host of the event). We will notify you via a text message when auto-sharing starts so that you know exactly when your photos and videos will start to be shared. You can also see when auto-sharing will begin by checking out the event in the app.</p><p>If you want to turn auto-sharing off, you certainly can! <a href='/photo-sharing-app/faq#pauseautosharing'>Learn more here</a></p><p>Please note that the start of the The Guest event may not correspond exactly to the time of the wedding, for example. Rather, the event start is when the host wants to start capturing photos and videos.</p>
Will The Guest upload old photos and videos from my camera roll?
No! The Guest never uploads any old photos and videos from your camera roll. Only the photos and videos that you take while auto-sharing is on are shared.
I had auto sharing off, how can I upload photos and videos?
That’s easy! To manually upload photos and videos, open the event in the app then tap the upload button and select “Upload Manually.” Now just select which photos and videos you’d like to share.
Will I be able to see other guests’ photos and videos as well?
Yes! You’ll be able to see everyone else’s photos and videos in the app as well as in the final web gallery.
Why is The Guest app retiring?
<p>For those that have used the app, it has been a wonderful accessory to your events. However, due to various reasons, low overall usage, and some new App Store limitations, we will not be able to update the app or offer you the best possible app experience moving forward.</p>
Is The Guest being replaced with something else?
<p>Not at this time. However, we believe both Apple and Android phones offer good alternatives such as iCloud and Google Photos.</p>
What will happen to the events I already created?
<p>Great news! If you already created any events that will occur before January 1, 2024, those events will not be affected. However, you will no longer be able to create new events as of October 12, 2022, and all events after December 31, 2023 will not be available. </p>
How long will I be able to use this app?
<p>Starting October 12, 2022, you will not be able to create new events.</p>
What will happen to my event gallery? Will I be able to download my photos?
<p>You will have access to your event galleries to view and download through June of 2024. We recommend that you download your event gallery for safekeeping as soon as your event is over, as your gallery is only available for up to 6 months after the event date.</p>
Will we still be able to upload photos to my event gallery?
<p>Yes, if you already have an existing event, you can continue to use the app and upload photos until December 31, 2023.</p>
Will my photos be lost?
<p>We will continue to store your photos until June of 2024. You will be able to download and backup your photos until then.</p>
Will past event holders be receiving notice they need to download their event photos?
<p>All users will be notified of The Guest app's retirement and deadlines to download their photos.</p>
How can I download my event gallery for safekeeping?
<p>In app: Open The Guest app > choose an event > choose "More" from the menu at the bottom of the screen > select "Download all photos &amp; videos."</p><p>Desktop: First, grab the event gallery link from within the app. Choose the event, tap the toggle icon in the top right side of the screen and you’ll see the event gallery link under Event Tools. Then, open this link in your browser. You'll see a blue button in the top right corner of the screen that says "Download all."</p>
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