Q&A: RSVPs: Wording a Written Response?


Help! I need the Emily Post-approved language for a formal response to a wedding invitation. Please give stationery and wording details.


If you receive a wedding invitation that doesn't include a response card -- which usually will only happen with very formal invitations, most likely on white or cream paper with engraved wording in black ink -- you'll need to respond with a formal acceptance note. Use plain white or cream-colored notepaper (or your own "official" stationery, if you have some) and black ink. The wording is similar to the invite wording:

Mr. and Mrs. George Lynch

accept with pleasure [or "gladly accept"]

the invitation of

Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Damone [the names at the top of the invitation; the hosts]

for Saturday, August 30

at one o' clock in the afternoon.

Including the date and time of the wedding lets your hosts know you understood their invitation. If you follow these guidelines, your response will be completely Emily-proof!

If you get a less formal or handwritten invitation without a response card, respond with an informal note: "Greg and I are thrilled to be invited to the wedding -- we'll be there on March 26 at 3 o'clock!" Feel free to include any other personal thoughts and wishes, too!

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