5 Crazy Wedding Dance Music Videos

by The Knot

The Fresh Hubby of LA

The already loveable couple of The Broke-Ass Bride blog shares this little ditty inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme song. Get ready to have it stuck in your head all day (and not hate it!).

Posted by cedes82.

The Infamous JK Wedding Entrance Dance

When this video hit YouTube.com last summer, it blew up. Now it seems like everyone is choreographing a little number at their ceremony or reception. We think it's genius -- what better way to get everyone pumped up to dance?

The couple that can't be stopped

This couple incorporated all of their wedding guests and family in a killer Queen-inspired music video. Don't you just want to party with these people?

Posted by Tim Warwood.

Night of the Living Wed

Not only does it make a great homage to the late King of Pop, but we've got to give props to a bride who can get down in the big white dress.

Night of the Living Wed from Sarah Stock on Vimeo.

Posted by Sarah Stock.

Night time is the right time...for dancing

You've gotta love a groom who commits…to his performance. Lip-synching is the perfect option for a bridal party that's a little shy to get on the mic.

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