25 Engagement Party Signs to Wow and Welcome Guests

These signs are the finishing touch to the perfect engagement party.
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Updated May 16, 2023

When searching for engagement party signs, people often look for small accents to tie an engagement party theme together or bold statement pieces that help guests know more about the couple. We've collected our favorite engagement party signs that do just this, including but not limited to acrylic, neon and chalkboard options. Many of these signs also double as an engagement gift for the couple or even decor on their wedding day.

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How Big Should an Engagement Party Sign Be?

Engagement party signs should be large enough to catch the eye of attendees, whether their purpose is to welcome guests to the party or instruct them to sign the guestbook or grab a drink. Smaller instructional and decorative signs typically start around 12 inches high while welcome signs are usually at least 18 by 24 inches.

Take a moment to consider how you want to use the sign. Do you want a large engagement party lawn sign to welcome guests? Or do you want a custom engagement party sign that can later serve as home decor? The answers to these questions will ultimately inform your approach to the perfect engagement party sign.

What To Do With an Engagement Party Sign After the Party?

While an engagement party sign is, first and foremost, decoration for the celebration, many of these signs can be used to spruce up the wedding venue, become wall art in the couples' home or, if they are not personalized, be passed on to another engaged couple to use as an engagement sign for their party.

Engagement Party Welcome Signs

First impressions can make quite an impact, and these engagement party welcome signs were chosen to do just that. From tall banners to classy modern signs, there is a wide variety of ways hosts can welcome guests to the festivities with the choices below.

Greenery Welcome Banner

Using a photo of the engaged couple, this 33 by 84 inch banner is a large sign that will easily grab guests' attention. The customization and shipping typically take under two weeks.

3D Laser Cut Leaf Sign

From the intricate laser cut leaf design to the 3D welcome lettering, this personalized rustic sign welcomes guests with ease. This product can take up to a month to arrive, though, so planning ahead is essential for those wanting to use this gorgeous sign at their party.

Modern Vinyl Banner

Sometimes being big and bold is the way to go, and that's what the creators of this modern, 3 by 5 foot vinyl banner did. With a simple "yes" emblazoned across it, this is a simple way to bring spunk to an engagement party. Zazzle can ship this product to your door in just a few days.

Glitzy Engagement Party Welcome Sign

Nothing says glamor quite like glitter and gold. This shiny calligraphy engagement party sign has plenty of pizzazz to welcome guests and ranges in size from 8 by 10 inches to 24 by 36 inches.

Modern and Minimalist Welcome Poster

Like a poster to commemorate an incredible concert, this black and white engagement party sign showcases the couple front and center. Professionally printed with plenty of sizing options, this poster can easily hang in a future home as a reminder of when the newlyweds' love began.

"Two Less Fish" Party Sign

A cute way to call out the promise the engaged couple will make to each other on their wedding day is through the "Two Less Fish" engagement party theme. This watercolor sign welcomes guests to the party and can be at your door in just a week.

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Wedding Countdown Engagement Party Sign

If your wedding is just around the corner then you can celebrate at the engagement party with a countdown calendar. The little windows of this house-inspired countdown sign build anticipation. Use this engagement party entrance sign to get everyone excited about just how soon the nuptials will arrive.

Destination Wedding Sneak Peek Poster

If you and your partner are planning a destination wedding then welcome guests to the engagement party with a peek at what's to come. A cute art print that reflects your chosen destination is a nice way to get everyone excited. Plus, it can serve as wall art in your newlywed home down the line.

Engagement Photo Signs

Oftentimes, engagement parties are the first time some people meet their loved ones' bride or groom-to-be. So, telling their story through photos is an incredible way to bring guests up to speed on the couple's relationship.

Modern Photo Sign

This elegant poster allows a couple's love clearly through a large photo overlaid with text. As the words do not specify the type of party, this poster can easily be used at multiple wedding related events, from an engagement party to the wedding reception. With many sizes to pick from and quick shipping, this elegant and modern sign is an easy win for any party planner.

Heart Photo Collage Sign

One of the best parts of an engagement party is getting to hear how the couple found each other. This customizable sign tells that story through photos. The large collage can easily become a keepsake for the couple after the party.

Acrylic Photo Plaque

Available in 4 by 6 inch and 8 by 10 inch sizes, this stunning acrylic sign displays a photo of the couple along with their names and wedding date. Easily used as table decor at the engagement party, this plaque doubles as a gift for the bride and groom to remember this special time in their love story.

"We Said Yes" Sign

It takes two to get engaged, and that's exactly what this engagement party sign reminds readers. This lightweight foam board sign can be displayed on a table, stand or even hang on the wall for a quick and easy bit of decoration.

Photo Trio Welcome Sign

With a trio of photos to celebrate the couple, this horizontal engagement party sign provides a glimpse into the life of the nearlyweds. With sizes from 12 by 18 inches to 24 by 36 inches and speedy shipping, this option is a popular choice for even last-minute needs.

Acrylic Engagement Party Signs

Made of strong plastic, acrylic signs bring a bit of sophistication to a party without the risk of being broken like a mirror or glass display. Artists and designers create truly beautiful signs from this material for all styles, from modern to minimalist.

Minimalist Acrylic Engagement Party Sign

This minimalist acrylic sign makes a delightful statement to welcome guests. With large calligraphy, multiple sizes to choose from and quick, free shipping within the US, this customizable product will easily be a hit.

"Where They Got Engaged" Map

To help guests know the couple a little more, consider a map of where the pair got engaged as both decor and a gift. This acrylic sign can be customized using the exact address of where they met, got engaged or will live. As a plus, this sign is also easy on the budget.

Combined Heart Sign and Guestbook

While many parties use traditional guestbooks, an acrylic sign can be an alternative to that. This particular heart-shaped sign can be displayed on a wall after each guest writes a note or blessing for the couple. Additionally, this shop will provide markers and an easel for your order if needed so you have everything ready to go when the time comes. With delivery in under two weeks, many party planners choose this Etsy engagement party sign.

Frosted Gold Engagement Party Sign

This arched rectangle sign brings both beauty and class to any celebration. The size ranges from 12 by 16 inches to a 24 by 36 inch option, and the acrylic sign can come in 14 different colors, allowing customers to customize this sign to fit any theme.

Illustrated "Grab a Drink" Party Sign

Not all signs have to be about the couple. This adorable acrylic sign invites guests to grab a drink to celebrate the nearlyweds. With multiple sizing options and different beer bottle choices, this sign is an easy way to add some spunk to any drink table.

Personalized Mirror Engagement Party Sign

This two-toned acrylic mirror sign comes in numerous font styles and colors. Whether you choose to use just the couple's last name or both of their first names, this sign will be a unique keepsake for years to come.

Custom Engagement Party Signs

Personalized engagement signs show a level of planning and detail that can make a party stand out. These custom options range from a chalkboard countdown display to one that brings in a couple's furry friend into the mix.

Neon Engagement Party Sign

For a little excitement, consider using a customized neon sign as decor at the engagement party. Whether you choose sleek, modern lines, wispy calligraphy or a phrase like "Better Together", this personalized gift can accent a variety of themes. This sign also comes with a two-year warranty.

Engagement Countdown Sign

Many people are counting down the days and weeks till their wedding, and a cute chalkboard sign can help with that. This one comes with multiple design options engraved on natural cherry wood. The sign, which is just bigger than a 4 by 6 inch picture, may take up to a month to arrive, so make sure to order early.

Pet Engagement Sign

When it comes to blending two people together, that often involves inlaws, children and, in some cases, pets. This adorable pedestal sign acknowledges that there may be a dog or cat eagerly anticipating the upcoming wedding. The inexpensive 10 by 12 inch sign is printed on a plastic stand and can be on your doorstep in just a week.

Classy Engagement Party Sign

Ranging in size from 18 inches to 36 inches, this "Congrats" sign can be personalized with the couple's names. While it can easily be displayed on a wall or table, it can double as a photo booth prop too.

Laser Cut Metal Engagement Party Sign

In a world where so many things are disposable, this custom metal infinity sign is a true commemorative piece. In five colors and sizes ranging from 12 to 30 inches, this sign can be a subtle table decoration or a statement piece mounted above the nearlyweds at the party.

Wooden Diamond Ring Sign

Perhaps the most recognizable sign of an engagement is a sparkly ring on someone's finger. This cute wooden sign helps announce the couple's engagement and can be personalized with their names and wedding date.

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