24 Genius TikTok Wedding Planning Hacks You'll Want to Steal ASAP

Because scrolling TikTok definitely counts as wedding planning work.
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Updated Oct 25, 2021

If you've ever gotten lost in the endless TikTok scroll while you should be wedding planning, you're not alone. (Trust us, we've been there.) While Gen Z's favorite app is a great way to take your mind off of wedding planning stress, it's actually a wealth of inspiration for your big day. In fact, plenty of wedding pros and real couples frequently take to the app to share insider tips and tricks to make planning your nuptials a breeze. So, whether you've just gotten engaged or you're days out from the date, there are definitely a few TikTok wedding hacks that'll make your life infinitely easier.

As self-proclaimed TikTok experts (follow us!), we've done the hard work of rounding up the very best TikTok wedding planning hacks right here. From seating chart secrets to photographer-approved hacks for stunning pics, these genius TikTok wedding hacks seriously change the game.

Number RSVP Cards with Invisible Ink

@jennsnewglow #PepsiApplePieChallenge #weddingtiktok #rsvp #bride
♬ True Beauty - Jonna

No matter how organized you are with your wedding stationery, there's a chance guests may send their response back to you without their name, leaving you unsure as to who actually responded. To avoid this frustrating blunder, number every single RSVP card with invisible ink—then, assign each to a guest in a spreadsheet. If a card comes back nameless, consult your doc to confirm who it was. The time saved with this TikTok wedding hack will be invaluable.

Create a Physical Seating Chart with Color-Coordinated Post-Its

@yani.rchavez The simplest and most effective seating chart tip in my opinion. #isaidyes #planningmywedding #weddingtiktok #bride #bridetobe #weddingtips
♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

Making your wedding seating chart is basically a glorified game of Tetris. Your lineup will likely change a few times, and trying to write it out by hand will result in plenty of crumpled papers and unnecessary headaches. To completely simplify the process, draw a mock-up of your reception setup on a piece of cardboard and use color-coordinated post-it tags to represent your guests. This will allow you to easily make revisions until you get the perfect seating assignments.

Have a Private Last Dance

@realbrittanydawn any remaining makeup will be completely cried off🥺💕 #fyp #foryou #weddingtiktok #wedding #weddingday #weddingideas
♬ Taylor Songs Mashup - makie | 9.5k <3

Cue the tears, because this TikTok wedding hack is one of our all-time faves. Enjoying a private last dance before your exit will create the most intimate memories for you and your spouse. Pick a special song to play after all your guests leave, and take a secluded spin on the dance floor to revel in the final moments of your wedding day in private.

Add Glitter Bombs to Champagne Flutes

@artofsucre French 75 with champagne cotton candy & glitter? YES PLEASE #cottoncandy #GLITTERBOMB #Bartok #cocktails
♬ Love Story (Taylor's Version) - Taylor Swift

Hear us out: Glitter champagne may be one of the coolest signature drink ideas of all time. If you want your guests to be fascinated by their bubbly all night long, surprise them by passing out glitter bomb tablets to drop into their glasses. This edible idea (courtesy of dessert company Art of Sucre) is sure to be the focus of so many Instagram boomerangs.

Track the Sunset for Golden Hour Photos

@samirosetansel Some wedding day tips that you may have not thought of! #wedding #weddinghacks #budgetwedding #fyp #bride #married #ShowUpShowOff #Animation
♬ original sound - Sami Rose Tansel

We love every wedding planning hack this bride has—especially her tip to use The Knot to track RSVPs. But beyond that, her suggestion to monitor the sunset is a great way to be sure you get those Instagram-worthy golden hour shots. Set aside a block in your wedding day schedule to snap a few pictures with your photographer right before the sun goes down so you don't lose track of time while dancing and mingling with guests.

Use an IKEA Bag for Bathroom Trips

@clairekeathley BRIDE HACK! #bridehack #weddinghack #weddingdresshack #tiktokwedding #weddingphotographer #daytonohio #daytonohiophotographer #bridetobe
♬ bee - Burbank

Consider us mind-blown by this TikTok wedding hack. If you're not sure how you'll manage a bathroom trip in your wedding dress, you could ask a bridesmaid to hold your skirt à la 27 Dresses...or, you could use an old IKEA bag to hike up your dress. Watch and learn!

Assign Someone as Your Official Veil Tosser

@heartstringscreativeco MVP bridesmaid 💪 #weddingbts #bridesmaid #weddingdresses
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If you want one of those *epic* veil photos with your headpiece blowing gracefully behind you in the wind, tap a wedding party member for help. While you and your S.O. are taking couple portraits, have them stand behind you to throw your veil in the wind before running away. The results will be completely magazine-worthy.

Swap Confetti for Leaf Snippets

@hannahmeldahl Natural leaf confetti for our wedding! 🍃 🌿🎉#leaves#confetti#weddingideas#wedding#ceremony#weddingceremony#weddinghacks#summerwedding
♬ Falling Like The Stars - James Arthur

Tossing confetti isn't the most eco-friendly wedding exit option, especially if the material isn't biodegradable. For a sustainable swap, use a hole puncher to snip small circles from real leaves. Then, dump them into cute packages for guests to use during your ceremony or reception exit. The result will be completely stunning and eco-conscious.

Open a Credit Card Just for Wedding Expenses, Then Use the Rewards

@shanndetrick Make money on your wedding > go into debt over your wedding 🥂 #weddingtikok #weddingtips #weddingplanning #weddingideas #uniqueweddingideas #engaged
♬ Speechless - Dan + Shay

Throwing a wedding is expensive, but this TikTok wedding hack proves that it's possible to make money while you spend. Open an account with a credit card company that has a great rewards program, and use that card solely for major wedding purchases. Then, after you've racked up tons of cash in rewards, put that money toward smaller expenses, like wedding party gifts or guest favors.

Ask Your Officiant to Step Away During Your First Kiss

@gemsandjoyia 2 first kiss hacks 💋 #firstkiss #weddingplanning #weddingtiktok #weddingtipsandtricks #weddinghacks #weddingplanner #iowa #engaged #wedding #fyp
♬ original sound - Gems and Joy|Wedding Planner✨

Before the big day comes, ask your officiant to step away during your first kiss. You likely won't remember to say something in the moment, so make sure you touch base about logistics before the ceremony. Having your officiant step out of the shot will result in the most gorgeous first kiss photo you could ever imagine.

Buy Reusable Decor

@sidney.t.walker Wedding ✨ candle ✨ moment ✨ hack #weddingtiktok #weddingdiy #weddinghack #bridebabe #bridetobe #weddingvibes #bridesmaid #fyp #foryou #weddingdecor
♬ The JUICE by MR FINGERS - Haaniyah

We're all about TikTok wedding hacks that save money and serve a double purpose. Instead of purchasing expensive candle holders that would only be used on the big day, this bride found value packs of hurricane-inspired cups on Amazon to hold decorative candles. The best part is that they can be repurposed as drinking glasses later.

Intentionally Enjoy Your Wedding Morning

@ashieadams please steal this idea it was so amazing #wedding #weddingtiktok #weddingday #yoga
♬ original sound - ashieadams

Some wedding traditions are meant to be broken—especially the one that says you shouldn't see your S.O. before you meet at the aisle. If you don't want to spend half of the day avoiding your partner, be intentional about planning time to relax and enjoy the excitement together. We love how this couple hosted an AM yoga session for their family and wedding party members to shake off last-minute nerves. Or, for something more low-key, you could always enjoy a slow breakfast or take a walk to chat and set intentions for the day.

Use These 6 Questions to Make Your Guest List

@theweddingplanningguide 6 Questions to help cut your wedding guest list! #weddingtiktok #covidbride #weddingplanning #weddingtips #theWPG #fyp #weddingfyp
♬ original sound - The Wedding Planning Guide

Finalizing your guest list can be one of the more challenging aspects of planning a wedding. If you're on the fence about a few potential attendees, answer these six questions provided by a seasoned wedding planner. If you answer no for any, you might want to leave them off the lineup.

Invest in the Three C's: Chargers, Candles & Chairs

@unveiledla 3 easy must haves for your reception tables! #greenscreen #fyp #diywedding #weddingcolors #weddingplanning #weddingtips
♬ Falling - Trevor Daniel

Ambiance is everything, and it's super easy to create a stunning setup without going over budget. This wedding planner took to TikTok to share three simple (and affordable!) ways to completely transform your reception venue: chargers, candles and chairs.

Tuck Tissues in the Back of a Bridesmaid's Bouquet

@nancyann302 Best wedding tip! I bet you haven't heard this one! #wedding #weddingtiktok #weddingtips #weddingplanning #engaged
♬ Lofi - Domknowz

Picture this: You're exchanging vows at the altar, when all of a sudden you feel a tear run down the entire length of your face. You'd rather have a tissue to wipe it away than your finger, right? If you think you might be prone to teary eyes or a runny nose on the big day, have a bridesmaid tuck tissues in the back of their bouquet. If you need one in the spur of the moment, they'll be able to discreetly pass it to you and you'll avoid having wet hands.

Match Your Veil and Dress Colors

@vidachicevents Wedding Tip: the huuuuuge difference between white and ivory. #weddingplanner #weddinghack #bride #bridesdress #bridalgown #weddinghack#eyeslipsface
♬ Eyes. Lips. Face. (e.l.f.) - iLL Wayno & Holla FyeSixWun

Believe it or not, there's actually a big difference between white and ivory—and if you try wearing both, the white material may make the ivory look dingy. Take it from this wedding pro and make sure your veil and dress colors complement each other.

Create Space Around You at the Altar

@gritandgraceeventsco A little secret 🤭 to getting the best ceremony photos 💍 #weddingtiktok #weddingplanner #weddingtips #weddingplanningtips
♬ good 4 u - Olivia Rodrigo

Consider this one of our favorite TikTok wedding hacks. Your photographer will snap plenty of gorgeous shots throughout the ceremony—but if you want a few of just you and your partner, have your maid of honor and best man stand a few steps to the side, that way they won't end up in any photos. This will result in stunning close-up pictures of just you and your spouse while you exchange vows and rings. (Don't stress: Your photographer will still be able to capture wider group shots of the entire wedding party too.)

Ask Your Videographer for Hot Mic Footage

@newenglandcreative The world needs more Sam and @parahksarker 😆 #wedding #funny #weddingtiktok #hotmic #love #weddingplanner #engaged #weddingvibes #lol #weddingvideo
♬ Spongebob - Dante9k

Investing in a wedding videographer is a great use of your budget. If you've chosen to go this route, ask if they can supply hot mic footage. You never know what the camera (or microphone) will capture, and a blooper reel will let you look back at the funniest moments you might have forgotten.

Organize With Wedding Planning Boxes

@rileechastain How I stay sane while wedding planning 😅👰🏼‍♀️ #weddingtiktok #weddingtips #bridetobe #organizationhacks
♬ Pieces (Solo Piano Version) - Danilo Stankovic

Organization is key for preserving your sanity while planning a wedding. We love this bride's genius planning tip: Buy two boxes to be used to store physical "Planning" and "Day Of" essentials (think: invite samples, contract copies, small accessories, gifts, and color swatches, to name a few.) That way, when you need to grab a photo of your bridesmaid dress color to share with your crew, you know exactly where to find it in your house.

Rent an Airbnb to Get Ready

@styled.byjordan Happy wedding planning! #weddingtiktok #weddingtips #weddingplanning #bridetobe #engaged #bridalhair #weddinghair
♬ original sound - Mikayla Matthews

While this is one of the most expensive TikTok wedding hacks, it'll result in priceless memories. If there's space in your budget, consider renting an Airbnb to get ready on the morning of your wedding. Not only will this serve as a better photo backdrop than, say, a hotel room or a venue bathroom, it'll give you a private space to enjoy the morning with your wedding party and your vendors.

Get Disposable Favors

@plusoneplanning so there ya have it! #weddingfavors #wedding101 #wedtok #bridetok #engagedaf #weddingplanner #weddingplannertip #bridetip #weddingplanning101
♬ Sunny Day - Ted Fresco

If you're going to invest in wedding favors, you don't want them to sit in guests' junk drawers for months, untouched—or worse, left on the tables at your reception. To avoid unnecessary waste, opt for disposable favors instead. According to this planner, almost anything edible or consumable will be used (think: cookies, snacks, honey, candles, matches, etc.).

Write Your Vows on an Acrylic Sheet

@allisonkarlyn Inspired by my past client @leahmmcvey 💜💜 #weddingtips #weddingday #weddingplanning #weddingvideographer #weddingvibes #weddingplanner #wedding #fyp
♬ original sound - Allison Karlyn Heine

Instead of reading your vows off of a crumpled piece of paper, consider writing them on a sheet of acrylic or glass. The photos will be absolutely stunning.

Schedule Private Time for You and Your S.O.

@shanndetrick Major pro tip and I totally wish we did this! #weddingtips #weddingtiktok #weddingideas #weddingdaytips #weddingsong #weddingplanning
♬ You Are The Reason - Alex Porat

Your wedding day will be a blur from the moment you wake up until you make your exit. And while your nuptials will be filled with plenty of happy moments, you'll want to ensure that you can get some quality time with your spouse to soak it all in. Take it from this former bride, who stresses that allotting private time in your wedding day schedule is one planning tip you should definitely follow.

Make an Emergency Kit With the *Real* Essentials

@thelangco #weddingday #weddinginspo #weddingvibes #weddingtips #weddingphotographer #wedding #photographer #emergencykit #foryou
♬ original sound - Kayla + Mike Lang

You've probably given some thought to what you might include in your wedding day emergency kit, but take it from this photographer who's seen it all. In addition to the classics, like a sewing kit, scissors, earring backs and tape, pack a few underrated products like chalk (for covering up unwanted spots on a white outfit) and extra socks (in case a groomsman loses their pair).

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