Exclusive: The Valley's Jason & Janet Caperna on How the Show Has Strengthened Their Marriage

Plus, they share their favorite memories from their Tahiti elopement.
Jason and Janet Caperna from The Valley's love story
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Updated May 14, 2024

In case you haven't heard, The Valley is the hottest show on Bravo right now—and for good reason. A spinoff of Vanderpump Rules, the network's latest series follows a group of 30-somethings as they navigate marriage, homeownership and parenthood in Los Angeles. Included in the cast are beloved VPR personalities (like Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, and Kristen Doute), along with a few new faces, including breakout stars Jason and Janet Caperna.

Although they've run in the same circle as Pump Rules stars for years, 2024 marked Jason and Janet's debut on reality TV. Amid the show's skyrocketing popularity, we caught up with the Capernas to chat about their real-life love story, including details about their romance that you *haven't* seen on the show. Plus, they open up about how The Valley has strengthened their marriage, especially amid their foray into parenthood.

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How Jason and Janet Caperna Met

Jason Caperna and Janet Caperna from Bravo's The Valley
Photo: Gizelle Hernandez/Bravo via Getty Images

Do all roads lead back to Scheana Shay? In this case, it's true. If you're curious to know how Jason and Janet Caperna met, we have the core cast of Pump Rules to thank for this love story. "In a roundabout way, we met through Scheana and the group," Janet tells The Knot. "We were friends with the same people and met shortly after I moved [to Los Angeles] in 2017."

At the beginning of their relationship, though, the two were just friends. "When we first met, we saw each other purely platonically. I don't really know why," Jason recalls with a laugh. "We were friends for about two years before anything romantic happened."

It was on Janet's 30th birthday trip to Tulum in 2019 that their relationship shifted. After reflecting on her relationship status—and telling her friends she was feeling "discouraged" in the dating department—a friendly Instagram DM caught her eye. "As I was telling my friends this, Jason messaged me on Instagram and said something like, 'Your trip looks awesome. I need the details,'" she remembers.

"I paused and thought, 'Huh, Jason. He's good-looking. He already knows all my friends. He has a career. He checks all my boxes,'" she continues. "After a couple of drinks, I said, 'We should go out sometime.'"

The rest was history: "We went on a date and have literally been together ever since."

Inside Jason and Janet's Engagement

Shortly after Jason and Janet Caperna began dating, the pandemic fast-tracked their relationship. By 2021, they purchased their first home and discussed plans to get engaged later in the year.

With a trip to Paris scheduled for September, Janet expected a proposal during their vacation to the City of Love—but a small snafu foiled Jason's plans. ("I couldn't get the ring in time!" he says.) Instead, he caught his future wife completely off-guard by popping the question after the trip, during a quiet morning at home. "[The proposal] ended up being in bed with bagels at seven in the morning," Janet recalls. "It was so perfect."

Jason and Janet Caperna's Wedding Details

Following their engagement, the couple quickly began dreaming up their wedding. A former executive assistant, Janet was no stranger to planning large-scale events for others—so she and Jason knew they wanted to skip the big festivities and go for a bucket list vacation and elopement all in one.

Before the destination celebration, Jason and Janet were legally married at her aunt and uncle's home in Los Feliz, California, on June 12, 2022—a day that held significant meaning to the bride. "When I was looking at dates, my mom mentioned that June 12 would have been my grandparents' 73rd wedding anniversary," she explains. "They're such an inspiration to me. My whole idea of a happy marriage fully comes from the example they've set, so getting married on their anniversary meant a lot."

A few weeks later, the newly minted spouses jetted off to Moorea, Tahiti for a second ceremony on June 26. "Being able to plan our destination wedding in two emails was the best thing ever," Janet laughs. "We just showed up and got to have a romantic, fun day."

How The Valley Strengthens Jason and Janet's Marriage

Loyal Bravo watchers know the network's series tend to put relationships under a magnifying glass, but Janet and Jason Caperna affirm that being on The Valley has strengthened their partnership. "Our marriage is healthier and stronger than it was before we started filming," Jason says. "Our communication has improved tremendously since doing the show. I don't think there's an issue we can't talk through at this point."

Plus, Janet adds, being filmed by cameras forces them to discuss experiences they might not have talked about before being on TV. "On a reality show, you're examining your life and your friends' lives and asking questions about things that you might ignore normally," she says. "In a way, it brought us closer together." (It helps that her husband, an attorney who's earned the title of "Jax Taylor Whisperer" in the friend group, excels in his communication skills: "I'm grateful that he's my husband, so I don't have to pay his hourly lawyer rate for it," she jokes.)

The series also chronicles the couple's early journey into parenthood, which they say has transformed their marriage. After filming for the show wrapped in September 2023, the Capernas welcomed their first child in December—and they're still soaking up the newborn bliss. "Seeing Jason as a dad melts me in a way that I didn't know it could," Janet reflects. Adds Jason: "I'm really proud that she's my wife, and I'm proud that she's the mother of my son."

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