Wedding Vendors: When to Take Wedding Pictures?


When should formal wedding pictures be taken?


Photography session timing is up to you. Here are the options:

  • Before the ceremony: This is our favorite, but it's out if you two don't want to see each other before the wedding. More and more couples choose to spend preceremony time alone, but this can also be a great chance to take family and wedding party pictures when everyone is excited and fresh.
  • Between the ceremony and reception: This is probably the most popular option; the newlyweds and wedding party gather at the front of the ceremony site and take pictures while guests wait outside or travel to the reception for cocktail hour. (Don't make your guests wait for hours though!)
  • During the reception: Some couples steal away during the reception for photo shoots with the wedding party and family. Consider whether you want to take this time away from your guests.
  • Afterward: You might need to redo your makeup for a late shoot, and feasibility depends on the length of the party. The biggest advantage of a postwedding photo shoot? No distractions or nerves.
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My fiance and I have decided to take wedding photographs before the wedding ceremony so that we can have proper lighting. The obvious problem is that we will have to see each other before the wedding -- and I really wanted to have that great moment when my groom sees me for the first time walking down the wedding aisle. Any suggestion for how to get around this?

by The Knot2 min read