10 of the Worst Speech Mistakes We’ve Ever Heard

Trust us—you don’t want to be ​that​ person.
by Amanda Casertano

You know those cringe-worthy moments that make you think, "Did that really just happen?" Us too. And they happen at weddings all the time. With emotions at an all-time high and a few drinks in everyone, things can easily take an unexpected turn—especially when someone gets handed a microphone for a speech. Take it from us and proactively share some tips with your family and friends who will be speaking on your day, because we want your guests to raise their glass, not want to hide under the table. Here, we're sharing a few of the worst toast mistakes we've ever heard at weddings. 

1. "He was trying to make a cute point, but the best man kept going on about the wild times they had in Vegas while the couple was broken up. The groom was heartbroken." —Erin

Talk about awkward. No one wants to hear about frat party memories or questionable choices made on a boys trip. No matter how hilarious they are, play it safe and keep this anecdote out.

2. "My brother's mother-in-law talked about the time he dumped his (now) wife." —Emily

Breakup stories are always sad—and even if the couple is married now, it's still going to be super awkward. We definitely recommend not talking about that topic.

3. "This one speech felt like it was going on for hours. Everyone was basically falling asleep." —Jenna

The MVP is always the person who keeps things short and sweet.

4. "One maid of honor blurted out, 'Santa isn't real!' and the flower girl went running away screaming." —Diana

Not taking your speech seriously is really disappointing. When all eyes and ears are on you, make sure you don't cause the couple to second guess why they asked you to do this for them in the first place.

5. "One guy was way too drunk to even read his speech, so he just started to go off on whatever came to the top of his mind. None of it made sense." —Dana

Should you have a drink to ease those nervous jitters? Absolutely. But too much alcohol flowing can lead to some really awkward moments (think: groomsmen confessing their love for the bride—yes, it's happened). You don't want to regret saying or doing anything you otherwise wouldn't have done.

6. "The bride's brother was holding the microphone so close to his mouth. Everything he said was muffled." —Terri

We know giving a speech can be nerve-wracking. But it's also an honor that you were asked by the couple to do so, so you've given it your all and rehearsed it a million times. Don't ruin it by not speaking clearly. Keep the mic at a good distance—a third of an inch away from your lips is safe—and you've got this.

7. "The maid of honor's entire speech was made of inside jokes between her and the bride. It was sweet, I guess, but everyone was confused." —Rosie

Every pair of besties have their own side jokes, but no one else is going to crack a smile about that time you had to climb through your apartment's second-story window if that's the height of the joke. Just because you two are hysterically laughing doesn't mean anyone else is enjoying the speech. Hold off on including anything that only you two would understand.

8. "The best man said he didn't agree with the marriage and thought it was a bad idea." —Erika

It's important to stay focused on the couple and why you're honored to be celebrating this day with them. Any other feelings should be kept to yourself.

9. "The bride's sister wouldn't stop making subtle digs about how she's always gotten everything she's ever wanted, including getting more vacations than she did during their childhood." —Teresa

Okay, we'll be blunt—this day isn't about you. Maybe you're still bitter about that one time your little sister gave herself permission to wear your favorite dress. Or maybe you're a little jealous they got to study abroad while you worked a 9 to 5 job. There's a time and place to hash these things out, but a wedding isn't it.

10. "The maid of honor called out the bride for being a psycho and said the groom had no idea what he had himself in for. Keep in mind the groom's family was chugging their drinks and we were dying of laughter. It was the most awkward and eye-opening event I've ever been to." —Adam

A situation like this makes everyone uncomfortable. Having the mic doesn't give you permission to air dirty laundry, even if it's in jest.

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