The Knot's Official Guidebook for COVID-19 Wedding Help

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an expert weddings coronavirus guide
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Updated Dec 23, 2020

As couples globally are facing the COVID-19 pandemic, taking the right actions and navigating this ever-evolving scenario is proving to be challenging for many. Like you, here at The Knot, our teams are making daily decisions through the lens of how to best keep our couples, employees and partners safe and healthy. So, as you're planning your wedding during the coronavirus pandemic, know that we're here for you. We'll continue to update our guide to planning a COVID-19 wedding as new information is available from the CDC and WHO, as well as from experts within the wedding industry.

In addition to the COVID wedding ideas and resources below, we've updated The Knot Wedding Planner App with new COVID-specific features to help you adapt to postponement, rescheduling and more. We've also created an interactive map to give you state-by-state guidance.

Get the Latest COVID Guidelines by State

Stay up to date on the most recent capacity guidelines and travel restrictions across the U.S.A. with our interactive map.

Visit the Covid Guidelines Map

Remember that you're not alone right now. Many couples have been impacted, countless weddings have been postponed, and we know it's a challenging time for so many impacted by this pandemic. We want to be here for you every step of the way. Because love most certainly isn't canceled, and that includes the joyful journey of planning your wedding.

1. Staying Organized While Planning a Wedding During COVID

For those wondering how to plan a wedding during COVID, we've got you covered. Whether you're just engaged and planning from the start, looking for logistical help on how to postpone, or hosting a safe and small minimony now with a big celebration down the road, our tools for planning a wedding during COVID make it all easy.

Recently Engaged Couples

Don't let COVID take away any of that newly engaged glow. Kickstart your planning journey with The Knot's Wedding Checklist.

Just Engaged? Here's How to Start Planning Virtually

Trust us, there's still plenty that can be accomplished at home and via video chat. But first, take a moment to bask in that newly-engaged glow.

Couple at home using laptop
How to Enjoy Your Engagement In Light of COVID

Congratulations! This is a milestone moment in your life, so you shouldn't feel guilty about celebrating your engagement and future wedding, even amid the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Enjoy Your Engagement
The Future of Weddings After COVID

According to the CDC, group gatherings should be limited in size to reduce the spread. What does this mean for weddings during and after COVID? Here's what industry experts say.

weddings after covid what it could look like how to plan

Postponing Your Date

Trust us, you're not alone here: 35% of couples who had upcoming weddings have postponed to 2021 or later. Here are our COVID wedding resources for postponing your date due to COVID.

of couples who had upcoming weddings have postponed to 2021 or later.
Shifting Your Wedding Timeline Due to Coronavirus

For couples with wedding dates in 2020 and early 2021, we did the math for you. Here's exactly how to shift your planning timeline based on your wedding date.

wedding monthly breakdown how to move date covid
All the Steps You Need to Take to Postponing Your Wedding

You've made the tough decision to postpone because of COVID, now what? Here are all the steps you need to take to officially push back your wedding, broken down into a handy checklist.

Postponing Wedding
Email Templates to Use If COVID-19 Pushed Back Your Wedding

No one should have to stress over email etiquette right now. To help, we've written out a set of templates so all you have to do is copy and paste. (And hit "send" of course.)

email templates to use change-the-date covid weddings
Wedding Dates to Avoid in 2021, 2022 and 2023

You've made the tough decision to postpone, but to when exactly? Here's a cheat sheet of holidays and other dates to be mindful of as you're rescheduling your date.

Ring on calendar
It's Okay to Be Sad About Having to Postpone Your Wedding

Know that what you and your partner are feeling is valid, and your feelings shouldn't be discounted. It's best to face those feelings head on. Here's how to do that.

Sad About Postponing Wedding

Get Legally Hitched Now, Celebrate Later

Of couples that got married in 2020, a third of them are planning another celebration. So if you're looking to become legal spouses sooner rather than later, we love the idea of hosting a socially-distanced minimony now, and continuing to plan a larger wedding for the future.

Get the Latest COVID Guidelines by State

Stay up to date on the most recent capacity guidelines and travel restrictions across the U.S.A. with our interactive map.

Visit the Covid Guidelines Map
The Event Everyone's Throwing Before Their Postponed Wedding

Meet the minimony, a smaller bash before the actual day. Read up on how to host your own—plus everything else you need to know.

what is a micro wedding and covid wedding ideas
How to Safely Throw a Wedding Right Now

The good news: You can still celebrate with your loved ones. Even better news: We're here to help you do it. Read on to find out how.

How to have a COVID wedding
Elopement Announcements to Share the Good News

Say 'I do' now, celebrate later? We support you! Here are our favorite festive ways to announce your newlywed status.

Elopement announcements
How to Have an Instagram-Worthy Elopement

Take a page out of this influencer's book and steal her epic elopement.

bride in front of purple ceremony altar elopement

2. Find Your Wedding Pro Team

Planning is still happening—in fact, 52% of couples have booked or hired a vendor since the onset of the pandemic. There's no doubt that as you're planning a wedding amid COVID, having an expert by your side can be a huge help. More than 75% of couples say their vendors were understanding of the unique situation and accommodating to new requests or updates.

Find your kind of venue

From barns to ballrooms, discover reception venues that feel like you.
of couples have booked or hired a vendor since the onset of the pandemic.

Get Started

For couples that have either recently gotten engaged or have yet to find their vendor team, we recommend getting started by browsing wedding venues via the local directory.

Find Venues With Outdoor Reception Spaces

Hosting an open-air celebration is one of our favorite COVID wedding ideas.

Outdoor wedding
See Venues Without Leaving Home with a 360° Virtual Tour

Because who doesn't love the idea of booking a venue while still wearing pajamas?

Wedding ceremony
Plan Your Wedding While Social Distancing

Tackle dress shopping, vendor relationships, and more wedding planning during COVID (actually get a lot done).

planning wedding in remote

Plan With Your Pros

Already have your venue locked down? (Way to work that checklist!)

Use the Vendor Manager to Find and Book Pros

This is all you need to put together your wedding pro team.

Bride and groom working with photographer
Keep Planning on the Go with The Knot App

Or let's be real, while snuggled up on the couch.

woman on her phone planning her wedding

How to Support Your Vendors During COVID

Your wedding pros are always deserving of a little TLC, but especially now during the coronavirus pandemic.

Your Wedding Vendors Are Small Businesses—Here's How to Support Them

First things first: Postpone and plan for the future, don't cancel.

Janell Hickman-Kirby wedding
Thoughtful Ways to Thank Your Wedding Pros

Our favorite ways for showing your vendors some love—which is a good thing to do now, but a great idea always.

Outdoor wedding
How Pros Are Helping Out Amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

From dress designers and bridal salons shifting to mask production, to venues providing shelter for healthcare professionals, our wedding vendor community is truly an inspiration.

ines di santo shifts wedding dress porduct

3. Celebrate Your COVID Wedding Virtually

This year, celebrating your love may look a little different—and that's okay! Remember what's important: Celebrating this special milestone moment with your friends, family and people most important to you.

Communicate With Guests

According to a recent study by The Knot, which surveyed people who were supposed to attend a wedding amid the coronavirus pandemic, 71% of guests say it's important to receive information on health and safety measures before RSVP-ing. Even more specifically, 63% of guests want to know your mask policy, and 60% want to know the size of the guest list. Here's how to keep that communication clear and straightforward.

of guests say it's important to receive information on health and safety measures before RSVP-ing.
Create a Wedding Website (and Keep It up to Date)

With all that's going on, having a centralized location for all your COVID wedding updates and virtual event details is critical. The Wedding Website was never so important, TBH. You can even add an FAQ page to answer all of guests' potential questions.

Couple looking at budget on computer
Send Your Guests Text and Email Alerts

Make sure guests don't miss a thing! Send text and email notifications for major updates to your Wedding Website. Our favorite part? Those email updates will match your website design, so they'll be right on theme.

Woman texting on her phone
What Guests Want to Know About Your COVID Safety Measures and How to Tell

Hosting a COVID wedding, full of masks, socially-distanced seating and other health and safety measures? Love it. Here are the best ways to let guests know about all those great precautions ahead of time.

Bride and groom wearing face masks at wedding

Throw a Virtual Wedding Event

For couples looking to get married late 2020/early 2021, 43% are planning to add a virtual component for guests that can't attend in person. Spoiler alert: We love this trend! Here's how to pull it off without a hitch.

Share Your Virtual Wedding Link Via Your Website

Including your livestream/broadcast link on your website makes it super easy for your guests to dial in to your virtual wedding. (Psst! You can even add an FAQ page.)

couple on computer
Things Your Virtual Wedding Definitely Needs

Ensure their virtual celebration goes off without a glitch with our top tips—from creating a virtual dress code to designating a 'streaming administrator' for your event.

virtual wedding
What To Wear To A Virtual Wedding

Here's what couples and guests should know about choosing attire for a Zoom wedding—and the mistakes to avoid.

what to wear to a virtual wedding

4. Invite Friends and Family to Celebrate With You

We've got your COVID wedding covered, no matter where you are in your journey: Just engaged, postponed, recently wed—and everything in-between.

Find the Stationery You Need for Any Wedding Status

Start by browsing save-the-dates, wedding invitations, day-of stationery and thank-you cards in your style, and sample any design from home with our free sample pack.

Wedding invitation suite with pink and yellow details
The Free Stationery Reprints You Need if Changing Your Date

So you can order with confidence, and get a free reprint on your wedding paper should your wedding day details change.

change-the-date wedding postponed etiquette advice
Everything to Know About 'Change-the-Date' Cards

Postponed weddings amid COVID have resulted in a new type of announcement: Meet the change-the-date, a more flexible sibling of the save-the-date.

Modern agate wedding invitation

Where do wedding gifts and registry fall into all of this? We know there are a ton of questions and a lot of confusion surrounding wedding gift etiquette amid the COVID pandemic — here, we dig into the answers and the guidance.

Start Your Wedding Registry

If you haven't created your registry yet, there's no better time like the present with everyone spending more time at home. Choose from themed collections or even register for a Cash Fund.

Kitchen registry must-haves
The Ultimate Registry Checklist

Not sure what to put on your registry, exactly? No sweat. We've outlined everything you and your future spouse might need for your newlywed nest.

How to Manage Your Registry Once You Postpone

We know, asking for wedding gifts might feel a bit strange right now, but trust us—you're not alone. We're answering all those tricky registry-related FAQs.

Wedding registry gift
How to Ask for Charity Donations Instead of Wedding Gifts

Having a registry doesn't necessarily mean you only have to ask for physical gifts. Here's how your wedding can support a good cause.

Brides on wedding day
Five Simple Ways to Make Your Registry Easy for Guests

While The Knot Registry is already super easy to navigate, there are ways you can optimize your registry for friends and family's use. Consider these our insider registry secrets.

Couple using laptop at home
Here's the Right Way to Share Your Registry

The pandemic has thrown so many etiquette rules in limbo. Consider this your source of truth for the best ways to get your wedding gift wish list in front of the right people.

Couple wedding planning on phone

6. For the Guests: Attending In-Person or Virtually

With so many weddings impacted by the coronavirus, wedding guests are likely asking very similar questions about next steps. Here's what to do as a COVID wedding guest, what to say (what not to say) and how to address even the most commonplace questions like gift etiquette for a postponed wedding.

Find a Couple's Wedding Website

Whether you plan to attend IRL, virtually, or just by sending good vibes on the day of, keep up to date with wedding plans through the couple's Wedding Website.

couple on computer
Things Not to Say to Someone Who Just Postponed Their Wedding

As a friend or family member, the most important thing you can do is show support.

woman holding cell phone
How to Be a Great Wedding Party Member During COVID-19

You were supposed to be in a wedding that just got postponed—what to do? First things first, be there for your friend. .

Woman video-chatting friends

A Guide to Being an IRL Guest

Couples themselves are having to scramble and make new plans amid the pandemic to comply with local guidelines, so what's a wedding guest to do?

How to Safely Attend a Wedding Amid COVID

Here, our handy COVID wedding etiquette guide for those guests who have a wedding on their calendar in the coming weeks or months.

attending a wedding during covid
Get the Latest COVID Guidelines by State

Stay up to date on the most recent capacity guidelines and travel restrictions across the U.S.A. with our interactive map.

Visit the Covid Guidelines Map
Our Favorite Wedding Face Masks for Guests

Find the perfect mask to match whatever you're wearing with our shoppable guide to wedding masks for guests, including everything from simple designs to bold colors.

Bride and groom wearing Mrs. and Mr. wedding masks

Wedding Gift Etiquette Amid COVID

Trust us: Your engaged friends who just had to postpone their wedding due to COVID could use a wedding gift now more than ever.

How to Locate a Couple's Wedding Registry

Looking to give a special couple in your life a little happiness right now? We love that! Share the love and send a gift through their registry.

woman working on laptop
Here's Why Wedding Gifts Are More Important Now Than Ever

Remember that it's the thought that counts. Plus, we break down exactly when to give a gift based on COVID-specific scenarios, including virtual weddings, elopements and more.

registry covid gifts wedding
Gift Giving Etiquette for Postponed Weddings

Where do wedding gifts fall in all of this? We know there are a ton of questions surrounding gift and registry etiquette. Here, we dig into the answers.

Wedding registry gift

Show Support from Afar

While hugs and coffee dates might be off limits due to social distancing, being there for a friend isn't.

How to Be a Good Friend to Someone Whose Wedding Was Impacted By Coronavirus

Here's how to show some kindness to those people in your life who are dealing with the stress of postponing their day.

Woman waving to friend on laptop video chat
How to Throw a Virtual Bridal Shower or Bachelorette Party

If social distancing has thrown a wrench in your pre-wedding event plans, here's how to still make the to-be-wed in your life feel celebrated. Plus, our favorite virtual bachelorette party and bridal shower games (that are actually fun).

how to throw a virtual bridal shower or bachelorette party

7. Love and Your Relationship in Quarantine

People are actually feeling stronger in their relationships as a result of social distancing and spending more time together, according to a recent study, but that doesn't mean this time is without struggles. Below, find our expert advice for navigating and maintaining a healthy relationship through it all.

How to Keep the Spark Alive When You're With Your S.O. All Day

While one might think that quarantining together isn't ideal for romance, there are definitely ways to make the most of your time together.

Couple dancing in kitchen
The Challenges Couples Are Facing During COVID-19

Here's what couples are going through, and how to work through those common issues.

Couple at home
12 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If You've Postponed

It's time to #takebackthedate in the time of weddings and coronavirus. Here are our favorite ideas for making the day feel celebrated.

Bride and groom at elopement
Small Things You Can Do to Make Your Partner Feel Special

Our favorite tips for showing your S.O. your appreciation during this trying time, from ordering their favorite food to simply putting down your phone and actively listening.

Ways to make your partner appreciated
14 Quarantine Couple Activities You Haven't Thought Of

Dinner and a movie on the couch is great and all, but sometimes you've got to spice things up. (Luxury spa night, hello!)

Couple Activities
Our Favorite Self-Care Products for Couples to Help You Both Unwind

If you're looking for permission to do a little #treatyoself splurge, this is it.

Self care for couples products
12 Ways to Maintain a Healthy Relationship While Social Distancing

The shelter-in-place and stay-at-home guidances are putting many couples in closer proximity than normal, which could have an impact on your relationship.

 happy couple
Relatable Tweets About Social Distancing With Your Partner

"Turns out that my husband knew how to clean thoroughly this whole time."

Funny and relatable marriage tweet twitter social distancing couples
The Shows and Movies to Binge-Watch While Wedding Planning

Pop the popcorn and grab your sweats—you've got a very important date with the couch.

Couple at home watching TV
What Is a "Homeymoon"?

A honeymoon at home, of course! Here are our favorite ideas and top tips for pulling it off—no passport required.

couple homeymoon stay at home honeymoon ideas

8. Additional Resources

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, love has ultimately prevailed: 71% of couples with weddings scheduled for 2020 found a way to get married regardless of how it looked and 76% have had some type of post-ceremony celebration with close family and friends.

of couples with weddings scheduled for 2020 found a way to get married regardless of how it looked.

COVID Wedding Ideas and Advice

Our mission: To make your COVID wedding as 'gram worthy as possible.

Wedding Masks That Will Actually Look Cute in Photos

Plus, real couples who rocked them in style.

Bride and groom wearing Mrs. and Mr. wedding masks
Transitioning Your Wedding Colors to a Different Season

Postponing your wedding doesn't mean sacrificing your aesthetic. If you want to adjust your palette to align with certain times of year, there are ways to do that.

How to Transition Seasonal Wedding Color Palette
Our 15 Favorite Social Distancing Signs

These will totally work with the rest of your wedding's decor.

pandemic social distancing sign
How to Include Hand Sanitizer in Your Wedding

Help guests stay safe and sanitized with these super cute ideas.

Sanitization Station wedding sign
Wedding Customs to Reconsider Amid COVID-19

Plus, alternative COVID wedding ideas for what to do instead.

couple cake cutting COVID
My Instagram Feed Is Making Me Hate the Wedding I Planned

It feels like we're on our phones now more than ever, which makes it pretty easy to obsessively scroll through flawless wedding photos and feel all kinds of envy as a result. Avoid the spiral — here's how.

Toxic Positivity
Toxic Positivity Is the Mental Health Concern You Should Be Aware of Now More Than Ever

Planning a wedding during a pandemic is hard—it's okay to admit that.

Social Media and Weddings
Creating My 120-Person Guest List Was Hard Enough, Now It's Down to 30

Firsthand advice from one bride's experience of cutting her guest list for COVID.

wedding table with two chairs and pink floral centerpiece
Here's How to Adjust Your Guest List in the Time of COVID-19

If your wedding guest list is taking a hit due to social distancing guidelines, we're here to help you navigate those uncomfortable conversations.

guest list etiquette coronavirus covid-19 photo
Coronavirus and Wedding Insurance 101

We spoke to the experts to determine which kinds of coverage are most helpful right now.

Woman working at laptop
What Honeymoons Will Look Like After COVID-19

We tapped hospitality experts to find out exactly how airline travel, resorts and hotels, and honeymoon experiences are adapting to a post-pandemic world.

Couple at honeymoon

Get Attire and Beauty Help

Even while home, the shopping hasn't stopped for some. With local bridal salons and businesses of all types evolving to digital experiences, your dress and other at-home styling tips are simply a click away. The same applies to beauty advice, too. Now is the best time to work on upkeep without considering drastic transformations. Leave that to the pros.

How Wedding Dress Shopping Will Change Due to COVID-19

Bridal salons are bracing for a new normal—here's what to expect.

bridal salons wedding dresses layout
Bridal Salons Answer the Top COVID-Related Dress Concerns

Have questions about your wedding gown and shopping amid COVID-19? Thanks to a few boutiques, we've got all the answers for you.

dress shopping
The Proper Way to Store Your Dress Right Now

Spoiler alert: Not in plastic.

How to Store Your Dress Before the Wedding
How to Do Your Hair and Makeup for Your Virtual Wedding Events

Get computer-camera ready for your virtual bridal shower or minimony with this advice straight from the experts.

DIY Wedding Hair and Makeup


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