Bridal Shower: Bridal Shower Cake Wording?


I am the maid of honor in charge of ordering the wedding shower cake for my sister's bridal shower. What would be appropriate to have written on the top?


Don't worry too much about this detail -- there are tons of options for decorating a shower cake. It can be as simple as "Congratulations Julie", or as ornate as you want and can afford. Some ideas include writing a line from her favorite poem, covering the cake with her favorite flowers made of sugar or the design of her china pattern, even a scaled-down version of her wedding cake. When making your decision, consider the bride's personality and the formality of the event. If the shower is casual, and she has a great sense of humor, maybe she would get a kick out of a funny caricature of her and the groom. If the event is more formal stick to something a little more traditional -- you can never go wrong with a spray of beautiful fresh flowers. You probably know your sister better than most, so go with your gut, and do what you think would make her smile.

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