5 Tips If You're Wearing Contacts on Your Wedding Day

We need to have a word with our fuzzy-visioned friends.
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
sophie ross the knot bridal fashion and beauty expert
Sophie Ross
Bridal Fashion and Beauty Expert
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Updated Sep 18, 2018

You likely didn't choose the lens life (unless you simply love wearing colored contacts for fun)—the lens life chose you. And while it's probably a part of your daily routine at this point, it's worth pointing out that you should take some extra precautions on your wedding day to make sure your vision is clear and your eyes are comfortable for every second of that extra-long day. So, chronic contact wearers, these five tips are for you.

1. Start with a fresh pair on your wedding day.

Whether you wear daily lenses or switch out your contacts every few weeks, you'll want a fresh pair that'll give you the smallest amount of issues as possible on your wedding day. Trust us—you'll want to take in every single moment as clearly as possible.

2. Remember to put them in before your makeup artist gets started.

Any contact-wearing veteran knows to put in contacts before starting your makeup (with clean hands, of course!), but this will be especially important on your wedding day. Not only will you want to avoid any snafus that come along with trying to put contacts in with out-to-there false lashes and potentially dramatic eye makeup, remember that your photographer will be present during the getting-ready process too. If you don't want to be caught in your thick frames (that are probably adorable), then put your contacts in first thing in the morning.


3. Contact solution is your best friend.

Yes, you'll probably be crying, and yes, it'll be a long day—and unfortunately, neither of these things bode particularly well for contact wearers. While you might be tempted to use nearby bottled water (or worse, saliva) to moisten dry lenses—don't. Both of those things could make your discomfort worse (or even lead to an eye infection right before your honeymoon). Instead, pack a miniature contact solution or eye drops in your emergency kit, or give it to your maid of honor or a trusted family member to have handy in case you need it.

4. But be careful with it.

And it's equally important to remember to be careful—when putting the liquid in your eye, don't get heavy-handed, or you could risk having gushes of solution running down your face and ruining your makeup. It's a scary thought, we know, so ask for a second hand if you need one.

5. Bring an extra set in your emergency kit.

Every regular contact wearer has been there—the discomfort (and pain) of a damaged lens in your eye is pretty unparalleled. Whether it's a visible rip or an invisible slick of oily makeup (which, again, will happen if you don't use clean hands to put them in), sometimes it's simply a lost cause. Of course, you don't want to be stuck with one (or zero) contact(s) on your wedding day. So, always, always, always bring an extra set in your emergency day-of kit. At that—bring your glasses just in case too. Even if it sounds ludicrous (and you still hate your dorky specs), you'll be happy you have them in case of an eye emergency.

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