How to Easily Find a Couple's Wedding Website & Registry on The Knot

This simple guide is a guest's best friend.
Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
Hannah Nowack
Hannah Nowack The Knot Senior Weddings Editor
Hannah Nowack
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Updated Sep 06, 2023

Wondering "How do I locate 'The Knot Find a Couple' tool?" You're in luck, it's never been simpler to use the couple search feature to find a wedding website or wedding registry on The Knot.

I get it, there are a lot of logistics wedding guests have to deal with before a loved one's wedding. From selecting a stunning wedding guest outfit to purchasing the perfect gift from the wedding registry. And while we can't click "Add to Cart" for you, The Knot can help with just about everything else to make attending a wedding a breeze. Consider us your one-click-away wedding concierge.

Pro tip: Don't text the couple directly. They've got enough to deal with their wedding planning checklist, which is why The Knot wedding lookup tool exists. Chances are, the to-be-weds have thoughtfully added everything you need to know for the celebration to their wedding website. So before you send out the S.O.S. because you misplaced the wedding invitation (Hint: It's probably in that pile of mail you keep meaning to clean off the coffee table), find and read the couple's wedding website and wedding registry.


Here, we break down exactly how to find a couple's wedding website and wedding registry on The Knot. Plus, we share all the information to look for once you find the couple's site, so you can answer every question you might have without reaching out to the couple.

Wedding couple search details in this story:

How to Find a Couple's Wedding Website on The Knot

If you're not sure how to find a couple's wedding website on The Knot, we have great news: the wedding website search on The Knot is easier than you realize. First, go to and hover over the "Wedding Websites" tab on the top menu bar (on mobile, click the three horizontal lines in the upper-righthand corner to see the toolbar). From there, a drop-down menu will appear. Click on "Find a Couple's Wedding Website." You'll be taken to a page where you can enter their first and last names, as well as the month and year for their wedding. At least two characters have to be entered in the name fields, but the date entries are optional. Finally, press "Search" and their wedding website will pop up below in a list of wedding website search results.

How to find a couple's wedding website on the knot step-by-step infographic
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How to Find a Couple's Wedding Registry on The Knot

Are you wondering "How do I find my friend's registry on The Knot?" Well, great news—with just a few short clicks, you can easily find someone's wedding registry on The Knot.

The Knot wedding lookup process for finding a couple's registry is very similar to the wedding website search. To start, go to and click on "Registry" in the top toolbar on the homepage (on mobile, click the three horizontal lines in the top left corner of the screen to see the menu). A dropdown menu will appear and you will see an option to "Find a Couple's Registry." Click on those words. You will then be directed to a page with the headline "Find a couple's wedding registry and website." On the middle of the page there are four data-entry fields for first name, last name, month and year. At least two characters are required to be entered into both of the name fields, but the month and year fields are optional. So if you can't remember exactly when your bestie's wedding is, but you still want to locate their registry, you can do so. Simply enter as much as you remember (like their name and wedding year, for example) and press the hot pink button that says "Search." Voila! The couple search results will appear and your friend's The Knot Registry page will be listed.

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How to find a couple's wedding registry on the knot step-by-step infographic
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What to Look For on a Couple's Wedding Website

So, you completed the wedding search and found a couple's wedding website. Now what? Their wedding website will be a helpful resource to use in the weeks leading up the celebration. Here's what to look for on their custom wedding page.

Their Wedding Registry

While giving a wedding gift isn't required, it's highly encouraged. If you're not sure what to buy, it's always best to shop directly from the couple's wedding registry first. Most to-be-weds will include their registry information on their wedding website, but you can also use the process outlined above to find their gift wishlist. If they don't have a registry set up and you need to buy a present, shop our roundup of the best wedding gifts for great ideas that'll wow.

RSVP Information

Sending in your RSVP in a timely manner is the most important thing to do as a wedding guest (besides showing up on the big day). The couple will need a definitive headcount to share with their venue and team of talented wedding pros, so submit your RSVP as soon as possible. Formal invites are typically sent out six to eight weeks before the wedding date, so aim to RSVP three to four weeks prior. (The earlier you send in your response, the better.)

Mail-in RSVP cards are still common, but some couples are opting for digital correspondence. The Knot offers RSVP functionality through wedding websites, and this might be their preferred means of receiving your response. If so, you'll be able to RSVP directly through their wedding website. Both their site and formal invitations will have directions on how to respond, so keep an eye out for instructions.

Wedding Details

Before you text or call the couple to ask about details like the date, time, location or wedding dress code, check their wedding website first. There's a good chance that all of your logistical questions will be answered on their wedding website, making it a valuable resource to search. If your question isn't answered on their site, try asking members of the wedding party or other guests you know will be attending before going to the couple directly.

Lodging and Travel Accommodations

Depending on the location of the nuptials, the couple may arrange travel and lodging accommodations. This will be helpful information for you, especially if you'll be traveling from out of town. If the couple reserved room blocks at nearby hotels, you might be able to book a discounted stay or coordinate travel with other guests. You'll also need to know if they'll be providing transportation to and from the ceremony and reception, which will help you plan travel logistics for the wedding day (or the entire weekend). Search for this information on the wedding website before making your own transportation arrangements to simplify your prewedding to-do list.

Local Activities

Some to-be-weds customize their wedding website even further with local activities and sightseeing recommendations. If they've taken the time to personalize their wedding website, take full advantage of their creativity. These recs will be especially helpful if you'll be traveling from out of town or if there's downtime in between wedding activities. Browse through any additional pages on the couple's wedding website too, because you never know what hidden information or surprises you'll find.

What to Look For on a Couple's Wedding Registry

Now that you've successfully found a couple's wedding registry, it's time to actually look through their wishlist. Here's everything you need to search for on someone's wedding registry.

Wishlist Price Options

Often, after answering the question "How do I find someone's wedding registry?" the next query you're faced with is "How much should I spend on a wedding gift?" Thankfully, The Knot has a wedding gift calculator that can answer that very question for you. Couples will register for gifts at a variety of price points, so don't stress if some of the items feel out of your budget. The to-be-weds hand-selected each item on their registry, so pick the one that fits your wallet and they'll certainly appreciate it.

Retailer Options

With a registry on The Knot, some items added to a to-be-wed's wishlist may come from The Knot Registry Store. For those products, you can complete the purchase directly on However, many couples have more than one registry. For example, if the couple also has a registry on Amazon or Target, those products will show up in their registry on The Knot, but purchasing and fulfillment will happen through the retailer with whom they have the additional registry. For gifts like that, you will be taken to the website of the external registry when you click on the item. You'll purchase the gift through the external retailer.

Completed Gifts

When a gift has been purchased by another wedding guest, it will have a green "Purchased" label on it so you know that wedding gift was fulfilled. Since The Knot Registry integrates with most external registries, even the purchase of products through a partner registry, like Target or Amazon, will display as completed in a couple's registry on The Knot. However, for some smaller retailers that aren't integrated with The Knot, you will see a note that says "Come back to the couple's registry on The Knot to tell us if you've bought the gift" when you click on their registry item.

Pay Attention to Virtual Gifts

Many modern couples are choosing to registry for experiences (like a cooking class), cash funds (like a home-buying fund) or even charity donations. Take some time to search through a couple's wedding registry to see all the options available to you before you select a gift to give.

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