Over Three Dozen Groomsmen Group Chat Names to Get the Party Started Right

Here's everything you need, including introduction message examples, to kick off your wedding party's group chat.
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Updated Oct 16, 2023

There are few things during the engagement season as exciting as spending time and making memories with your wedding party. To do that, however, it is essential to have a group chat to make sure everyone is on the same page. So, we've brainstormed the best groomsmen group chat names there are so you can pick the perfect title for your texting thread. We also included a few easy to copy introduction examples so you can get the chat started as soon as possible.

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Do You Need a Groomsmen Group Chat?

Communication can be difficult; anyone who has been married can tell you that. This is why it is essential to have one place to disseminate information to your groomsmen: the groomsmen group chat. Whether you start the discussion on WhatsApp, Instagram, GroupMe or Messages, having a designated space to talk will ensure everyone is on the same page regarding important details, events and groomsmen duties. This is an excellent spot for the guys to share their excitement over the groomsmen proposal and, later on, to share the groomsmen getting ready shots.

Groomsmen Group Chat Introduction Examples

First things first, make sure you've told your groomsmen that you'd like them to stand by your side when you say your vows. Be clear about who your best man is or if there are multiple best men. You can use groomsmen proposal cards or pick another creative way to let them know. Having this communicated upfront allows you to connect one-on-one with each of your guys beforehand and will allow the group chat to remain on topic.

Once that is done, collect the name and phone number of each groomsman so that you include everyone on the first try. Add each member to the group chat in your app of choice. Name the chat and choose one of the introductions below to kick it off right.

Introductions from the Groom

If the groom is setting up the groomsmen group chat introduction, he will want to start by welcoming everyone, followed by a brief introduction and the purpose of the chat, as well as a request for everyone to introduce themselves. It can look something like this:

  1. Hi guys! Welcome to my groomsmen group chat. While most of you have met, there are a few who have not crossed paths yet. Go ahead and share your name here so everyone has your contact moving forward. I'm stoked you guys are going to be there for me on my big day!
  2. Hey everyone, you are officially in my wedding party! Each of you has been an integral part of my life, and I am excited for you all to meet in real life. Please share your name so we all know which number goes with which person. Thanks!

Introductions from the Best Man

Being the groom's right hand man comes with quite a few best man duties, such as coordinating with the bridal party. Here are two examples that the best man can use when getting the group chat started:

  1. Hello, gentlemen! Welcome to [groom's name] groomsmen group chat. I'm [your name], his best man. I'll be coordinating quite a few things and will be sharing things you need to know here so we are all on the same page. Please share your name in the chat so we all can meet each other. Thank you!
  2. Hey guys! You're officially part of [groom's name] groomsmen chat. We'll use this thread to talk about the bachelor party, groomsmen's outfits, and other wedding details. Can each of you text your name so we know who is who? Thanks!

Funny Groomsmen Group Chat Names

As you get this texting thread started, picking one of our funny groomsmen group chat names can help it start out on the right foot. Whether you want to be punny, sneak in a pop culture reference or get the gents ready to party, there's something here for everyone.

  • Band of Brothers
  • The Toasting Team
  • Bachelor Brigade
  • [Groom's name] Dapper Dudes
  • Free Booze!
  • The Groom Squad
  • The Nerd Herd
  • Stag Stars
  • The Brew Crew
  • Men of the Aisle
  • STAG or Die
  • Prenuptial Party People
  • The Suspenders Squad
  • Groom's Goof Troop
  • The Bach Pack
  • Hangovers Happen
  • [Groom's name] Bodyguards
  • Right-Hand Men
  • Groupies of the Groom
  • Wedding Bell Bashers
  • The Matrimony Mafia

Creative Groomsmen Group Chat Names

If you're trying to think a bit further outside the box, consider these creative group chat names for groomsmen or use one as a starting point when brainstorming your own.

  • Fellowship of the Ring
  • The Wedding Crashers: Groomsmen Edition
  • Groom & Co.
  • Troublemakers in Tuxedos
  • The Wedding Wingmen
  • Guardians of the Groom
  • BTB: Before the Bride
  • Groomsmen Goals
  • Knot Kidding Around
  • Cool Name TBD
  • Game of Bros
  • [Groom's name] Last Stand
  • Groom's Gridiron Gang
  • Black Tie Brotherhood
  • (Grooms)men in Black
  • Knights of The Knot
  • [Groom's name] Eleven (or however many groomsmen there are)
  • The Bachelor's Last Call
  • Suited Up, Standing By
  • The Fairway Fellas
  • The Groomsmen Strike Back
  • Spamming The Groom
  • Bond, Wedding Bond
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