Wedding Ceremony: How Does the Wedding Recessional Work?


I'm confused about the logistics of the wedding ceremony exit. Should we exit the wedding church before the guests? If so, how will our wedding guests send us off with wedding bubbles or wedding flower petals if we're ahead of them and already outside?


You two should be the first to exit the church after the ceremony, followed by your wedding party and parents. Then, it depends on your schedule. If you plan to take photos at the church, you could just walk out the front door of the church and then circle back around through a back door to get back in and take pictures. That should give guests enough time to file out of the church. Or, if you plan to have a receiving line, you would want to exit and wait just outside the door to greet guests as they make their way out. Once all the guests have gone through the receiving line, that will be your signal to go ahead and make your grand exit.

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