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Panache Bridal - Beverly Hills

Panache Bridal is happy to provide the largest collection of bridal gowns on the West Coast. With four convenient locations we showcase over 50 designers. Our friendly and experienced consultants are ready to help you find all of your wedding day needs!



Alterations, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Mothers Fashions, Other Attire & Accessories, Shoes, Wedding Gowns


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9740 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA

My Dream Dress

Reviewed on 12/01/2011 Camille F

I purchsed my dress from the store in pasadena. From the service to the dress selctions i had the best experience ever.

I love this store!

Reviewed on 6/03/2013 Dana S

This store & staff go above & beyond making sure you find you perfect dress & make sure it fits you to a tee! Every appointment I was given the royal treatment! I definately reccomend!

Start here

Reviewed on 5/09/2013 Christina W

It was amazing! I found my dress on the first visit in less than an hour and a half. My bridal consultant made me feel so comfortable and confident. She knew exactly how to match what I had in mind and had me try on every style to make sure I knew how they would all look on me. I ended up going with a style that I didn't even have in mind. Every bride should start here when beginning their hunt for the perfect wedding dress!

Shattered Dream

Reviewed on 2/14/2015 Lusia o

When getting married a bride has a vision of what she will look like on the day she has dreamed of since she was a little girl. To have that dream crushed because a store has no integrity is the worse. My Neice ordered her dress from the Pasadena store last year and when she went in to pick it up yesterday she was giving a dress that was similar but an absolute counterfeit the quality of the dress was not at all the dress she fall in love with. Beware if your thinking of buying something from this store. We have photos of the original and the fake and they insistanted the dress was the same one. My niece was asked to lower her voice because they did not want other customers to be alarmed. Don't shop here this can easily be you.


Reviewed on 8/18/2014 hanna c

I got my dress at Panache in Beverly Hills. It was over priced but so beautiful I fell in love with it. Because the sample was so large they pinned it so I could see what it would look like when they ordered my dress size. They also talked us into buying an alteration package for an additional $500 which they said would include everything they pinned to make the dress look the way I wanted it to. This sounded ridiculous because they were ordering it in my size but she said the offer was for today only or it would be $700 if I needed anything altered and if I didnt need anything altered I would get my money back. I signed up for the package and the day I went in for my fitting which they only let you do 4 weeks before the wedding and NOT on a weekend which is hard since I work full time. I went for my fitting and they said to make it fit it would be an additional $200!!!!!! I was mortified and the dress was already over my budget. THey were SOOOOO unaccomodating and the manager who I bought my dress from was no longer with the company so they wouldnt waive the extra $200. I ended up taking it to a different place to get it altered IN STITCHES and Renee was the most AMAZING and AFFORDABLE seamstress ever. She did an incredible job and my dress needed a good amount of work.

Helped me find my dream dress

Reviewed on 4/26/2014 nicole p

Ladies here were wonderful! I saw a dress in the window, but it turned out not to be the one. Luckily, one of the lovely ladies here picked out one she thought I might like! Not only was it wayyyy under my budget, it was the dress of my dreams! I love love loved it! Thanks, girls!

Michelle at Panache is amazing

Reviewed on 11/04/2013 Tracy W

So I was one of those brides who jumped the gun on a dress on the first day shopping and ended up very unhappy with it. Flash forward 6 weeks before my wedding and I was just beside myself with what to do given that I couldnt order a dress. I walked into Panache and met Michelle who calmed me down, made me have hope, and gave me champagne. Love the champange. We searched the store for a gown that might work and found the dress of my dreams. She not only discounted it for me, she helped with alterations and seriously saved the day. all of the girls there knew me by the end since I visited my dress quite often (it was lonely without me) and they were always very helpful and eager to help put me back in my dress even though they were often very busy. This is a great store with wonderful ladies who will help make your dreams come true!

Lazy Alterations and a lipstick stain (Pasadena)

Reviewed on 10/29/2013 Jill K

If I could give this place 2.5 stars and go right down the middle, I would. On some levels there are very helpful. Others, not so much. Everything went smoothly until it came time for alterations. I had to fight for them to do things that I should not have had to fight for. I would have walked out of there with a very obviously ill fitting dress of it were up to them. DO NOT PAY FOR ALL OF YOUR ALTERATIONS UP FRONT because they will get lazy about it. Also - and this is HUGE: My dress had a lipstick mark on it when I picked it up. I don't wear lipstick so it certainly wasn't from me. Unfortunately its near a pleat and I didn't notice till I was packing it to fly - now I have to have it rush cleaned 4 days before my wedding for $300 which was not part of the budget.

Amazing service!

Reviewed on 10/28/2013 Brandi E

I drive past this store everyday on my way to work and they look expensive and high-end, they are in Beverly Hills after all. :) Since my budget was $3000.00 I didn't think I could afford anything in there but I had to go for the experience. Me, my mom, and my maid of honor arrived for my appointment and met Channel. She was bubbly and amazing. She had us pull some dresses ourselves and I appreciated that she cautioned us to only pull things in my price-range so I didn't fall in love with something I couldn't afford. She pulled a few gowns as well and the trying on began and... nada. We got close but not "the one". Channel was saying things like "I don't think we have it but we have new stock come in every day" and I was ready to move on having had a wonderful experience. Then she said "I have one more you could try, though it may be a little wild for you" and since I was having so much fun I said sure. The moment she put it on me, I knew. It was nothing like what I thought I wanted but it was perfect, and when I came out all the tears started. When it was time to purchase though I got cold feet. It was the first store I had been to, I had 2 other appointments the next day and I just couldn't pull the trigger. A few days later I called and asked if I could try it on again and they said "of course, you can come now". I went in, Channel put me back in it, and I knew it was definitely my dress. The best part was with tax and all it was $300 under budget! I'm so glad I didn't talk myself out of going because of their upscale location and high-end appearance, then I never would have found my dress. I got the exact dress shopping experience I had always wanted. I can't speak to their tailoring department, I got mine done somewhere else, but their sales team is phenomenal!

I only had two months to find my second dress but

Reviewed on 10/20/2013 Julie d

With barely six months to plan my wedding, I hastily purchased a wedding dress I wasn't in love with. When it came in, just two months before my wedding, upon trying on my correct size it was confirmed- I needed another dress. I'd driven by Panache several times but assumed that it's location in Beverly Hills right off of Wilshire and the beautiful setup would mean $$$$ but recalled a friend, who was on a budget, shopping around for price from Orange County and driving up to a Panache store because they offered the most competitive price. I scheduled a same day visit just two months prior, explained my story (I only had two months, this was my second wedding dress purchase and now I had an even more limited budget). They were sympathetic to it and found a few dresses within my price range and I was pleasantly surprised to see I loved a few different options. Ultimately I ended up going with a Matthew Christopher gown that I'd eyed earlier on in my search that I believe was almost $1,000 more at another boutique. This one was priced within my budget and the ladies worked hard communicating directly with the designer to ensure my dress would come in on time. They even managed to get the $800 rush shipping charge fee waived. Sure enough, I had my dress within two weeks of the wedding day. They had it made to size so all we needed to do was add the bustle (which was pretty pricey in my opinion). However, for as beautiful as I felt and the service I received in the location and well-appointed environment I received it- It was well worth every penny in my book. A special shoutout to Miti (SP?) for her bubbly personality and ability to find me a few different dresses that made my choice even more difficult. An absolute gem to work with and I only wish she'd been there to help me choose my veil and sash. Regardless, the others did a fantastic job providing me with options and I couldn't be happier with my final look.

Convenient location

Reviewed on 9/29/2013 Drea S

Ultimately, I was very happy with my dress, the price, the fittings and the one accessory I purchased there. Going to each appointment at Panache I was often uncertain how it would turn out. Scheduling appointments is very much recommended, and they'll work with you to find times that fit your schedule. While the staff was friendly and offered advice and opinions, there is an edge to them that is very focused on sales and getting you in and out the door as quickly as possible. Each time I went I met with a different person and had to repeat my requests, with the exception of the tailor. The tailor was great, remembered me and the dress, and worked with me to find the fit that worked best. Each time, there was an additional cost for alternations or pressing that wasn't explained upfront. I had an issue with the one accessory I purchased and it wasn't until the appointment the week before the wedding that it was addressed. I'm glad it was addressed though, and in the end it all worked out. They are not very responsive to emails or helpful on the phone, so do everything in person.

Worst costumer service

Reviewed on 8/29/2013 Eugenie B

I am giving a two stars rate only because I was able to find my dream dress there. Everything got complicated once we reach the alteration time. My dress was not really common, the bustier was fully made of feathers and is was not that simple to alter... specially when they ordered it way too big... 5 months after my first fitting, was suppose to be my 2nd fitting: the one when the dress was suppose to be done, I got too scared that the mess up the dress. So a week before that 2nd fitting I came to store, just to pick up the dress and "save" it. The girls refused to give it to me for no reason.. The dress was fully payed and the alteration as well. I was lucky enough to have one of them that misunderstood the whole thing and brought back the dress. Let me rewrite again that it was 7 days prior to the fitting (1 month and a half before the wedding) the dress was not done at all, nobody had touched it for 5 months and they made me believe that I would have to let them alter it again because it was still too big... I just took the dress and left this dishonest people. I really do not know what they are doing with their wedding gowns but it seems like their is something wrong behind. I will not recommend this store at all.

Great Place to get your dress!

Reviewed on 8/27/2013 Jessica L

The sales associates and managers at Panache in Pasadena are amazing! They have a great selection and are great to work with. When there were a couple bumps in the road, they were always right there to fix them and make me happy.

Amazing Princess dress!

Reviewed on 7/18/2013 Kateryna K

I got a free dress here through the Brides across America like a military bride. It was a first dress I tried and I fall in love with it. It was better than I expected. I was shining on my wedding day in it!

Fabulous dress

Reviewed on 7/17/2013 Kinsey L

Had a great experience overall with Panache. Staff was very friendly and professional. The tailor on the other hand kept telling me she was going to fix things, and then in the end didn't do what she said and after paying over $1000 for alterations I wasn't very happy with that. However despite this, the dress was stunning and I was thrilled with how it looked.

Found My Dress!

Reviewed on 7/16/2013 Lauren F

I went to Panache because they had the designers that I thought I wanted (Eve of Milady and Ian Stuart). I tried them on and realized that they didn't end up being what I wanted. My consultant pulled some beautiful dresses I hadn't considered and I found my dream dress! They gave me the 10% discount that was going on for another designer that weekend and threw in the perfect cathedral veil.

Terrible service

Reviewed on 6/04/2013 Anett A

I love the dress I ordered. They didn't have it but said they could order it. The dress came quickly but they had very limited number of appointments for me to see the dress and get it altered. The alteration on the top opened and I ended up sewing my own dress in the limo on the day of the wedding!

Amazing dresses, but average service

Reviewed on 4/11/2013 Sarah C

I purchased my Ian Stuart wedding dress at Panache during the Ian Stuart trunk show. Both the Panache consultant (Valerie) and Ian Stuart Representative (Cliff) were extremely helpful. Both Valerie and Cliff provided me with plenty of dresses to try on. I had no idea what type/style of dress I wanted, and Valerie helped me select the most perfect wedding dress! Since I was unsure about the dress (at first), Valerie offered to schedule an appointment for me a few days later so I could think about the dress (I appreciated that she wanted to make sure I liked the dress and that it wasn’t all about the sale). I also worked with Desiree and she was extremely helpful as well. I rated the service as average because for my last 2 fittings, I had to work with a different consultant, who was not as helpful or as nice (she seemed more concerned about how my fittings could benefit her instead of taking into account my budget). I worked with Mary (seamstress) during my fittings. She was very helpful and suggested alterations that would help keep me within my budget. The tailoring was flawless and my dress fit perfectly!

Beautiful Gowns

Reviewed on 2/24/2013 Daisy M

I was hesitant to go to the Panache Bridal Store in Pasadena, Ca. because all of the negative reviews that I read. I am so happy that I decided to stop by anyway because it was probably one of the best decisions that I made. The service was great. All of the employees were so friendly every step of the way. From the moment I first walked in to the store until the day that I picked up my gown. They listened to everything that I wanted and they were never pushy. The gowns range in prices, but keep in mind that they are couture gowns and they are worth it. Everyone at my wedding raved about how gorgeous and elegant my dress was. They also carry beautiful accessories made of shiny crystals. I bought a head piece and earrings from the store and they were shining brightly the entire day.

SO sweet

Reviewed on 11/22/2012 Fanessa D

I felt like a girl in a candy shop ALL the dresses were amazing and so beautiful. A younger girl helped me (im sorry dont remember her name) she helped me find my dream dress!!!!

Bridesmaids dresses and Alterations only

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Vanessa R

Since I didn't buy my dress at a traditional bridal salon I need to find a good place for alterations. They did a fantastic job in hemming my dress to fit at a tea length for a 5'0 frame and in seamlessly bring in the excess lace on the top. They are a bit pricey but I went with them anyway because I couldn't risk going to a no name place. As an aside my bridesmaids got their dresses thru Marylinns in Pasadena. The price was fair considering it included the fitting. I found the dress online and just had them order it there to be sure they got the right fit. They have a nice selection of retro inspired bridesmaid dresses, but it took 4 months for them to arrive! All in all, I was still happy with Marylinns. Their service was amazing, I love the staff there, great gals! I would definitely recommend this store if you can afford them!

Friendly staff, beautiful space!

Reviewed on 11/07/2012 Katharine R

I looked high and low for the perfect dress and actually had to have Panache special order it, because it was no longer in season. When it came in, the woman helping me was named Autumn and she was an absolute delight! My dress was also named "Autumn" (by Maggie Sottero) and I was getting married in Autumn, so I felt like it was fate. Autumn helped with the bustle (since the woman putting it together didn't speak English very well and it was a tricky dress to create a bustle) and I never felt like I was being pushed to buy something I didn't want or pushed to leave because there were other customers. The store is gorgeous and very accommodating, however I did see a roach (which was a little gross) and the bustle was changed twice, but other than that I was very happy with the service, the store, and ultimately my dream dress!

Great service, and you pay for it!

Reviewed on 10/21/2012 Lisa M

I went here during the Watters & Watters trunk show to get bridesmaids dresses (I love their fall 2012 lace collection). The sizes they made us order were all too big and needed alterations, but I think that is standard practice. The dresses came in sooner than quoted (I had to rush them, but the rush was waived because of the trunk show). We also bought my mom's dress here, but that was a bit of a problem. It was from a different designer that wasn't part of the trunk show, so we payed a huge rush fee and the dress came in 2 weeks later than they quoted (which ended up being less than 1 week before the wedding!). They did their best to try and help at the store and insisted that it was the designer who was making everything take longer. They also charged us for overnight shipping once it was ready, which bothered me since they had told us it would be ready 2 weeks earlier. Anyway, once it came in they got it altered and my mom felt great in her dress. It would have been nice to not have that stress right before the wedding, but something had to go wrong, I suppose.

horrible quality of service by the seamstress!

Reviewed on 9/24/2012 Annette C

During my dress selection and purchase process, I was assisted by Dawn and she was wonderful, she helped me find and purchase the perfect dress. I am giving a 1 star rating to the alterations done by their in-store seamstress. I went in for my first fitting and got pinned where I needed to get altered. By the second fitting, nothing had been altered yet and all I did was try on the dress again and have them take a second look and make sure the pins were in the right place. When I came in for the final fitting, which was the day before the wedding, the length of the dress was adjusted, but the neckline, where I requested for a slight sweetheart neckline, was off center and practically non-existent, so they took it back and told me to pick it up later in the afternoon. I went back and it was still not done well, so they told me to come back in the evening, before they closed. Since I already had a prior appointment elsewhere, my MIL went to pick it up instead. THEY HAD MESSED UP THE NECKLINE, A VERY SIMPLE AND SLIGHT SWEETHEART NECKLINE. Since they messed up so badly, they tacked on a single rhinestone at that spot to cover it up. My dress is a very simple dress with no rhinestones at all, so the single rhinestone that they used to cover it up, stuck out like a sore thumb, ALSO, I could see the holes where they punctured my dress multiple times, because they had messed up on it MULTIPLE TIMES. They didn't even do anything to offer to reimburse scratching and tearing small holes in my dress. My MIL was livid and was at the store yelling at them, but they still didn't do anything. In the end, on the day of, my mom helped me take off the rhinestone and fix the sweetheart neckline in 5 MINUTES. She was able to sew it so the holes weren't visible unless you were up close and stared at it. But in the end, the problem is that Marylinn's alterations package was $400 and they couldn't even do a simple sweetheart neckline, they messed up, damaged my wedding dress, and didn't do anything to make amends. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND ANYONE TO PURCHASE FROM MARYLINN'S. Even though I received good service from Dawn for the purchase of my dress, after going through this annoying ordeal with the alterations and the way they handled things, it is not worth the hassle, headache, and damages done to the dress which I paid so much money for.

I had my dress altered at Marylinn's in Pasadena

Reviewed on 9/05/2012 Madison E

I did not buy by dress at Marylinn's, but I had it altered there (at the Pasadena location). Everyone that works there is extremely friendly and nice. The first few times I came in I had to wait a very long time, but I realized it's because they only have one seamstress and she's extremely overworked. I also realized why she is so's because she's wonderful! She really is good at what she does and she made all of the changes and alterations that I asked for (even scheduling more appointments than originally planned, so she could make sure it was perfect!). I highly recommend going to Marylinn's for your alterations, but don't wait until the last minute to schedule your appointments and please be patient with the seamstress...she has an incredibly touch job dealing with pushy brides ;) Oh, and double check the bustle on your dress before you take it. I did a choreographed dance, and when I was practicing before the wedding, the buttons kept popping off and had to be re-sewn. It wasn't the end of the world, but just make sure it's strong enough to hold all night (I had a heavy dress with a large train). Otherwise, Marylinn's was great!


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