Plan an Alaska Proposal with These Romantic Ideas

If you love the outdoors, there may be no better place to pop the question than The Last Frontier.
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Updated Apr 26, 2024

Whether you live in Alaska or are just visiting, its natural beauty is undeniable. Home to breathtaking landscapes and awe-inspiring wilderness, the Last Frontier is a gorgeous location for pretty much any occasion, especially proposals.

In fact, Katelynn Rowe, director of events at Jacin Fitzgerald Events and Alaska resident says, "Propose, visit, come, stay, do all the things in Alaska. You can't go wrong with any corner of this wonderful place and I highly encourage it for all, especially for something as special as a proposal!" So, we've rounded up some of our favorite places to pop the question in Alaska—from national parks to luxe resorts and everything in between.

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How to Decide Where to Propose in Alaska

Choosing the perfect spot to propose in Alaska can feel overwhelming with so many stunning options. Consider your partner's preferences and interests—are they drawn to majestic mountain vistas, or do they prefer the tranquility of a secluded beach? Think about the experiences you've shared together and pick a location that holds special meaning for both of you.

With its stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes, Alaska offers so many gorgeous locations for the most perfect, romantic proposal. And remember, for all your proposal needs, from photographers to planners and everything in between, The Knot Vendor Marketplace has you covered.

The Best Time of The Year to Propose in Alaska

Alaska experiences distinct seasons, each offering its own unique charm for a proposal. Summer, with its long days and mild weather, is ideal for outdoor proposals amidst blooming wildflowers and shimmering lakes. Winter, with its snowy landscapes and dancing auroras, sets a magical backdrop for a cozy, intimate proposal under the northern lights. You really can't go wrong proposing during any time of year—just decide what you most want to see and experience, and plan from there.

The Best Places to Propose in Alaska

Now, let's dive into some of the best and most scenic places to propose in Alaska, guaranteed to sweep your partner off their feet.

Flattop Mountain, Chugach

Blueberry lovers will adore Flattop Mountain in the late summer, with Rowe suggesting blueberry picking as the perfect activity to enjoy before popping the question. She adds, "My favorite time of year is just when the colors begin to change for fall. Even if you miss the blueberries, Blueberry Hill is a leisurely trail that is so breathtaking when the fall colors come out." On a clear day, Rowe says you can see Denali when you hike to the lookout, and to just remember that the leaves and colors are short-lived, so plan your visit accordingly!

Portage Glacier

One of the most accessible glaciers by boat and foot, Rowe says, "If you're looking for those icy blues to be the backdrop of your proposal, this is the location for you." She adds that Bryon Glacier and ice caves are one of the most spectacular up-close views you can have, and just to, "proceed at your own risk!" If you're unfamiliar with the location (or just want some help and less stress!) consider hiring a proposal planner or concierge to work out all the details for you—all you then have to do is show up with the ring!)

Kenai Fjords National Park

Calling it one of the true highlights of Alaska, Rowe says that to propose at Kenai Fjords National Park, first depart for the park from Seward, Alaska via a boat tour to the glacier or even kayak to a secluded beach and to, "consider a more private tour than the larger cruises for an even better experience." She adds, "The sights and sounds from the adventure to the glacier or surrounding area will not disappoint! The icy blue glacier, sea otters and whale watching make the full-day trek worth it."

Alyeska Resort, Girdwood

For a luxurious experience, check out Alyeska Resort, nestled in the heart of the Chugach Mountains. Perfect no matter what time of year you decide to visit, Rowe says, "In the summer months, enjoy amazing views, hikes and wildlife, or in the winter months, enjoy skiing or a hotel wake-up call for the Northern lights." She calls it, "the perfect place for celebrating an engagement" and suggests spending the day at Alaska's first Nordic Spa Experience followed by a scenic aerial tram ride up to Seven Glaciers Restaurant with panoramic glacier views. She adds, "Don't forget to grab a pint of Wild Scoops Handcrafted Alaskan Ice Cream (a local favorite) from the gift shop before you head to your room for the night!"

Girdwood Forest Fair, Girdwood

"While it's not the Alaska State Fair (the most anticipated event of the year from Alaskans), Girdwood surely holds a lot of weight when it comes to celebrations and gatherings of locals and visitors, especially in the summer months," says Rowe. She adds, this July festival draws everyone in, and you should enjoy the local beer, local food and lots of fun. This would be the perfect location for the outgoing couple, and a great opportunity for some fun, fair-inspired proposal photos.

The Most Scenic Places to Propose in Alaska

For stunning proposal photographs and gorgeous visual memories that will last a lifetime, here are some of the most scenic places to propose in Alaska.

Brooks Falls, Katmai National Park

If you don't mind bears as onlookers during your proposal, Rowe says that Brooks Falls in Katmai National Park is known for its iconic bear viewing opportunities. Just imagine proposing against the backdrop of cascading waterfalls and the chance to spot majestic brown bears in their natural habitat—incredible! You'll definitely want to have a professional proposal photographer on hand for the big moment, especially if bears are within view!

Prince William Sound, Valdez

"One of the towns that flanks the Prince William Sound is Valdez, and it is a lesser known, but always well-loved location in Alaska by the locals," Rowe says. She adds, "Perfect for a salmon fishing experience, kayaking, hiking or camping, as well as exploring the glaciers around this area. Book a water taxi or cruise and enjoy the peaceful waters while watching for wildlife."

Chugach State Park

If you and your partner like to hike, then Chugach State Park is perfect for a secluded and intimate proposal. Rowe says, "Hike to a scenic overlook or find a quiet spot along the shores of Eklutna Lake to pop the question surrounded by nature's beauty."

Turnagain Arm

If you have or are renting a car, consider taking a scenic drive along Turnagain Arm—a stunning stretch of coastline known for its dramatic landscapes and abundant wildlife. Rowe says, "There are several lookout points that would work perfectly as a surprise proposal - because who wouldn't stop along the way to take in the coastal mountain views? Beluga Point is a popular stop amongst visitors, but you can find secluded spots to head off for more privacy." And keep an eye out for the Bore Tide or Beluga Whales, as Rowe says sometimes you can spot them from here!

Kincaid Park, Anchorage

Off the Southern end of Anchorage's Coastal Trail, Rowe says , "the special part of Kincaid Park is that you have the lush forest trails that eventually lead you to the naturally-formed sand dunes at Kincaid Beach." Take a romantic walk, hike one of the various trails and take in the "white sandy dunes and stunning shoreline" that make Kincaid Park, "one of the most-peaceful locations in Anchorage making this the perfect place to pop the question." You'll definitely want someone there to take photos of the moment amongst the picturesque shores. She just warns, "You will likely catch wildlife en route on the trails so always exercise caution!"

Denali National Park

Rowe says, "Denali is a must-see National Park and with its mountain views and sprawling wildlife, it is sure to be an unforgettable locale for a proposal. It is more secluded and provides lots of options by way of seeing wildlife, hiking and camping. However, the weather will play a part in whether you are able to see the beautiful, towering mountain view." She recommends advanced planning paying particular attention to reservations, wildlife notices and weather.

Eklutna Lake

"The crystal blue waters and mountain views from Eklutna Lake are some of the best," Rowe says, adding, "Whether you want to go out with your dog for a more flat, lakeside hike, spend the afternoon kayaking or enjoy the midnight sun with a late evening picnic, it's always absolutely breathtaking. If visiting in the winter months, she recommends you, "bring your ice skates and hot chocolate for a spin on the frozen ice."

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