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Elizabeth Ayoola

The Knot Contributor
  • Elizabeth contributes a range of lifestyle content to The Knot.
  • She also works as a full-time writer at NerdWallet and contributing writer at ESSENCE and POPSUGAR.
  • Elizabeth has a degree in Environment, Politics, and Globalization from King's College London.

Elizabeth Ayoola is a contributor to The Knot, where she writes a range of first-person essays and feature stories. Her pieces cover topics from wellness, to relationships and parenting.

With over ten years of writing experience, Elizabeth aims to empower readers by sharing relatable, authentic, and informative stories. Her goal is to write about topics that help people improve their self-awareness and live healthier and more wholesome lives.

Aside from writing, Elizabeth enjoys visiting new nature reserves, kicking it with her toddler, or resisting the urge to buy a new candle. She also loves writing poetry, participating in poetry slams, and occasionally performing at open mic nights.


Elizabeth has over a decade of experience in the content writing space and has focused on lifestyle content within the last five. She started her career writing for digital marketing agencies and then a few years later, transitioned into crafting mental health and relationship content for POPSUGAR. Most recently, she became a lifestyle contributor for ESSENCE, where she covers the latest gist, conducts interviews with celebs, and writes opinion pieces on trending topics.


Elizabeth is a graduate of King's College London where she got a masters degree in Environment, Politics, and Globalization. Studying social science ignited her love for social inequality and her desire to connect with people most affected by these inequalities through content writing.