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Lauren Nowack

The Knot Contributor
  • Lauren is a freelance writer for The Knot Worldwide.
  • While Lauren has been writing her whole life, she began her career by travel writing and reviewing outdoor gear.
  • Lauren is passionate about encouraging people planning a wedding to make it exactly what they want and need it to be.

Lauren is a freelance writer with The Knot Worldwide, where she loves to compile venue round-ups and collect photos of Real Weddings to inspire couples during their planning process. She has a wide range of wedding related experience from working at various caterers and venues, being a bridesmaid numerous times and, of course, planning her own DIY backyard wedding at her childhood home.

While she was born on an island in Washington, Lauren has lived in Florida, New York, California, Virginia, Pennsylvania and even Sierra Leone. These days, most of her time is spent running around outside with her family, baking sourdough or swing dancing.


As soon as Lauren could drive, you could find her with her best friend sitting in her small town’s book shop flipping through bridal magazines. While it has been years since that time, all her wishes eventually came true when she tied the knot at her dad’s house near the Shenandoah Mountains in Virginia. After doing some travel writing and covering national news stories, Lauren began to write for The Knot, where her passion for helping others plan the perfect wedding was able to grow.


Lauren graduated from the University of Virginia with a double major in Religious Studies and Psychology, two areas that try to explain why people do the things they do.