Wedding Etiquette: Can We Have An Easter Wedding?


I want to get married on Easter Sunday next year, both because I want to have my wedding in April and it's the only available weekend that month with the vendors I want to use. I have asked my relatives and friends if it would interfere with their traditions and the vast majority said it was fine, but I am wondering if you have advice about getting married on this day. Should I expect a low turnout because it is a Christian holiday?


First you'll have to confirm whether or not your officiant will perform a wedding on this holiday -- note that Easter is the holiest holiday in the Christian calendar and it is highly unlikely that a priest will perform a wedding ceremony on this day. Also in the Catholic religion, weddings are not performed during the Lenten season. Your officiant will most likely be extremely busy observing the holiday, and probably wouldn't want to focus on anything other than the fact that it's Easter. Also, remember that getting married on a holiday may be a hassle for guests who have to sit in traffic and pay more for airfare and hotels. However, if you're having a non-denominational ceremony and your Christian guests are okay with coming to your wedding, then it's up to you whether or not to have your wedding on that date.

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