Inside WNBA Stars Breanna Stewart & Marta Xargay Casademont's Love Story

Here's what we know about the WNBA couple.
Engaement photo
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Updated Nov 27, 2023

The WNBA's Breanna Stewart and wife Marta Xargay Casademont are a dynamic duo whose love story is as captivating as their slam dunks. Stewart, a 2-time WNBA MVP, and Casademont, a former professional basketball player, first found common ground on more than just the court.

As die-hard WNBA fans may know, Stewart's journey with Casademont began when they met playing for Dynamo Kursk in Russia. Despite initial shyness, sparks flew between the athletes in 2019 when Stewart's injury led to the blossoming of their romance. Fast forward to 2021, the power couple exchanged vows in a casual ceremony witnessed by close friends.

Following their wedding, the couple has since welcomed their daughter Ruby, and a couple of years later, a son named Theo. Although Casademont has retired from playing basketball, we can expect to see more of Stewart, likely even at the 2024 Olympic Summer Games in Paris, France, now that the USA Basketball Women's National Team have qualified.

  • ​​Is Breanna Stewart married? Yes, she's married to former basketball player, Marta Xargay Casademont.
  • Breanna and Marta met playing basketball for Dynamo Kursk during the 2018-19 season.
  • Breanna and Marta tied the knot in a private ceremony on July 6, 2021.
  • Breanna and Marta share two children, a daughter named Ruby and a son named Theo.
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Who is Breanna Stewart's Wife, Marta Xargay Casademont?

According to ESPN, Breanna Stewart's wife, Marta Xargay Casademont, was born in Girona, Spain, on December 20, 1990. Like Stewart, Casademont also played basketball professionally, including for the WNBA's Phoenix Mercury where she was a guard. She also played on the Spanish women's national team in the 2016 Olympics, where they won a silver medal.

Retirement post from instagram
Photo: Instagram / martaxargay

Casademont retired in 2021, expressing gratitude for her basketball career in a farewell statement she posted on Instagram.

Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay Casademont's Relationship Timeline

Breanna Stewart #30 of the Seattle Storm kisses her wife Marta Xargay Casademont at Climate Pledge Arena
Photo: Steph Chambers / Getty Images

2018: Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay Casademont meet

First instagram post together
Photo: Instagram / breannastewart30

According to PEOPLE, Stewart and Casademont first met while playing together for the Russian women's basketball club, Dynamo Kursk, during the 2018-19 season. Apparently they didn't actually talk much at first because they were doing their thing individually, with their own friends.

2019: Romance blossoms between Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay Casademont

First picture toghter on Marta Xargay Casademont instagram
Photo: Instagram / martaxargay

In a video called Breanna Stewart and Pro Hooper Marta Xargay Casademont Announce Birth of Baby by TOGETHXR x Bleacher Report, Casademont said that her and Stewart's relationship "started" when Stewart injured herself (she ruptured her right Achilles tendon in April of 2019).

In the same video, Stewart said, "Me being injured was like a blessing in disguise," and that, "Those moments and memories were huge for kind of what helped blossom our relationship into what it is."

2021: Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay Casademont get engaged

Engagement Photo
Photo: Instagram / breannastewart30

On May 2, 2021, Stewart posted a series of proposal pics on Instagram, announcing her engagement to Casademont.

Casademont also posted on social media, sharing photos of the proposal along with a caption that says, "Life isn't just about the moments, it's about who we share them with!I said YES 💍#wifey."

2021: Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay Casademont welcome baby Ruby

Couple welcoming baby into the world
Photo: Instagram / breannastewart30

In an exclusive with PEOPLE, Stewart and Casademont revealed that they welcomed their first baby, Ruby Mae Stewart Xargay, via surrogate on August 9, 2021. This was just days after Stewart won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics with Team USA.

"Ruby's arrival has been the best part of 2021 and easily one of the best moments of my life," Breanna told PEOPLE.

2023: Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay Casademont announce pregnancy

Mothers day post
Photo: Instagram / breannastewart30

On May 14, 2023, the couple posted a photo on Instagram of Stewart's baby bump, along with a caption that says, "When 3 turns to 4… Oct. 2023." A few months later, their son Theo Josep Stewart Xargay was born on October 25, 2023.

Breanna Stewart and Marta Xargay Casademont's Wedding

Couple with their daughter
Photo: Instagram / martaxargay

Is Breanna Stewart married? The answer is a resounding yes. Stewart and Casademont exchanged vows in a private, outdoor ceremony on July 6, 2021. Footage of the intimate event was captured in a video (see 2:35) by TOGETHXR x Bleacher Report, showcasing the brides exchanging vows in casual attire: a flannel and jean jacket.

With only a few witnesses, including their friend Katie Lou Samuelson and her boyfriend, the couple shared kisses and cheers upon completing their vows. For this WNBA couple, the future appears bright.

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