Who is Coach Andy Reid's Wife? All About His 40-Year Marriage to Tammy Reid

The Kansas City Chiefs head coach began dating his longtime love in college.
Andy Reid and his wife Tammy Reid
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Updated Feb 12, 2024

Andy Reid is widely regarded as one of the most successful football coaches of all time—but he considers his greatest trophy to be his wife, Tammy Reid. The college sweethearts have one of the longest marriages in the NFL. After meeting in class at BYU, Andy Reid and his wife got married in 1981. They share five children together, and over the years, both have been heavily involved in charitable organizations across the US.

Alongside quarterback Patrick Mahomes and tight end Travis Kelce, the Kansas City Chiefs head coach made his fourth Super Bowl appearance with the team on February 11, 2024, where they were victorious over Kyle Shanahan and the 49ers…and his wife was rooting for him from the sidelines, as per usual. Here, we break down everything to know about Andy Reid's wife, Tammy, and their 40-year romance.

  • Andy Reid's wife is Tammy Reid. The two met while in college at Brigham Young University.
  • Andy and Tammy Reid got married on August 8, 1981. Before proposing, Andy converted to his wife's religion, Mormonism, at the recommendation of her father.
  • Andy Reid and his wife Tammy have five children together.

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Who is Andy Reid's Wife? Details About Tammy Reid

Andy Reid's wife is Tammy Reid. Born in New York on November 6, 1959, Tammy was raised in Tennessee and attended high school in Arizona before enrolling at Brigham Young University in Utah.

In addition to being her husband's biggest cheerleader on the field, Tammy Reid is an avid philanthropist. She often volunteers for charitable organizations in the cities where her husband coaches; When Andy was with the Philadelphia Eagles, Tammy joined the advisory board for Laural House, a local organization that supports domestic violence victims. She also collaborates with NFL wives and girlfriends to help them get involved in the community.

Beyond her humanitarian efforts, Andy Reid's wife is also a quilt collector. She has over 150 blankets in her curation, which inspired the book Every Quilt Has a Story: The Tammy Reid Quilt Collection. The pieces were also featured in a Kansas City museum exhibit in 2022.

How Andy Reid and Tammy Reid Met

Andy Reid and wife Tammy Reid
Photo: Mat Szwajkos | Getty Images for BWR

Andy Reid and his wife Tammy met while they were in college at Brigham Young University. In a profile shared on the Chiefs official website, Tammy shared that they crossed paths in a "Fundamentals of Tennis" class. "He had this air about him—this confidence," Tammy recalled of her future husband, "but he wouldn't ask me out, and I'd never not had a guy that I wanted to ask me out not ask me out. So the second half of the semester, since it's a half credit, we played badminton. We were playing after he had already beaten me at tennis and I'm like, 'Well, I could beat you at racquetball.'"

They consider that racquetball match to be their "first date." (And for curious minds, Andy won.) After their game, he formally asked her out to the movies, and the rest is history.

Andy Reid and Tammy Reid's Relationship Timeline

Andy Reid and his wife Tammy have been together for over four decades—a feat for any couple, but especially one in the public eye. Here's a look at Andy and Tammy Reid's relationship timeline, from the 1970s today.

Late 1970s: Andy and Tammy Reid Meet at BYU

Andy Reid met his wife Tammy while they were students at Brigham Young University. They crossed paths in a tennis class, and had their first date on December 7.

1981: Andy Reid and His Wife Tammy Get Married

During a 2020 livestream for their church, the Latter-day Saints of Greater Kansas City, Tammy revealed that her father was apprehensive about their relationship at the beginning. Early on, he had a conversation with Andy where he encouraged him to consider converting to Mormonism. "He said, 'You know, we want you, Andy, to figure out what our daughter's all about and what she's all about is our church and the gospel…If you want to find out more about that, you should go take the discussions from our missionaries and find out about it and see if it's something that would work into your life,'" Tammy said during the fireside chat.

A few months later, Andy decided he wanted to join the church—and he asked Tammy's father to baptize him. After he formally converted, the couple got engaged. Andy and Tammy Reid got married on August 8, 1981.

1983-1998: Andy and Tammy Reid Move Across the US

Andy Reid's career in coaching began in 1983, two years after he got married, thus sending the newlyweds on a journey across the US. He began as an offensive line coach for San Francisco State. He would later go on to coach for Northern Arizona University, the University of Texas at El Paso, and the University of Missouri. He broke into the NFL in 1992 when he joined the Green Bay Packers. During his time there, he lent his coaching skills to the offensive line, tight ends, and quarterbacks.

Amid his flourishing coaching career, the couple's family was growing at the same time. Andy Reid and his wife share five children together, and all were born in different states. "My whole philosophy and my whole motto in my life since I've been married is: Live where you're planted," Tammy said of their frequent moves in a 2013 interview with The Times Herald. "Andrew has transplanted me to eight different states now; I've had five kids in five states. You have to be positive and just jump into the community."

1999-2012: Andy and Tammy Reid Put Down Roots in Philadelphia

Andy and Tammy Reid put down roots in Philadelphia in 1999, when he joined the team as the head coach. Although they never advanced to the Super Bowl under his leadership, his impact was undeniable. During his tenure, Andy sent 19 players to 44 Pro Bowl appearances, which was the highest for any NFL team during that period. He was also one of seven first-time coaches to stay with his original team for 10 or more years since 1990.

2013-Present: Andy and Tammy Reid Relocate to Kansas City

In 2013, Andy Reid signed a contract to join the Kansas City Chiefs as head coach—a role he currently holds today. The coach is largely credited with reviving the franchise, which had been struggling for decades. So far, he has led the team to ten postseason appearances, eight consecutive division titles, six consecutive AFC Championship Games, four Super Bowl appearances, and two Super Bowl wins.

2020, 2023, 2024: Andy and Tammy Reid Celebrate His Super Bowl Wins

Andy Reid and wife Tammy Reid with the Super Bowl trophy
Photo: Ryan Kang/Getty Images

Andy Reid's first Super Bowl win came in 2020, when the Chiefs defeated the San Francisco 49ers. Unsurprisingly, his wife was his biggest cheerleader—and she sang his praises while speaking to reporters after the game. "Just seeing all the hard work he puts in, I'm just so happy for him," she said. "I'm happy for the Hunts [the owners of the team] and the players and the coaches and the city of Kansas City, but mostly for him because I see all the hard work he does."

Andy Reid's wife was by his side once again when the Chiefs defeated his former team, the Eagles, in Super Bowl LVII on February 12, 2023. She was once again cheering for him when the Chiefs won Super Bowl LVIII against the 49ers.

Andy Reid and Tammy Reid's Wedding

Not much is known about Tammy and Andy Reid's wedding, other than the fact that it took place on August 8, 1981. Considering their shared religion, we can assume the couple got married in a satellite Church of Latter-day Saints.

At the Super Bowl LVII ring party in February 2023, Andy Reid walked the red carpet with his wife—but his Super Bowl ring was noticeably absent. When a reporter asked him where the piece of jewelry was, he held up his hand to show off his wedding ring, saying, "This is my Super Bowl ring right here."

The Secret to Andy and Tammy Reid's 40-Year Romance

Andy Reid and wife Tammy Reid
Photo: Scott Winters/Icon Sportswire | Getty Images

Andy Reid and his wife Tammy have been through a lot in their four decades together. Not only have they weathered professional ups and downs, they've had their fair share of personal hardships too. (In 2012, they tragically lost their son Garrett to an overdose.)

Speaking to reporters after his first Super Bowl win, Andy opened up about the significant impact his wife has had on his life—including their secret to marital success. "I've been…with her for about 40 years now," he said at the time. "Every day is a special day, I'm telling ya. I call her my girlfriend for that reason. You never lose interest if you do that, right, you guys out there? Call them your girlfriend and you always do special things for them."

In the Chiefs' profile of Andy Reid, his wife shared how they balance his high-profile career with their personal lives. "I'm the head coach of our family," she explained. "Even though he is the patriarch and does all these great things for our family, I kind of run everything when he's not around. I let him know where he's needed and what's going on with the kids…I also try and take care of him."

She also highlighted the confidence she has in her husband, both on and off the field. "Maybe people don't know this about me, but I'm a very positive person and I have the ultimate trust in Andrew as a coach," she explained. "We've been through 38 years of coaching and so I never don't think we're going to win."

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