This Couple Was Over Unity Ceremonies, So They Cracked Open A Beer Instead

Jill and Derek of Allenspark, Colorado, wanted something different for their unity ceremony, so they poured two types of beer into a glass and started the party early!
A bride and groom pouring a black and tan drink into a beer glass at their outdoor unity ceremony.
Libby Neder Photography
rachel torgerson the knot bridal fashion expert
Rachel Torgerson
rachel torgerson the knot bridal fashion expert
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Since Jill and Derek aren't super into religion, they decided they wanted to do something unique to celebrate their union. In lieu of the traditional candle and flame, Jill and Derek opted for Harps and Guinness to create a Black and Tan. "We are not religious at all, so we searched for an idea that would be special to us," says Jill. "Derek loves stout beer and I love the lager, so a Black and Tan suited us perfectly, and we decided we'd each take a sip."

Their unique idea would have been perfect if the lager hadn't taken up the whole glass and the stout hadn't exploded everywhere! "I had to pour first, since I was the tan," says Jill. "I've never been good at pouring beer in a glass without a large head forming. I made the largest [foam] head possible! I knew I was in trouble so I just started laughing. Derek was laughing too, along with everyone else." When it was Derek's turn to open his beer and pour it into the glass, it exploded and ran all over. Eventually, though, the couple got the situation under control. "[Finally], Derek poured the most perfect black and tan. Sips were taken, and we kissed." The adorable picture above was captured by Libby Neder Photography.

We love this fun unity ceremony idea! What do you think, Knotties? Would you buck tradition and grab a beer? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

From the album: A Simple, Rustic Mountain Wedding at Wild Basin Lodge in Allenspark, Colorado

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