25 Stunning Wedding Arbor Ideas

There's an arbor for that will fit every size and style of wedding. Take some inspiration from our favorites to find the perfect style for you.
by Jen Leahy

If you’re choosing to get married outdoors, it’s probably because you love the scenery at your venue. Still, most couples want to put their own personal style stamp on their wedding site to truly make it their own. A wedding arbor is an easy way to personalize an outdoor wedding and define the ceremony site within the open space. But don’t think there’s just one way to make a wedding arbor. Now is the time to think outside the box. Whether you're looking for ideas for a chuppah or a decorated archway to frame your nuptials, there are so many ways to personalize a wedding arbor and make it special. 

Pull inspiration from your color palette, theme or season—there are no rules. You could even get creative with different fabrics, florals and textures. Just make sure your wedding arbor fits the vibe of your ceremony, reception and décor. Whether you’re going whimsical, classic or totally homespun, there’s a style and design that’s right for you. 

Pro tip: Use what’s around you! Incorporating florals and greenery or wood and fiber is an organic way to blend your décor with the natural setting without overpowering it. Look below for some wedding arbor ideas to inspire you.

  1. 1. Natural Wood Ceremony Wedding Arbor

    Rustic natural wood and greenery wedding arch
    Justin Wright Photography
  2. 2. Wedding Arbor Using a Rustic Wood Door With a Lavender Wreath

    A rustic painted wooden door wedding arch with lavender wreath
    Chloe Giancola Photography
  3. 3. Romantic Heart-Shaped Wedding Arbor With Fairy Lights

    Romantic outdoor wedding arch with fairy lights
    Ruth Marie Photography
  4. 4. DIY Ribbon Curtain Wedding Arbor

    DIY chevron and polka-dot ribbon backdrop
    Chris McLaughlin Photography
  5. 5. Birchwood Wedding Arbor With Rustic Chandelier

    Romantic birchwood and leaf garland arch with a chandelier
    Jason+Gina Wedding Photographers
  6. 6. Simple Draped Ivory Fabric Wedding Arbor

    Simple draped ivory fabric arch for an outdoor wedding
    Best Photography
  7. 7. Rustic Wood Wedding Arbor With Greenery

    A simple, rustic wood and greenery arch for an outdoor wedding
    Jesse Leake Photography
  8. 8. Rustic Double-Door Wedding Arbor Ceremony Entrance

    A rustic double door wooden outdoor wedding entrance
    Stephanie Dawn Photography
  9. 9. Gazebo Entrance Made Into a Floral Wedding Arbor

    Romantic outdoor wedding space with a gazebo-decorated arch
    Brett Charles Rose Photography
  10. 10. Boho Wood Wedding Arbor With Dream Catchers

    Simple wood arch with dream catcher decorations for an outdoor wedding
    Paige Winn Photo
  11. 11. Beach Wedding Arbor With Bamboo and Sheer Draped Fabric

    A simple bamboo and sheer fabric arch, perfect for a beach wedding
    Kristy & Vic Photography
  12. 12. Hydrangea- and Rose-Covered Wedding Arbor

    Beautiful hydrangea and rose floral arbor for an outdoor wedding
    Jose Villa Photography
  13. 13. Bright Orange and Pink Tulle-Draped Wedding Arbor

    A bright orange and pink tulle wedding arch for an outdoor wedding
    Trish Barker Photography
  14. 14. Moss-Draped Birchwood Wedding Arbor Wrapped in Vines

    A rustic moss draped birchwood arch wrapped in vines for an outdoor wedding
    Cly by Matthew
  15. 15. Simple Wedding Arbor With Draped White Curtains and Garlands

    A white curtain arch with simple draped garland
    Kate Belle Photography
  16. 16. Simple Draped Fabric Wedding Arbor With Purple Orchids

    Draped white fabric arch with berry-colored flowers
    XSIGHT Productions
  17. 17. Willow Branch Chuppah Wedding Arbor With White Orchids

    A natural orchid and willow branch decorated chuppah for an outdoor wedding
    Neoart Photography
  18. 18. Draped Linen Curtain Wedding Arbor

    A white draped linen curtain arch
    Brienne Michelle Photography
  19. 19. Natural Tree Trunk Wedding Arbor With Fabric Draping

    A natural tree trunk arbor draped in a white fabric
    Star Noir Studio
  20. 20. Circular Wedding Arbor

  21. 21. Simple Graphic Geometric Wedding Arbor

  22. 22. Found Object Driftwood and Sea Glass Wedding Arbor

  23. 23. Crocheted Macrame Wedding Arbor

  24. 24. Upcycled Wedding Arbor With Vintage Windows

  25. 25. Handmade Origami Paper Wedding Arbor

    See one you like? Whether you’re a crafty couple and opt to make your own wedding arbor, or just need wedding arbor ideas to inspire your venue designs and bring to your florist, there are tons of ways to make one that represents you and is uniquely yours. You can even recruit friends and family to help so that your wedding arbor has special significance. 

    No matter what kind of outdoor wedding arbor you decide on, enjoy the process, get creative with your materials and let your venue and outdoor scenery inspire you. 

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