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23 Favors in Greenville, SC

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GreenvilleSouth Carolina
Joe Craighead Studio - Painting from Life
Operating out of Greenville, SC, Joe Craighead Studio - Painting from Life is a professional artist who paints live events such as weddings and other noteworthy celebrations. Let me capture the fleeting experiences for you and your soon-to-be wedded partner. My name is Joe Craighead, and I work in oil with my sole emphasis on painting directly from life. I would love to be present for your beautiful day's most magical, intimate moments. I am a responsive artist specializing in the ever-changing beauty surrounding us in real-time. I aim to create something that tells the story of your day and captures the light effect in its natural harmony, resulting in a picture that feels real. I am a member of the Oil Painters of America and have been blessed to learn from and continue to be a student of my favorite outdoor painter, Joe Paquet. It's the morning of your wedding. All of your dreaming, planning, and hard work has led you to this exact moment. You rise before the world has woken, the steam rising lazily from your mug of coffee and the sky already putting on an exquisite light show of colors. These are the fleeting moments of the most memorable day of your life, and the uniqueness of this sunrise is unlike any other before, as is every other moment that will follow. But this moment isn't just that at all; it's a feeling, an experience. My live paintings would also make an incredibly unique gift for a loved one celebrating their own special day. Each time they see their gift from you, they will smile and think of not only such an extraordinary day, but also the love and kindness it represents from their loved one. Please read through some of the frequently asked questions to find out why I don't do the conventional wedding paintings that are being done everywhere and more! Frequently Asked Questions 1. Why don't you paint the bride and groom like other wedding painters? My lovely wife tells a funny (but true) story about growing up with a wedding painting of her parents on the wall that they all said looked more like the neighbors than Mom and Dad! Despite the trend, there's plenty of room for a different option. Remember, mullets, sagging pants, and the lower back tattoo were once in! 2. What makes your work different than other wedding painters? My work is predicated on the study of nature and captured in a way that mimics how we, as humans, actually see the world. I will give you a beautiful image that transports you back to the location because of how it reads and not because of the details it includes. 3. Why not just have a photographer only? My work is meant to complement photography. A glorious result would be a wall graced with a large wedding photo surrounded by a little scene from a garden path with morning light on roses, a landscape of the mountain ranges framing the ceremony, and a sunset over a pasture in silhouette.
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AndersonSouth Carolina
Masters Creations
Masters Creations specializes in bespoke wedding favors, based in Anderson, SC. This artist creates unique digital portraits based on a treasured photo of a couple or a professional capture from their big day. These keepsakes help to memorialize your celebration in a truly singular way, turning a piece of your shared experience into priceless art. Painter Morgan began making art as a hobby, but soon saw it blossom into creating stunning pieces that captured her clients’ special relationships. She works in a digital format, painting her pieces on an iPad. The ‘watercolor’ process she uses is brilliantly evocative of the real thing. This refined, eye-catching style perfectly encapsulates her diverse range of subjects. Morgan’s work with Masters Creations has a distinct advantage given its digital format. Her service is essentially portable, meaning that if you so wish, Morgan can capture a live painting from your ceremony with ease. It could be your walk down the aisle, the very first look you share as a couple, or your first kiss once your vows are exchanged. Alternatively, Morgan can create artworks of moments outside of the ceremony. Take the reveal of your outfit to your wedding party, or a special dance at your reception, Morgan’s keen artistic talent can capture it all. You deserve a one-of-a-kind memento to commemorate your milestone and this artist is excited to deliver it to you.
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