Our Favorite Engagement Party Centerpieces & Where to Buy Them

What sits on your engagement party tables matters.
'We're engaged' glittery gold ring shaped engagement party center piece
Photo: BurlapandBlingStudio
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Updated Aug 09, 2023
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Engagement party centerpieces (and any other engagement party decorations you may have) are what first catch the eyes of your guests as soon as they walk in–aside from you and your partner. Centerpieces are great because you can tailor them to match the engagement party theme (if you have a specific one) and they can be personalized to showcase the love you and your partner have for each other. If you don't know where to start when it comes to checking the boxes off your engagement party checklist and shopping for your engagement party centerpiece decorations–we've got you covered. And, you can check out a selection of photos of beautiful engagement party centerpieces from flowers to candles from real weddings that will leave you feeling inspired and ready for your celebration.

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Where to Buy Engagement Party Centerpieces

Planning for your engagement party and shopping for your centerpieces for your engagement party may seem overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be. Here are a couple of stores you can take a look at to see what grabs your attention.

  • Amazon: There are lots of unique centerpieces for engagement parties on Amazon from budget-friendly picks to investment options. If you're an Amazon Prime member, your picks have the potential to arrive within a couple of days which is a perk for any last-minute shoppers.
  • Etsy: One of the best ways to support small businesses is to shop on Etsy. If you're looking for more personalized centerpieces for your engagement party, Etsy makes it easy to chat with shop owners about orders and possible customization.
  • The Knot Shop: While The Knot Shop is a great resource for wedding supplies, it is also the perfect shopping destination for prewedding events, like the engagement party. Many of the items are available at an affordable price point, making The Knot Shop a solid destination for budget-conscious shoppers.
  • Zazzle: Zazzle is an online marketplace filled with items from various designers. Zazzle makes it easy to customize font color and style using its design studio if there are any changes or designs you want personalized.

Engagement Party Centerpieces: Our Top Picks

Ready to shop for the perfect engagement party centerpiece? When researching engagement party table centerpieces, here are five of our favorite unique centerpieces for an engagement party that you can shop right now.

"We're Engaged" Glitter Engagement Party Sign

'We're engaged' glittery gold ring shaped engagement party center piece
Photo: BurlapandBlingStudio

With a glitter finish, these cardstock ring-shaped stick cut-outs will sparkle through your entire party. You can place these sticks with "We're Engaged" written across their center on top of a bed of flowers or even use one as an engagement cake topper–whatever suits your fancy. The best part about this pack is that it comes with four engagement party signs and you can select a glitter color from a choice of gold glitter, rose pink glitter and silver glitter.

Gold Votive Candle Holders for Romantic Engagement Party

Gold votive glass candle holders for engagement party center piece
Photo: Amazon

For a simple yet textured look, add one (or two) of these gold votive candle holders to the center of each table. Since these pieces are speckled they'll make for a good contrast piece, especially if your tables or tablecloths are white or another solid color. If candles don't necessarily match the aesthetic you're going for, or you simply aren't a fan of candles, you can place lights in them or ring pieces for an added touch.

Highlight Your Bling With Diamond Ring Centerpieces

Three piece glittery silver diamond ring engagement party centerpiece
Photo: Walmart

Your engagement party tables will shine bright like a diamond when one of these foam pieces sits on top. Since the set comes with three differently sized rings, you can put the larger one at the table where the couple of honor will be seated and the smaller ones at the surrounding guest tables.

Personalized Mason Jar for Rustic Engagement Party

Personalized mason jar mug engagement party centerpiece
Photo: Zazzle

For a functional centerpiece consider placing a mason jar with the couple's names on it at the center of each table. You can edit the font type and color using Zazzle's design tool to have the jars best reflect the style and personality of the couple and the party you're throwing. And, you can tell your guests that they can take them home if they'd like at the end of the party (just make sure you have enough extras so there's enough for everybody who wants one).

"I Do" BBQ Chalkboard Centerpiece Idea

'I Do' floral themed engagement party cake topper centerpiece
Photo: Zazzle

If you're looking for BBQ backyard engagement party centerpieces, you can keep things casual with these BBQ chalkboard centerpieces. Although they can be placed on the top of a cake or cupcake, they can also be placed in a wooden, metal, or other kind of slot you have available.

Engagement Party Centerpiece Ideas

Need some more inspiration? From metal lighthouse centerpieces to vintage ones with teacups on top of books, here are some ideas as to how you can incorporate some centerpieces into your engagement celebration.

Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloon Engagement Party Centerpieces

Paper Lantern Hot Air Balloon Engagement Party Centerpiece idea
Photo: Robyn Van Dyke Photography

For couples who were engaged on a hot air balloon ride or have always been fascinated by them, consider a hot air balloon-inspired centerpiece. This can be achieved by taking a lantern and tying it to a small basket–you can add some flowers like baby's breath for some additional volume.

"Up"-Inspired Handprint Mailbox Engagement Party Centerpieces

Throwing a Disney-themed engagement party? Add these 'Up'-inspired handprint mailboxes to the center of each table. Not only will the colorful balloons look nice during the party, but they will stand out when you and your guests take photos, too. These centerpieces can also serve as card drops or places to put answer cards when playing those printable engagement party games.

Floral Engagement Party Centerpiece Under A Glass Dome

For more sophisticated centerpieces, place glass domes over some bouquets in the middle of each table. The combination of flowers is up to you, but we'd recommend either using your favorite flowers or those with colors that match the color scheme of your party.

Vintage Teacup and Book Engagement Party Centerpieces

If your engagement party will be taking place at a tea room or during tea time, showcasing vintage teacups on some books is fitting. You can personalize this setup by adding three of your favorite books to each display.

Candles and Shells Engagement Party Centerpieces

Engagement Party Table Centerpiece of Candles and Shells
Photo: T.Y. Photography

When you're thinking of a beach-themed engagement party, your mind might go directly to beach ball centerpieces. However, we're here to propose a different kind of beach-inspired centerpiece featuring lanterns filled with white candles on top of plates with some sea shells and fishing nets–just looking at these centerpieces will put your guests' minds at ease.

Lighthouse Engagement Party Centerpieces

If you're looking for nautical-themed centerpieces for the tables at your engagement party (especially a winter celebration), opt for some metallic lighthouse structures. You can add candles for some added light.

Bright Geometric Terrarium Engagement Party Centerpieces

Place geometric terrariums in the center of each table for a contemporary feel. We love the addition of the brightly colored flowers as they make the pieces more eye-catching.

Bright Pop Art Engagement Party Centerpieces

Bright Pop Art Floral Engagement Party Centerpiece
Photo: Davina + Daniel

Your engagement party should be a bright day and your centerpieces should reflect that. Although we like the minimalist design and the use of red, yellow and blue flowers, you could opt for other colors if you wish.

Green Lantern Engagement Party Centerpieces

Green Lantern Engagement Party Centerpiece Decor
Photo: Lauren Hannah Photography

For a rustic touch to your engagement party, place green lanterns on each table. A benefit to these centerpieces is that they can be used even after your celebration for any future camping trips–who doesn't love a functional centerpiece?

Sunflower with Black Ribbon Engagement Party Centerpieces

For a summertime engagement party, glass vases filled with sunflowers are a solid choice. I love this couple's idea of tying a black ribbon around the vase, but you could opt for a different color if you'd prefer.

Pink Rose and Crystal Engagement Party Centerpieces

Gather some tall crystal pedestals and top them with bunches of pink roses for a shining centerpiece. Bonus points if you accompany your centerpieces with some additional flower petals on the tables.

Teapot Engagement Party Centerpieces With Flowers

Teapot Engagement Party Centerpiece With Flowers
Photo: Abby Fox Photography

Spread positivi-tea throughout your engagement party with teapot centerpieces filled with flower petals. These centerpieces will create a whimsical look and make your guests feel like they've stepped into a fairytale during your celebration.

DIY Hydrangea and Wood Round Engagement Party Centerpieces

If you're someone who likes DIY projects this one's for you. Take mason jars and fill them with hydrangeas, roses and baby's breath. Then, place them on wooden pieces and you'll have yourself some rustic table decorations.

Small Fall-Colored Engagement Party Centerpieces with Sunflowers and Votive Candles

These small fall engagement party centerpieces filled with warm-colored flowers are great if you're looking for centerpieces that aren't too distracting. Keep the vases small for a minimalist look.

Modern Floating Candle Engagement Party Centerpieces

For some added romance, it's hard to go wrong with candle centerpieces for your engagement party. If you're having a celebration in the spring, you can add some light pink hydrangeas to the display.

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