Convenient Cocktails for an Easy Engagement Party

Enjoy a premium cocktail without having to get out all of your mixologist gear.
andrea fowler the knot wedding planning expert
Andrea Fowler
andrea fowler the knot wedding planning expert
Andrea Fowler
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Whether you're hosting a group of friends for a backyard barbecue or a full-on family affair to celebrate your engagement, the last thing you want is get stuck playing bartender. But hey, you want to be a good host and have some cocktails on the ready, right? That's where these effortless drinks come in. From sparkling (spiked!) water to small-batch bottled cocktails, these sips are so simple. Not to mention, they look fab over ice in a beverage tub!

Spiked Sparkling Water

Truly spiked and sparkling water

Sometimes you just need some bubbles. And what's more refreshing than bubbles with a hint of tropical flavor and a splash of booze? Choose between pomegranate, lime or grapefruit flavors to cool down your guests during a hot summer afternoon.

Truly spiked & sparkling, $11 for pack of 6,

Premade Mixes

If you do want to have a hand in making some drinks, we recommend having a few things prepped and ready to go. Enter: these single-serving bottles that transform into cocktails with just a splash of club soda. Choose from cucumber mint, ginger lime or margaritas.

Be Mixed cocktail mixer, $33,

Canned Wine

Underwood canned wine

Yes, wine in a can is a thing and we couldn't be more excited. They're ready to travel and pop open at a moment's notice. There's no corkscrew necessary and zero dirty dishes.

Underwood wines in a can, $28,

Small Batch Sips

Miami cocktails small-batch cocktails

These small batch mimosa cocktails are perfect for an engagement brunch, while the sangria would perfectly complement a fiesta-themed fˆte. Pour over ice and enjoy. (And they're organic!)

Miami Cocktail Co. small batch spirits, $15,

Infused Vino

Maven wine cocktails

This isn't just any ordinary wine. This wine is infused with premium vodka—so your guests won't get that sleepy after-effect of a glass or two of regular wine. And who doesn't love the convenience of a screw top? (Aka no spills!)

Maven wine cocktail, $24 for 4,

Gourmet Refreshments

Don't forget about a quality cocktail alternative! Gourmet sparkling waters have an air of luxury to them and taste amazing, so no one has to miss out on delicious refreshments.

DRY sparking water, $28,

Craft Cocktails

Premixed Crafthouse cocktails

The only thing these bottled cocktails need is a glass of ice. The hard part is choosing among the paloma (tequila), the Moscow mule (vodka) or the southside (gin). So don't and just get one of each!

Crafthouse paloma cocktail, $20,

Already-Poured Wine

Xo, G rosé wine

We love a wine that comes with its own (shatterproof!) glass. These individual serving sizes are perfect to have on-hand for a couple friends who only want a glass or two. And we must say, how perfect is this for a travel-friendly bachelorette sip?

XO, G wine, $13,

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