What to Write on a Bridal Shower Cake to Wow the Bride-to-Be

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Updated Jun 13, 2023

The bridal shower is a time-honored tradition, typically planned by the maid of honor or bride's mother, to signify the beginning of a new chapter. From the venue and the guest list to decorations, food and game ideas, much care, love and consideration goes into planning this special day. But the sweetest item on your to-do list might be choosing a baker to whip up a beautiful (and yummy) dessert. Though you might find it easy to pick flavors, toppings and designs, you might struggle with what to write on a bridal shower cake to 'wow' your bride-to-be.

After all, a bridal shower cake is a chance to make a statement about the collective sentiment endorsing her lifelong union with her mate, says Sarah Chianese, the owner and executive chef at Mangia and Enjoy! — and the written words on top should also reflect her. "The written cake topper can be humorous or more classic and must be thoughtful and memorable," she says. "The decoration can also reflect and enhance the writing, so get creative with the baker and devise a visual theme."

Here, we've rounded up the best bridal shower cake sentiments—from the classic to the simple, no-fuss bride—that will make her feel seen and loved. Chianese and another bridal expert, Lilia Shatnaya, the owner and designer of Plume and Stone Invitation Studio, recommend these.

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Simple Bridal Shower Cake Wording

She doesn't like a lot of fuss about celebrating her love. And you might even call her the opposite of a so-called bridezilla. Consider these bridal shower cake messages for the simple bride who prefers to keep everything harmonious and beautiful.

  1. Soon to be Mrs. [existing or new last name]
  2. Future Mrs. [new last name]
  3. Finally!
  4. Love is All You Need
  5. Enjoy Together, Forever
  6. Congratulations, [Name]
  7. You're Getting Married!
  8. For Our Beautiful Bride
  9. Let's Get [Name] Hitched!
  10. Adventure Awaits
  11. Couple's Initials
  12. Future Wife
  13. At Last
  14. Better Together

Funny Bridal Shower Cake Wording

When she was single and dating, she somehow found the humor in even the worst dates. She's the first to cheer up her friends—and always has the last laugh. Now, you can return some of the puns and fun with these hilarious bridal shower cake sayings:

  1. You've Been Promoted From Bridesmaid to Bride
  2. Off the Market! [Check mark sign]
  3. S*** Just Got Real!
  4. Who's going to be our wingwoman now?
  5. [Partner's Name] Put a Ring On It
  6. To the Girl Who Keeps Us Laughing (And Loving)
  7. [Name] Has a Type & It's [Partner's Name]
  8. Team OMG She's a Bride!
  9. About Damn Time
  10. The One Where [Name] Gets Married

Clever Bridal Shower Cake Wording

She's cheeky and fun, smart and collected—and truly the best catch of all time. She'll appreciate a mix of thoughtful sentiments and funny messages, making these bridal shower cake ideas perfect.

  1. [X of days until the wedding] to go
  2. Countdown to the gown
  3. She's Beauty, She's Brains — and She's Got the Bae!
  4. The One Where [Name] Got Married
  5. Love at First Bite
  6. All You Need is Love (And This Cake)
  7. I Do (Want This Cake)
  8. Say "Yes" to Forever (And Another Slice)

Sweet Bridal Shower Cake Wording

She's been dreaming of her wedding long before she met her partner. And along the way, she's celebrated everyone else in her life with kindness, thoughtfulness and love. Make her fairytale visions come true with these bridal cake messages that are sweeter than frosting.

  1. [Name] is in love—and it shows
  2. Happily Ever After
  3. Your Love is Sweeter Than This Cake
  4. Sweet Beginnings for the Sweetest Love
  5. Dreams Do Come True
  6. Your Happily Ever After Starts Now
  7. Love is in the Air
  8. Forever and a Day
  9. Forever and Ever

Classic Bridal Shower Cake Wording

She is following all of the traditions—with her own spin—and likes to keep everything polished and elegant. These classic sayings for a bridal shower cake will make her feel like every detail was well-thought-out, from the flavor to the sentiment and theme.

  1. Pop the champagne, she is changing her name.
  2. [Name] is a BRIDE!
  3. Two Hearts, One Spirit
  4. Bride to Be
  5. Classic Lady, Unique Kind of Love
  6. From Miss [or Ms.] to Mrs.
  7. At Last, [Name's] Love Has Arrived
  8. To Have and To Hold
  9. Almost Mrs.
  10. She Said Yes
  11. Best Wishes
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