56 Usher Lyrics to Use as Captions on Your Next Instagram Post

These are even better than, "My boo." Refer to this list for your tour and Super Bowl pictures.
Lovers & Friends Music Festival
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Updated Nov 23, 2023

Known for his soulful R&B songs and captivating stage presence, Usher has always had a way of infusing life's most exciting moments with his music. That's why using Usher lyrics for captions on your Instagram-worthy snapshots just… make sense. Whether you're celebrating a milestone anniversary or gearing up to groove to his beats during the Super Bowl 2024 Halftime Show, this compilation of Usher lyrics will add some serious pizzazz to your next IG posts.

From iconic ballads like "Nice & Slow" to upbeat anthems like "Yeah!," Usher's discography offers all kinds of song lyric captions that'll vibe with your followers. With fun, romantic and nostalgic options to choose from, they're sure to complement your picture-perfect moments. They'll especially resonate with you if you grew up listening to Usher songs in the '90s and 2000s or if you're seeing the upcoming Usher tour live in 2024.

So, if you're looking to include Usher's irresistible R&B charm in your next Instagram photo dump, here are 56 Usher song lyrics that'll make your followers and fellow Usher fans comment, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh my gosh."

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Usher Tour Instagram Captions for Concert Photos

"Usher Residency" At La Seine Musicale
Photo: Kristy Sparow / Getty Images

Capture the electrifying energy of the upcoming 2024 Usher tour with the perfect Instagram captions for your concert photos. Whether you're snapping pics at the show or reliving the moments from his Y2K glory days, use these Usher lyrics for captions on your Usher appreciation post.

  • "It's the only way we know how to rock." — "My Boo," Confessions
  • "There's just right now, now, now." — "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love," Raymond v. Raymond
  • "You got it, you got it bad." — "You Got It Bad," 8701
  • "Jumpin' and hollerin' waving both hands." — "Superstar," Confessions
  • "I think that you should let it burn." — "Burn," Love - The Essential Ballads
  • "I fell in love with shawty when I seen her on the dance floor." — "OMG," Raymond v. Raymond
  • "We got to vibe, we got a wave." — "No Limit," Hard II Love
  • "If you wanna party I got what you're looking for." — "Bad Girl," Confessions
  • "Listen to the people screamin' out more and more." — "More," Raymond v. Raymond
  • "Louder, louder, louder, louder." — "Scream," Looking 4 Myself

Usher Lyrics for Super Bowl 2024 Halftime Show Captions

Get ready to add rhythm and soul to your Super Bowl snapshots with these bangin' Usher lyrics. Whether you're taking selfies during the Halftime Show or celebrating game night at home with friends, here are some fab Usher one-liners to pair with your IG uploads.

  • "87 Jeans and a fresh pair of Nikes on." — "Love In This Club," Here I stand
  • "I do any and everything you want to." — "My Way," My Way
  • "Take that, rewind it back." — "Yeah!," Confessions
  • "Fifty thousand fans screamin' in a rage." — "Superstar," Confessions
  • "The headliner, finisher, I'm the closer, winner." — "More," Raymond v. Raymond
  • "You got a motive, and I think I like it." — "Don't Waste My Time," Don't Waste My Time
  • "Come see me in the V.I.P.." — "Bad Girl," Confessions
  • "Put 'em in the air, if you want more and more." — "More," Raymond v. Raymond

Usher Love Song Lyrics for IG Couple Captions

IHeartRadio's Living Black 2023 Block Party
Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Sharing romantic moments with your partner? Let these Usher love song lyrics add an extra spark to your couple photo captions.

  • "'Cause baby, tonight, the DJ got us falling in love again." — "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love," Raymond v. Raymond
  • "I just want to take it nice and slow." — "Nice & Slow," My Way
  • "Said I'm fortunate to have you, girl." — "You Got It Bad," 8701
  • "And I think miss shorty I've got a thing for you." — "Love In This Club," Here I stand
  • "This was something special, this was just like dynamite." — "OMG," Raymond v. Raymond
  • "Coffee in the morning, what a date night." — "Don't Waste My Time," Don't Waste My Time

Usher Instagram Captions for Engagement and Wedding Photos

2023 Roots Picnic
Photo: Kayla Oaddams / Getty Images

For future brides and grooms who can't help but groove to Usher's beats, these iconic R&B songs are perfect for pairing with your engagement or wedding posts. From "My Boo" Usher lyrics to lines from "More," here are a few to consider.

  • "There's always that one person that will always have your heart." — "My Boo," Confessions
  • "I'm your man, you're my girl, I'm gonna tell it to the whole wide world." — "You Got It Bad," 8701
  • "Good lovin', no questions." — "Don't Waste My Time," Don't Waste My Time
  • "Got me like, oh my God I'm so in love." — "OMG," Raymond v. Raymond
  • "Your love is legendary to me, without you my life stands still." — "Superstar," Confessions
  • "I could put karats all over you." — "No Limit," Hard II Love
  • "Watch me as I dance under the spotlight." — "More," Raymond v. Raymond

Usher Instagram Captions for a Night Out

2023 The Roots Picnic
Photo: Taylor Hill / Getty Images

From partying with friends to hitting the dance floor, these Usher lyrics were made to be used as Instagram captions on your going-out photos.

  • "I wanna make love in this club 'ey." — "Love In This Club," Here I stand
  • "I feel like a zombie gone back to life." — "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love," Raymond v. Raymond
  • "Watch out, my outfit's ridiculous." — "Yeah!," Confessions
  • "The ballers in here tonight, they gon' buy a hundred bottles." — "I Don't Mind," I Don't Mind
  • "Bad habits, don't judge me." — "Don't Waste My Time," Don't Waste My Time
  • "You know all you gotta do is tell me what you sippin' on." — "Love In This Club," Here I stand
  • "Bad ass, señoritas, two-seaters with kicks." — "My Way," My Way
  • "Up in the club with my homies, trying to get a lil' V-I." — "Yeah!," Confessions
  • "Give you that black card, no limit." — "No Limit," Hard II Love

Usher Instagram Captions for Your Honeymoon

Lovers & Friends Music Festival
Photo: Candice Ward / Getty Images

Whether you're taking photos on a sunny beach or going out dancing in a new city, Usher's music is the perfect backdrop for your honeymoon escapades. So why not take your romantic travel Instagram posts to another level with these Usher song lyrics?

  • "I'm in my drop top, cruisin' the streets, oh yeah." — "Nice & Slow," My Way
  • "First see the city skylights." — "Love You Gently," Here I Stand
  • "Got one life, just live it, just live it." — "Scream," Looking 4 Myself
  • "'Cause on a one to ten, she's a certified twenty." — "Yeah!," Confessions
  • "This is the way I see you in my dreams." — "Superstar," Confessions
  • "I'm not thinking 'bout nobody else but you." — "Crash," Hard II Love
  • "There's so many ways to love ya." — "OMG," Raymond v. Raymond
  • "I see you over there, so hypnotic." — "Scream," Looking 4 Myself
  • "You're such a sight to see in the month of June." — "Love You Gently," Here I Stand

Usher Instagram Captions for Anniversaries

2023 The Roots Picnic
Photo: Taylor Hill / Getty Images

Looking for the perfect way to caption your anniversary photos? Usher's lyrics are perfect for lovebirds who met during the 2000s, capturing the nostalgia and romance with his smooth R&B hits.

  • "You will always be my boo." — "My Boo," Confessions
  • "Would you mind if I hold onto you so that I won't crash?" — "Crash," Hard II Love
  • "'Cause you are my superstar." — "Superstar," Confessions
  • "I gotta real pretty, pretty little thang that's waiting for me." — "Nice & Slow," My Way
  • "This is for you, you, my number one." — "Superstar," Confessions
  • "You finer than wine, baby girl, I ain't lying." — "No Limit," Hard II Love
  • "But you're so magnetic, magnetic." — "Scream," Looking 4 Myself
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