Everything We Know About Jonathan Van Ness and Husband Mark Peacock's Sweet Love Story

It's fabulous, honey.
Jonathan Van Ness and Mark Peacock
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Updated Jul 28, 2023

Ever find yourself ~getting curious~ about Jonathan Van Ness' love life? Us too! The self-care guru has a larger-than-life presence in pop culture, from their vivacious role on Netflix's Queer Eye to their popular podcast Getting Curious and their eponymous hair care line, JVN Hair. Although JVN is an open book in the public eye, one thing he tends to keep under wraps are the details of his love life. So, is JVN married? And who is JVN's husband? We know you're itching for more details, so we've broken down everything to know about JVN's husband, Mark Peacock, and their adorable love story.

Who is Jonathan Van Ness' Husband, Mark Peacock?

Jonathan Van Ness is married to Mark Peacock—but we don't know much about him! While JVN leads a life in the public eye (and often posts about their husband on social media), Peacock is much more private. What we do know is that JVN's husband is originally from the UK and reportedly attended Writtle University in Chelmsford, Essex for college. According to his social media presence, he used to work at Men's Health UK, though his current job status is unclear.

Jonathan Van Ness and Mark Peacock's Relationship Timeline

December 2019: JVN and Mark Peacock Attend a New Year's Eve Party

How did Jonathan Van Ness meet his husband? Although the exact details are unclear, one Instagram post from 2020 sheds light on how this relationship came to be. "We went on a date in London, which turned into more dates whilst I was on comedy tour," JVN revealed in a slideshow of photos together. "At the end of that time I was taking my mom, aunt & friends on a mini break to Amsterdam. I wanted @marklondon to come with but, was it a bit intense to ask Mark to come after a couple weeks worth's of dates to come meet my mom & and friends on a mini break? Maybe so, but something about Mark felt different and I'm quite sure he felt the same."

What we do know is that JVN and husband Mark Peacock have known each other since at least 2019. In December of that year, they attended a New Year's Eve party with Bridgerton actress Nicola Coughlan. In early 2020, they attended Coughlan's birthday party as well.

December 2020: JVN and Mark Peacock Announce They Secretly Got Married

The following year was pivotal for JVN and Mark Peacock—because it's when they secretly got married! "2020 was a year unlike any other," JVN captioned a photo dump shared on New Year's Eve. "I got to campaign and get more involved politically. I finished my tour in Australia & NZ for what I didn't know would be my last standup show for who knows how long. I got married to my best friend & have a loving partner to continue building my life with." In the fourth photo of the slideshow, Van Ness and Peacock can be seen holding hands while wearing corresponding white wedding outfits.

Following the major reveal, well-wishes quickly poured in from JVN's fellow Queer Eye castmates. "Yay! We can finally celebrate it publicly!!" wrote Karamo Brown. "So happy for you!!!!!! One of the most beautiful couples in the world." Added Bobby Berk: "Yay!! That was a hard secret to keep!! love you Mark and Johnny!" Antoni Porowski jokingly commented, "Wait you got a dog?!?!?!"

Peacock echoed similar sentiments in his own post shared on the same day. "2020 brought on more changes than I've ever been a part of before," he wrote. "I left London and moved across the Atlantic, got dressed up for numerous seriously hilarious zoom quizzes, re-discovered a love for gardening, learn to drive on the left, got married to my soulmate and one true love @jvn and adopted a little Jack Russell called Pablo and entered a family with 4 amazing cats."

June 2023: JVN and Mark Celebrate Their Third Anniversary

JVN and his husband make frequent appearances on each other's social media profiles—and in June 2023, the hair guru shared a touching tribute to his partner on their third anniversary. "I love you so much @marklondon," they wrote. "Growing alongside you has taught me so much about life and I wouldn't want to live it with anyone else ma babe. Growing up lgbtq marriage was not legal. Marriage was something I always wanted but never knew if I would be able to have. This Pride (which I love our anniversary is in June) we can not take our rights for granted. Our legal right to equality (not special treatment) is under the microscope, don't forget to pay attention ❤️❤️❤️🏳️‍🌈 Love you all. And happy anniversary @marklondon ❤️"

Mark Peacock and Jonathan Van Ness' Wedding Details

Details from JVN's wedding day are, sadly, few and far between. What we do know is that Jonathan Van Ness and his husband Mark Peacock got married in June 2020 at what appeared to be a low-key backyard celebration. Jonathan Van Ness's wedding dress was a lavender frock, which they paired with a wedding-worthy ivory blazer. Mark Peacock wore a corresponding ivory suit with a maroon t-shirt underneath. In another rare snap from the ceremony, JVN and his husband can be seen holding hands and gazing into each other eyes beneath a tree during what seems to be their vow swap. Swoon!

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