What Not to Do the Week of Your Wedding: 14 Red Flags to Avoid

This is not the time to take advantage of a spray tan special.
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Heather Bien - The Knot Contributor.
Heather Bien
Heather Bien - The Knot Contributor.
Heather Bien
The Knot Contributor
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Updated Jan 22, 2024

There are plenty of things you should be doing the week of your wedding, from designating your vendor point person to making sure your wedding attire is stain-free and neatly arranged in one place. But what about your what not to do week of wedding checklist?

The things to avoid are just as important, particularly if you want to keep the last-minute preparations smooth and your celebration stress-free. Some are obvious, like avoiding drastic changes to your beauty routine or staying out all night, while others, like diving into a new work project, might be a little tougher to swing. But this is your week and you should take the time you need to prepare—and that means keeping these 14 things far away from your to-do list.

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Printable What Not to Do the Week of Your Wedding Checklist

Here's your easy-to-reference list of what not to do the week of your wedding. Print it out. Stick it to your mirror. Keep it by you at all times. And, if you aren't getting married for a few more months (or years!), save it to your Pinterest so you'll know exactly where to find it.

Free, Printable What Not to Do Week of Wedding Checklist
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What Not to Do the Week of Your Wedding

One week before your wedding, it's time to hold strong to your boundaries. Don't get tempted by the allure of a drastic new haircut or the last-minute bonus bachelorette party. Review this list with your partner and hold each other accountable.

Listen to Unsolicited Advice

Everyone has opinions. Some of them are good. Some of them aren't. But the week of your wedding, the only one that matters is yours and your partner's. Now isn't the time to let your mom weigh in on a last-minute first dance song or how you'll exit the ceremony. Stick with the decisions you've made as a couple.

Tackle New DIYs

Staring at tables full of guest gifts to be assembled or escort cards to paint is not what you want in the final days before your wedding. Sarah Klingman, CEO and founder of Gather, suggests, "Focus on finalizing what you've already started and delegate tasks if needed."

Eat Fast Food

"Steer clear of fast food during this crucial week. We're talking about ensuring a tummy as steady as your love. Cook up a storm at home, and keep food poisoning off your guest list," says micro-wedding specialist Jennifer Allen of Just Elope. Prioritize whole, nutritious foods to keep yourself feeling full and healthy.

Make Drastic Diet Changes

"Now is not the time to experiment with new diets or detoxes. Drastic changes in eating habits can affect your energy levels and mood, and you don't want to risk feeling unwell on your big day," says Klingman. Instead, focus on nourishing your body.

Try a New Skincare Routine

If you've never used a retinol, put down the Tretinoin prescription. You may feel like you need to launch into a fancy new skincare routine for your big day, but stick with what you know works for your skin. You never know when something will react poorly with your individual chemistry.

Overhaul Your Look

You want to look back on your wedding day and recognize yourself, so, unless you're one to experiment regularly with your look, this isn't the time to start. "This is not the week to decide you want to channel your inner unicorn with a wild new hair color. Keep it classic, keep it you," says Jamie Wolfer of Wolfer and Co.

Tell Others About Your Secret Elopement

"If you are having an elopement and want to keep it that way, don't tell anyone about your plans. Especially the week before the wedding," says wedding planner and photographer Elizabeth Raley of Elope to Savannah. The last thing you want is eager interlopers booking a flight the day before.

Go Bungee Jumping

You may want to work out some of those pre-wedding jitters with an adrenaline pumping activity, but just say no. Allen explains, "Forget about risky business! Now's not the time to check off those extreme bucket list items. Let's save the adventure for the honeymoon and avoid any last-minute injuries."

Make Last Minute Major Changes

"Making significant changes to plans, like seating arrangements or decor, can lead to unnecessary stress. Trust the preparations you've already made," says Klingman.

Wolfer adds, "Put the Pinterest boards to rest. Don't torture yourself by comparing your fabulous choices with the endless sea of internet options." At the end of the day, your wedding will happen and people, including yourself, will have a wonderful time.

Check the Weather Too Far in Advance

While it's beneficial to know whether you'll need to order clear umbrellas at the last minute, checking the weather too far in advance is a futile effort. "I suggest that people do not look at the weather more than a day or two in advance. All of our weddings are outdoors and couples stress out over forecasts weeks in advance. Sometimes even months in advance," explains Raley.

Host a Wild Bachelor or Bachelorette Party

While logistics may dictate a bachelor or bachelorette party right before the wedding when everyone is in one place, don't let it get out of hand. "Alcohol-induced hangovers or mishaps won't match your wedding day glam. Plan those parties wisely," says Allen.

Drink Every Night

Klingman explains, "While a little celebration is understandable, overindulging in alcohol can affect your skin, sleep and overall well-being." Avoid excessive alcohol consumption at the pre-wedding festivities and, instead, focus on hydrating.

Start a New Workout

Stick with what you know works for your body in those last days before the big day. "Avoid beginning any new, intense fitness regimens that your body isn't accustomed to. This could lead to muscle soreness or, worse, injury," says Klingman. And who wants to be sore on the dance floor?

Feel Uncomfortable Delegating

"I know it's tempting to do all the things, but this is the time to delegate like you're the CEO of Weddings, Inc," says Wolfer. Pass off tasks to your wedding party or family members. "They're itching to help, so let them! And trust your vendors. You hired them for a reason. Let them work their magic without you peeking over their shoulders every five minutes."

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