Who is Joe Burrow's Girlfriend? All About Olivia Holzmacher & Their Relationship

Curious minds, take note: Joey B is *not* single.
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Updated Sep 11, 2023

You don't have to be a die-hard sports fan to know the name Joe Burrow. The 26-year-old Bengals quarterback has quickly risen to stardom in his career, becoming a beloved figure on the football field and off. (If your TikTok feed hasn't included a Joe Brr edit in the last few months, are you even on the app?) While some are captivated by the athlete's record-breaking accolades in a few short years, others are invested in his personal life. So, who is Joe Burrow's girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher? And, more importantly, is Joe Burrow engaged? Although they've been together for quite some time, they generally keep their romance out of the public eye. Here's everything we know about Joe Burrow's girlfriend and their endearing love story.

  • Joe Burrow's girlfriend is Olivia Holzmacher. The two met at Ohio State University and began dating in 2017.
  • Although Joe Burrow isn't engaged or married just yet, some speculate he and his girlfriend may have already taken the next step... especially after rumors of a proposal took the internet by storm in the summer of 2023.

Is Joe Burrow Married or Engaged?

It's the question on nearly everyone's mind. Is Joe Burrow engaged or married? The answer is no…at least, not right now. Although he has yet to tie the knot, Joe Burrow has been dating girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher since 2017. In the summer of 2023, rumors of a Joe Burrow engagement took off when some fans said the athlete was tagged in a jeweler's Instagram photo of an engagement ring. Others alleged that Joe Burrow's girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher was spotted wearing a diamond engagement ring—though no official confirmation has been made.

How Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher Met

Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher met while in college at Ohio State University. Despite enrolling at the university in 2015, Burrow didn't begin playing on the football team until 2016—even then, he spent two years as a backup quarterback. In 2018, Burrow graduated from OSU with a degree in consumer and family financial services so that he could transfer to Louisiana State University. It was there that his budding athletic career as a quarterback began to thrive. At LSU, he won the Heisman Trophy in 2019 followed by the 2020 College Football Playoff National Championship during his senior year. All the while, Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher continued to date long-distance; Holzmacher often traveled to Baton Rouge in support of her boyfriend.

All About Joe Burrow's Girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher

So, who is Joe Burrow dating? Here's everything to know about his longtime girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher.

Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher Went Instagram Official in 2017

Although Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher met in college, they didn't post about their relationship on social media until their junior year. In August 2017, Olivia shared a photo of her and her boyfriend on the OSU football field, writing, "10/10 ...1 being the best."

Olivia Holzmacher Graduated from OSU in 2019

Although Joe Burrow transferred to LSU, his girlfriend finished her degree at Ohio State. According to her LinkedIn page, Olivia graduated from OSU in 2019 with degrees in data analytics and social sciences.

She Currently Works as an Analyst in Cinncinati

Olivia Holzmacher currently works as a data analyst for the grocery store chain Kroger. She's also based in Cincinnati, Ohio—a particularly fitting location, as Joe Burrow currently plays for the Cincinnati Bengals.

She's Often Spotted Supporting Joe Burrow at His Games

It's clear that Olivia Holzmacher is a supportive girlfriend—after all, she's been on the sidelines since the very beginning. A quick sweep of her Instagram page will show that Olivia has consistently cheered on Joe Burrow at OSU, LSU, and now the NFL, often in themed outfits. (We're partial to her trendy tiger-print matching set.)

Joe Burrow's and Olivia Holzmacher's Dating Timeline

There's no denying that Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher's love story is one of our favorites in the NFL. Here's a look at the couple's relationship timeline from the very beginning, including major milestones they've celebrated together.

2015-2017: Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher Meet at College

We can trace Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher's relationship back to around 2017 when they met in college at Ohio State University. While Joe began his freshman year in 2015, it's unclear exactly when they met and began dating.

August 2017: Joe and Olivia Make Their Relationship Public

In August 2017, Joe and Olivia made their romance IG official with a sweet post of the two on the OSU football field.

December 2019: Olivia Celebrates Joe's Heisman Trophy Win

On December 14, 2019, Joe Burrow was awarded the esteemed Heisman Trophy, beating current Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts. (It's worth noting that he secured the award with the largest victory margin in the history of the ceremony.) Joe Burrow's girlfriend was in attendance at the event, which took place at the Marriott Marquis in New York City. "I'm so proud of you!" she captioned a mirror selfie on Instagram. "The best weekend ever!"

April 2020: Olivia Supports Joe During the 2020 NFL Draft

Ahead of Joe Burrow's placement on the Cincinnati Bengals during the 2020 NFL Draft in April 2020, Holzmacher shared a heartfelt photo dump of milestones she captured throughout Burrow's career, including a snap of all of her game tickets and wristbands. "Tonight a new chapter starts for you!" she wrote. "Thankful to be by your side joe and to be a part of the past three seasons. I've had the best experiences and met the best people along the way. So excited for what the future holds. Tonight will be once in a lifetime night for you."

February 2023: Olivia Cheers on Joe's Super Bowl Run

Joe Burrow broke a number of records in his short time with the Bengals. During his second season with the team, he led them to their first playoff win since 1990. (This put an end to the longest active drought in the four major North American sports.) To date, he's also led the Bengals to five postseason wins—and they faced Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs for a spot in the 2023 Super Bowl, though the Bengals fell short by just three points. His girlfriend has been a constant support throughout his NFL career, often posting pictures of herself and her friends cheering on the team.

March 2023: Joe and Olivia Attend a Friend's Wedding

As the 2022-2023 NFL season came to a close, Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher sparked rumblings of an engagement after they attended a friend's nuptials. In a post shared on Instagram, fans couldn't help but express their wishes for a Burrow wedding in the future. ("Mr. and Mrs. Brrrrrrrrrr," wrote one user, while another commented, "We don't have royalty in Cincy, Ohio. But if we did. This would be the Prince and Princess of Hamilton County!")

In August 2023, rumors of a Joe Burrow engagement picked up once again after some fans alleged that Burrow was tagged in an Instagram photo of an engagement ring. Others said that Joe Burrow's girlfriend Olivia Holzmacher was spotted wearing a diamond engagement ring—though no official confirmation has been made yet.

Joe Burrow Wedding Proposal Prediction

According to data from The Knot 2022 Real Weddings Study, couples are getting married later in life. In fact, the average age of marriage in the US is 31 years old. While this famous Gen Z couple isn't at that life stage just yet, fans can't help but hope that Joe Burrow and Olivia Holzmacher will get married soon. Given their college origins and their constant support of each other, we've got our eyes on the possibility of a Joe Burrow wedding in the future.

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