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35 Christian Wedding Songs

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All of Your Questions About Interfaith Wedding Ceremonies, Answered

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What My Mormon Wedding Was Really Like

Sample Wording for a Catholic Wedding Program

Read on for a helpful Catholic wedding program template.

Basic Protestant Wedding Vows

Methodist Wedding Vows

Roman Catholic Wedding Ceremony Vows

Lutheran Wedding Vows

Episcopal Wedding Vows

Protestant Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Remarriage: Do I Need an Annulment?

My fiance was previously married in a non-Catholic religious wedding ceremony. He divorced. We are planning on being married in a Catholic church. I have never been married. Will he need an annulment from his previous marriage?

Wedding Ceremony: How to Mix Wedding Beliefs and Wedding Traditions?

My husband-to-be is Greek Orthodox and I am a firm agnostic. How can we include his ethnic and religious wedding customs in our wedding without making my family faint (e.g., Mom would pass out if the wedding's in a church)? I don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable, but I want to ensure a balanced wedding ceremony with wedding rituals that are important to both of us. Also, there are things we can't do anyway because of the restrictions of the Greek Church (I wasn't baptized). Help!

Catholic Wedding Ceremony Planning Checklist

Eastern Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Mormon Wedding Ceremony Requirements

Church Weddings: Remarriage in the Catholic Church?

The most wonderful man has asked me to marry him! He is kind, considerate, and Catholic. He is also divorced. In order to be married in a church (which I fully intend to do), what are the necessary proceedings?

Church Weddings: What Are Standard Protestant Seating Arrangements?

I'm having a traditional Protestant wedding. Does it matter which side of the church the bride and groom stand on? And who seats my mother?

Eastern Orthodox Wedding Ceremony Rituals

Protestant Ceremony Wedding Resources

Protestant Processionals, Recessionals and Ceremony Seating