Election Basics: Joe Biden Bio

What's his story and what does he bring to the table? Get the basics on Joe Biden here.
by The Knot

Quick Facts About Joe Biden




Democratic Party

Marital Status:

Married to Jill


Beau, 38; Hunter, 37; Ashley, 26


BA in History and Political Science from University of Delaware, Syracuse University College of Law


Scranton, Pennsylvania 

Where's He From?

The son of a car salesman, Joe Biden was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania and grew up in suburban Delaware. After graduating from law school, Biden began practicing law, until he was elected Delaware senator in 1972.

What's He Bring to the Table?

Elected at the young age of 29, Biden is Delaware's longest-serving senator. When his first wife and daughter died in a car accident, Biden became a strong proponent for public transportation. He is an advocate for Amtrak, and, during his time in office, has done extensive work in the area of federal crime laws.

Hot Issues?

The war in Iraq, foreign policy, and energy security top Biden's priority list.

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