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Lindsay Tigar

Wedding Planning Contributor
  • Lindsay contributes articles to The Knot Worldwide, with a specialty in honeymoon travel and creating wedding planning.
  • Lindsay owns a content agency, Tigar Types, to help businesses of all sizes grow their digital footprints.
  • Lindsay freelances for a plethora of publications, covering many topics, ranging from wedding advice and planning to travel, health and more.

Lindsay Tigar is a freelance lifestyle journalist and the owner of a digital content agency, Tigar Types, LLC. (Yes, pronounced like the animal!) For more than a decade, Lindsay has built her writing and editing career, landing bylines in top-tier publications like Vogue, National Geographic, Travel + Leisure, Fast Company, CNN, and countless others. Before working full-time for herself, she was an editor at NBC, and the editorial director for ClassPass’s blog, The Warm Up

Originally from North Carolina, Lindsay moved to New York City with two suitcases, $3,000 and much ambition after graduating from college. For seven years, she hustled tirelessly to create the career she dreamt of and a network of incredible mentors, colleagues and friends. In 2017, she was given the opportunity to travel the world via the program Remote Year. She said ‘yes,’ packed her bags and lived in 15 countries on six continents for 15 months. Now, she lives in Boston with her fiance, Rasmus and her pup, Charli, but still travels as frequently as she can. 


At the age of five, Lindsay was given a Playskool recorder for her birthday. It was then that she started interviewing anyone and everyone she could. She would write stories on notebook paper — bound with string — and present them to her parents. In the seventh grade, she scored the highest on the North Carolina writing test, and her encouraging English teacher suggested she might like to be a journalist when she grew up. She loved the idea of telling people’s stories, and thus, her career began. During high school, she had two internships, another five in college, and moved to the Big Apple as quickly as possible. 

She began her career at a small business magazine and created a lifestyle blog that skyrocketed her freelance career. After serving as a parenting and marriage editor at NBC’s and for several years, she made a move to content strategy, where she started ClassPass’s blog, The Warm Up. In this position, she learned the fundamentals of SEO and content marketing, fueling her desire to start her own company. For the last four years, she’s been proud to take on many clients across several industries and help them grow their brands. 

While she loves writing about anything and everything, her favorite topics include first-person narratives, travel and honeymoon writing, psychology, wellness and health, and of course, wedding planning! 


Lindsay graduated as the valedictorian of the journalism school at Appalachian State University in Boone, North Carolina. While attending AppState, she worked at the student newspaper, The Appalachian, starting as an intern and making her way up to executive editor by senior year. She also served as the editor-in-chief for the college-oriented online publication, ChickSpeak.

Awards & Appearances

  • In 2018, Lindsay was honored to be named one of the “35 Change-Makers Under 35” by travel company Contiki. 
  • Throughout her career, Lindsay has been interviewed as an expert on various topics, depending on her latest stories, by various podcasts, including NPR, and others.
  • In 2010, Lindsay started the Ed2010 Buddy System, a program that matches recent college graduates with entry-level editors in New York City.