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Famed YouTubers Shane Burcaw & Hannah Aylward Marry In Backyard Wedding

Here's how they announced their marriage.
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Esther Lee
by Esther Lee
Updated Sep 14, 2020

Shane Burcaw and Hannah Aylward are married. The couple, who documented their interabled relationship on YouTube channel "Squirmy and Grubs," exchanged vows and married in a backyard wedding ceremony on September 4. 

"On Friday, September 4th, I married the love of my life," Aylward shared on Instagram. "It wasn't the big gathering we had always planned on having, but it was perfect. Thank you so much to @sburcaw for officiating over Zoom. We love you!"

The couple's YouTube channel has provided much insight through their four years of dating. Being in an interabled relationship has brought the pair to document the realities of dating between Aylwar, who does not have a disability, and Burcaw, who has a genetic disorder called spinal muscular atrophy. The couple has been celebrated for their transparency in how they've navigated the challenges and blessings of their journey, while sharing humorous moments that are equal parts authentic and eye-opening. Like hundreds of thousands of 2020 couples, the pair had to postpone their larger wedding and instead, made it official with a backyard minimony amid COVID-19

"Shane and I can't wait to celebrate with our families in person when it's safe, but for now, we're husband and wife!!!!" continued Aylward. "And that's the most important part. I'm incredibly lucky to now be married to the greatest guy I know." ⁣

Along with his wife, Burcaw had several sentimental thoughts to share. "What Made Me Smile This Week?⁣" he expressed on social media. "I married my best friend. On Friday, September 4th, Hannah and I tied the knot and became husband and wife! It was a private backyard ceremony that we conducted over Zoom with our officiant. Certainly not the wedding we originally imagined, but it was a beautiful moment filled with the most important thing: our love for each other.⁣" 

The couple first met over the internet in 2016. She initiated the outreach after watching a minidocumentary by Rainn Wilson on Burcaw. From there, Aylward learned more about her future husband, his bestselling books, his vlog and general outlook on life.  

During their four years of dating, viewers watched their relationship progress through topics like changes in life expectancy and meaningful conversations about parenthood. After revealing their wedding news, Aylward took to Instagram to address skeptics on Sunday who questioned their relationship, a theme the couple has grappled with in the span of their four years of dating. 

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Little did she know, I was using full tongue.
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"If the past two years of having a YouTube channel have taught me anything, it's that you're never going to be able to educate everyone," she explained. "No matter what you do, some people will just never come around. Worrying about these people's opinions is a waste of time, and as time has gone on, it's become so much easier to genuinely have no internal reaction to comments like these. A few years ago, reading words like these was painful. For a while, I held onto the idea that once Shane and I were married, all the people doubting our relationship would realize it was real. Now, of course, I'm not that naive. Although it's taken time, I'm able to completely dismiss people like this. Shane and I continue to make content and share our story with the hopes of showing as many people as we can that disabled people are worthy partners. Comments like these only encourage us to continue! We're so grateful for all of the people that our story has managed to reach in a positive way."

Of course, they shared their wedding video via YouTube, where they expressed they're: "beyond thrilled to finally be husband and wife." The video itself shows the couple from the morning of the wedding to their ceremony, all the way to joyously being pronounced newlyweds. Watch it above. 

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