The Bride's Accessories Shopping Checklist

Earrings? Check. Pearls? Check. Shoes? Uh oh. Remember all your essential accoutrements with this accessories checklist.
Wedding accessories checklist for bride
Photo by Amy & Stuart Photography

If you've already purchased your wedding gown, you've probably realized that there's more to your bridal ensemble than just a white dress. The truth is, the details count: there are shoes to buy, a veil to choose, jewelry to borrow. Where should you start? Consult our exclusive Bridal Attire Checklist, then get out there and start shopping!


  • Shawl or bolero: Keeps you warm while adding a new look to your dress.
  • Shoes: Flat or strappy? Chunky or stiletto? Just make sure they match. It might be a good idea to bring a back up pair for dancing.
  • Gloves: Totally not necessary, but ever since Amal wore a pair to the Golden Globes, they're making a comeback.
  • Hair piece: Get it before your hair trial so your stylist can work it into your wedding day hairstyle.


  • Engagement ring: Get it cleaned beforehand so it's de-grimed and ready to be put on your finger for the ceremony.
  • Wedding bands: In a box or on a pillow to be given to the best man/ring bearer.
  • Necklace: After your dress and smile, a statement necklace is the first thing people will notice.
  • Earrings: Keep them simple if your necklace is grand.
  • Bracelet(s): Always a nice touch. Just be careful they won't snag on your dress's delicate fabric.
  • Watch: Appropriate only if it's antique or has extreme sentimental value.


  • Bra/Bustier: There may be no need, but you may show more than you bargained for if your gown's material is thin.
  • Underwear: Thong or control top, and everything in between.
  • Garter: The most popular "something blue" accessory.
  • Slip: Extra important if your gown's made of tear-prone tulle.
  • Bodyshaper/bodyslimmer: For keeping you tucked in.