Who Is Caeleb Dressel's Wife? All About the Olympic Swimmer's Love Story

The gold medalist met his longtime love in high school.
Caeleb Dressel and wife Meghan Dressel
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Updated Jun 05, 2024

Things are going swimmingly for Caeleb Dressel and his wife, Meghan Dressel. The seven-time Olympic gold medalist dominated at the 2020 Games in Tokyo, and is expected to make an even bigger splash in Paris this summer. Widely regarded as one of the best swimmers of all time, the athlete holds world records in three events. Out of the pool, though, the athlete has a rom-com-worthy love story that's more beautiful than any medal.

Dressel met his wife while they were both swimmers in high school. She's been his biggest supporter throughout his prolific career, as she's almost always seen cheering him on from the stands. Following their 2019 engagement, the longtime couple got married in 2021, and they welcomed their first child three years later. We take a deep dive into Caeleb Dressel's love story with his wife here, breaking down what to know about their adorable relationship, along with details from their Florida wedding.

  • Caeleb Dressel is married to Meghan Dressel. They have been together since they were in high school.
  • Caeleb and Meghan Dressel met through swimming, and at one point even competed on the same team.
  • Caeleb Dressel and Meghan Dressel got married on February 13, 2021, in Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Caeleb Dressel and his wife welcomed their first child, son August, in February 2024.

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Who Is Meghan Dressel, Caeleb Dressel's Wife?

Caeleb Dressel's wife is Meghan (Halia) Dressel. A former swimmer just like her husband, she competed throughout her childhood and was a two-time Florida state champion in the 100-meter breaststroke. She swam until her second year of college at Florida State University before giving up the sport to focus on academics.

Meghan Dressel holds two bachelor of science degrees in Family and Child Sciences and Psychology. She went on to receive a master's degree in Education, Marriage and Family Therapy/Counseling from the same university. Upon graduating in 2020, she reflected on her rigorous education experience, writing on Instagram, "I knew this program would be tough before I even started…but what I wasn't prepared for was just what that ~hard~ meant. The ways in which I would be challenged, pushed, and stretched has lead to growth in places and ways I never imagined, and friendships that formed deeper than I ever knew I needed."

How Meghan and Caeleb Dressel Met

If you're wondering how Caeleb Dressel met his wife, we're happy to report it was through swimming. (Does it get any better than that?) The athlete opened up about their meet-cute during a 2020 interview with FINA Aquatics World Magazine: "Meghan and I swam at [the] Bolles [School Sharks] together in the late-night group because we didn't go to school there," he recalled.

Meghan and Caeleb Dressel's Relationship Timeline

After their friendship turned romantic, Caeleb and Meghan Dressel embarked on a beautiful love story that she once likened to The Notebook. "What started with these couple of kids crazy about each other, has turned into the promise of a lifetime of love that would give Noah and Allie a run for their money," Meghan wrote in an Instagram post shared on Valentine's Day 2020. "I've loved you since 2013 and I can't wait to keep loving you forever."

Here's a peek at the couple's relationship timeline, from 2013 to today.

2013: Caeleb and Meghan Dressel Meet Through Swimming

Caeleb and Meghan Dressel's love story dates back to 2013 when the teenagers met through their local swim team. "We grew up swimming together but lived 45 minutes apart." Meghan said in a 2021 interview with First Coast News.

2016: Meghan Supports Caeleb Dressel at the Rio Olympics

Meghan Supporting Caeleb Dressel at the Rio Olympics
Photo: Julio Aguilar | Getty Images

Despite making their romance work long-distance throughout college, Meghan Dressel has always been one of her husband's biggest (and loudest) supporters. She traveled to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, where she cheered for her then-boyfriend alongside his family. Dressel had a breakout performance at the games, winning gold medals in the 4×100 meter freestyle relay and the 4×100 meter medley relay.

After the Games, Meghan opened up to The Odyssey about how they prioritize their romance amid demanding Olympic prep. "We've made it work for two years now being across [the] state," she explained. "I think because we've had to deal with distance, it's made us stronger as a couple."

She added that the Olympic fame and success didn't affect her boyfriend, saying, "To me, he is just Caeleb—the same guy I grew up swimming with and the same goofball that runs around with a chicken hat on."

2019: Caeleb Dressel Proposes to Meghan

Caeleb and Meghan Dressel got engaged on November 29, 2019. The athlete presented his fiancée with a classic round-cut diamond on a simple band. The following year, Meghan reflected on their relationship milestone, writing, "A year ago today I said the easiest yes of my life, and now just a few short months until we're officially together forever."

2021: Meghan and Caeleb Dressel Get Married

Meghan and Caeleb Dressel's wedding took place on February 13, 2021, in Jacksonville, Florida. The pre-Valentine's Day celebration was an intimate outdoor ceremony that took place in front of their family and friends. "My forever Valentine. My husband 🤍," Meghan wrote on Instagram the day after the wedding. "Yesterday was a dream. Thank you to everyone that made it possible and perfect. We are so blessed🤍."

2021: Meghan Cheers for Caeleb at the Tokyo Olympics From Afar

Since the 2020 Olympics took place in 2021 due to the pandemic, spectators were unable to travel to Tokyo to support the athletes. Instead, Caeleb Dressel's wife cheered for him from afar. In a sweet moment documented by NBC, she and his family joined him for an emotional live video call after he won gold in the men's 100m freestyle. "We love you so much. We're so proud of you," she said as he cried tears of joy.

2024: Caeleb Dressel and His Wife Welcome Their First Child

A few months ahead of the 2024 Games in Paris, Caeleb and Meghan Dressel welcomed their first child together, son August, on February 13, just a few days after their third wedding anniversary. "Our baby boy came bursting into our arms on Saturday morning after a very swift and powerful labor," the couple wrote in a joint post on social media. "August, you have forever changed our world and our hearts. We love you so so much little man🥹."

Inside Meghan and Caeleb Dressel's Wedding

Meghan and Caeleb Dressel got married on February 13, 2021. The nuptials took place at Bowing Oaks, a rustic outdoor wedding venue in Jacksonville, Florida. The bride wore a fitted lace wedding dress with an illusion back and a cascading train, which she paired with a simple veil. The groom opted for a classic gray tux.

Meghan opened up about the spiritual ceremony on Instagram, writing, "As a therapist, feelings words are my bread and butter. And I have to say, I have no words to describe what this ceremony felt like other than, Jesus."

She continued. "Every step, every breath, every word, was wrapped and carried with such warmth and outpouring of love that I truly did not know existed on this Earth; and surely had never experienced before. Marriage is a sacrament, and a blessing, and the Holy Spirit allowed us to truly feel the beauty of that."

On their third anniversary in 2021, Meghan shared a collection of never-before-seen wedding photos on Instagram. "3 years in, and all the more in love," she captioned the post. "Marry your best friend🥰🤍."

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