Wedding Reception Etiquette: Can We Attend Our Reception Cocktail Hour?


Is it okay for us to attend our wedding reception cocktail hour? My fiance would really like to, I'm just not sure how it would work. Would we still be able to be announced at the wedding reception?


Though some couples like to catch some alone time during the wedding reception cocktail hour, many opt to spend it with their friends and family. The usual MO is to just jump in and start mingling as soon as you're through with your postceremony photos (if you took your formal shots in the morning, you'll be able to proceed directly to the cocktail hour). Then just accept congratulations, hugs, and enjoy yourselves! Have your wedding coordinator, bandleader, or another point person let you know when there are only about 10 minutes left until wedding reception time. That way, you'll be able to get ready to make your big entrance. And no, seeing you at the cocktail hour doesn't make it any less dramatic or exciting for the guests when the new Mr. and Mrs. are announced (they did see you at the wedding ceremony after all!).

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