30 Real Proposal Stories That Prove True Love Exists

Who knew there were so many ways to say, “I love you?”
Couple in meadow after getting engaged
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chapelle johnson the knot associate editor
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Updated Dec 07, 2023

If you've noticed lots of engagement announcements on your social media feeds lately, it's because it's officially proposal season. To celebrate, here's a roundup of some of our favorite proposal stories from real couples. And for those who are planning to pop the question, you'll find plenty of marriage proposal ideas and get a feel for what's trending among couples. Expect to smile, laugh and even reach for a tissue or two with these romantic wedding proposal stories.

1. Birthday Photoshoot Marriage Proposal Story

    Ammy's sweetheart, Jeffrey, told her to prepare for a birthday photoshoot with their two fur babies, Mushu and Tofu but instead was gifted one of the most unique proposal stories.

    Ammy: While driving there, I had no idea what was in store. We arrived at the studio, but I discovered it wasn't your average type of photo session. It turned out that he found a location that turned our images into 3D figurines. As we prepared to take our first picture, Jeffrey kissed me and got down on one knee. I couldn't believe what was happening. I was in shock. He asked me to marry him, but I still couldn't believe what was happening. After asking me for the third time, I finally realized what was going on and screamed, 'YES!'

    2. Martin-Inspired Proposal Story

      For their first anniversary, Ryan wanted to pull out all the stops, which involved crafting the perfect proposal. We deem this one of the top three most creative proposal stories on our list.

      Ryan: A hopeless romantic at heart, I had always wanted to create a unique moment that knocked my future wife off her feet. With Lauren, her deep love and family bond with the television show, Martin, gave me all the inspiration I needed. I used the OUE SkySpace in downtown Los Angeles to construct my master plan, replicating the key components of the proposal the Martin character used in the show. Close friends and family helped with the process by surprising her on the 70th floor and acting as street vendors selling flowers, chocolates, a stuffed animal and the ring to make the moment complete. I asked her to close her eyes, and as I dropped to one knee our song, 'Why I Love You,' by MAJOR, played over the speakers.

      3. Multi-Step Secret Marriage Proposal Story

        We love real proposal stories like the one below. Anamika and Jean's loved ones thought Anamika would be the one to propose, but Jean shocked them all. Jean visited Anamika in San Francisco and pulled off the perfect scheme, which impressed Anamika since she's usually a "pretty terrible liar."

        Anamika: That weekend had not just one surprise, but three. Jean proposed to me on a rainy Friday afternoon in the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. We then took a rainy walk through Golden Gate Park and Panhandle together to my apartment. Jean also planned a surprise party at a bar downtown with all our friends to congratulate us. Seeing all those people in the same room smiling ear to ear for our happy news was incredible, and made San Francisco feel more like home even though I'd been there a short time. As a final surprise, Jean planned a weekend getaway to Timber Cove, a gorgeous mid-century coastal cabin boutique hotel on the California coast. The best part was not having any cell phone reception and just spending the weekend together, alone. For couples who've yet to get engaged, I highly recommend a weekend away right after the proposal.

        4. Special Morning Proposal Story

          Adrienne and Brittany on their wedding day
          Photo: Photo: Ellie McKinney Photography

          Not all engagement stories have to be over the top. Proposing at home can be just as sweet and beautiful.

          Adrienne: Mornings happen to be very sacred to us. We cherish them and make the most of our morning every single day. One morning, Brittany hugged and kissed me and asked me to be her wife (which wasn't unlike any other morning), and I said yes just like any other morning; only this time she had a ring. We talked, laughed and cried all morning, and Brittany ran me a luxurious bath. When I finished, she escorted me downstairs where there was a private chef in the kitchen pouring us champagne and cooking brunch. It was a true celebration for us and very private.

          5. Surfing, Sharks and Love Marriage Proposal Story

            Cute proposal stories are abundant on our favorites list, like this one. Anna thought it was going to be a typical surf session at Bolinas in Marin County, but it became a water proposal instead. Anna was preparing for her next wave, so she was confused as to why Feng, her soon-to-be fiancé, was paddling so close to her. But once he started talking about "their next chapter" she began to register what was happening. Feng took out a beautiful ring from his wetsuit and asked Anna to marry him. Anna joyfully screamed, which confused and concerned the other surfers since the area was known for sharks. After saying yes, Anna asked if the ring was insured, but it wasn't. So they immediately paddled back to shore––one-handed to protect the beautiful David Yurman Lanai engagement ring.

            6. German Castle Proposal Story

              This is one of the most personalized and thought-out marriage proposal stories we've read. And bonus, there are two proposals between this happy couple.

              Dakarai proposed to Kyle at the Neuschwanstein castle, the one "Sleeping Beauty" was modeled after, in Germany. The two paddled to the middle of the lake by the castle, and Dakarai recited a poem and proposed. Dakarai gave Kyle a ring inscribed with the phrase, "I can show you the world." This represented them being on one of our first international trips together and their love for the movie, "Aladdin."

              After this, Kyle showed Dakarai a compilation video of sweet messages from their closest friends and proposed. The ring Kyle picked for Dakarai has a "Lord of the Rings"-inspired design with an emerald in the middle. The band has an inscription that says, "We become the lilac sky" because early in their relationship they had red and blue hair, and as big fans of Halsey loved the song "Colors" since there's a part that says "You were red, and you liked me 'cause I was blue. But you touched me, and suddenly I was a lilac sky…"

              7. Unconventional Italy Marriage Proposal Story

                Some of the best proposal stories don't include engagement rings. Kirk and Warren's love story is one of those.

                Warren: After being together for nine years, Kirk planned the proposal, which took place during our trip to Italy. We hiked a few hours before reaching the engagement spot along the Path of the Gods overlooking the Amalfi Coast. Since the tradition of engagement rings wasn't really us, Kirk proposed with a custom compass since traveling together and exploring new parts of the world has been our long-time passion. To make the piece even more sentimental, the compass was engraved with the coordinates where we first met.

                8. Doughnuts Make Everything Better Proposal Story

                  When proposing, it's best to treat your partner to what they would love, not what you would want if you were the proposee. Michele combined Amy's two loves into one in this proposal story.

                  Michele: Buffalo holds a special place in both of our hearts. I knew I wanted to propose there as it was where we officially started dating, and I was honored when friends agreed to be a part of it. Some of my best friends FaceTimed me, showing me the perfect spot at the Buffalo Botanical Gardens to propose and place the customized Texas-sized doughnut from Paula's Donuts. Flowers and doughnuts are two things Amy loves. On the day of the proposal, my friends planted the doughnut on a bench in front of purple alliums. When Amy refused to open the box because 'You can't touch someone else's donuts,' it forced me to open the doughnut box while getting on one knee to ask her to marry me. Thankfully, she caught on and said 'yes,' but she was truly surprised.

                  9. Windy North Carolina Marriage Proposal Story

                    Alex and Karl on their wedding day
                    Photo: Kate Supa Photography

                    Timing is everything when it comes to asking one of the most important questions, "Will you marry me?" That's how beach proposal stories like these become a success.

                    Alex: I host a fall party every year in October, so Karl took advantage of our loved ones coming to town. Karl told me we were going to grab drinks at the beach bar before going to dinner with friends. Our friends were running late, so Karl insisted we make our way closer to the water, where they were Adirondack chairs overlooking the ocean. It had to be the windiest, non-hurricane, day on the eastern coast of North Carolina. My hair was a complete mess, and I kept asking when we could go back to the bar to hide from the wind. I noticed Karl kept looking at his watch––come to find out, he was waiting until 6:20 p.m. when everyone would be in place. At 6:20 p.m. on the dot, he threw his beer back and said, 'Alright, let's go. They should be here soon.' As I stood up, he grabbed my clutch and sat it on the chair beside us. He grabbed both of my hands and got down on one knee. I don't remember much, just collapsing to the ground in the joyful tears.

                    Little did I know, he had our favorite people in hiding to witness the sweet proposal. They were so excited they started cheering and running towards us before he could even pop the question. After the proposal, he had dinner reservations for our friends and family at our favorite restaurant downtown, Pin Point. The oysters and champagne were plentiful!

                    10. Night Full of Multiple Surprises Proposal Story

                      The proposal doesn't have to end after popping the question. Make the most of the experience by adding small or big surprises along the way, as Jai did in the story below.

                      Mili: We planned a trip to Storm King Art Center in New York's Hudson Valley to see the sculpture garden and beautiful fall colors. After strolling around the open-air museum, Jai proposed in front of the iconic Ionic Columns. He had a secret proposal photographer hide out and perfectly capture the special moment. As we left Storm King, Jai surprised me again with a gorgeous sunset helicopter ride back to the city. To finish the night, as we got out of the helicopter, I was shocked to see my parents secretly flew in from Georgia to join the celebration. Afterward, both our parents and siblings came together for a celebratory dinner at Temple Court in the Beekman Hotel in downtown Manhattan.

                      11. Private Wine Tasting Proposal Story

                        Make your and your partner's favorite spots the location for your proposal. You can take something familiar and give it special meaning.

                        Kellen: I planned the engagement at a small, LGBTQ-owned wine-tasting room in Los Olivos, California, called The Hideaway. It's a special place for us, since we would frequently stop in Los Olivos for wine tastings and tri-tip sandwiches on our trips between Los Angeles and my hometown of San Luis Obispo. We were visiting my hometown for Thanksgiving, so I saw the opportunity to propose under the guise of a private wine tasting on the drive back to Los Angeles.

                        We got the tasting underway, and as we got to the last wine, I suggested we step out to the back patio. Mika's 'Tiny Love' came on the speakers (we had seen the artist perform live in Brooklyn the month prior, and I thought the song captured our understated shows of affection). I got down on one knee and started to ramble. I presented Phil with a small box with two rings inside––they were identical, except one was a gold band and the other a white gold band. Phil was a bit flustered by having to make two decisions at once, but he chose the gold ring and said yes!

                        Since I knew Phil would be on to the plan as soon as I suggested we make this unplanned stop, I arranged a second reveal. As soon as the big moment passed, a group of about a dozen of our closest friends from L.A. poured in, along with my mom and brother. There were lots of tri-tip BBQ sandwiches and bubbly drinks.

                        12. A Trip Down Memory Lane Marriage Proposal Story

                          Not everything goes as planned during a proposal, but that's okay. Jason knows this more than anyone.

                          Jason wanted the proposal to be in Boulder, Colorado, since that's where their love story began seven years prior. Haley was already in Boulder visiting family, so Jason thought it was perfect timing. Jason said he couldn't make the trip because of work but secretly flew in overnight to surprise Haley. It would be their first time in Boulder together since they graduated in May 2013, which made the day even more special.

                          Jason scheduled a romantic hot air balloon ride over the Flatirons, but it was canceled after they arrived due to high winds. The post-engagement celebration at The Kitchen on Pearl Street, where they went on their first date on September 18, 2012, was also canceled due to a kitchen fire that forced the restaurant to close for the next few weeks.

                          As a safe backup plan, Jason asked Haley's sister, Avery, to set up a romantic picnic in the mountains. While Avery was setting up, the couple walked around their old campus to stop by all their favorite spots, including the classroom where they met. As Jason took Haley to the classroom, she started to cry because she thought they would get engaged there, but Jason accidentally left the ring in the car. After their campus visit, they went up to the surprise picnic, but a tour bus of people saw the display, and one of them said, "I wonder if anyone is getting engaged?" Jason and Haley laughed and decided that, yet again, this was not the right moment. After several failed attempts, Haley and Jason went to Coot Lake, where Jason proposed in private and Haley said yes.

                          13. Intimate Anniversary Proposal Story

                            You have to love sweet proposal stories because what else can make you laugh and cry simultaneously? This story about Jenn and Roque's engagement is a prime example.

                            Jenn: Nantucket had been on Roque's travel bucket list his entire life because his favorite TV show, Wings, was fictionally based there. For our 2nd anniversary, I surprised him by booking a long weekend for us to go together. Roque was in heaven eating clam chowder every day, and I could barely get him to leave the airport as it was full of Wings memorabilia. After a romantic dinner the night of our anniversary, we were relaxing in our hotel room when Roque pulled out a ring pop from the dollar store and asked me to marry him. It was sentimental and low-key— very us.

                            14. Intimate Rooftop Marriage Proposal Story

                              The COVID-19 pandemic forced many couples inside, but that doesn't mean romantic proposal stories stopped. Check out this heartwarming engagement account from the proposer and proposee.

                              Meaghan: Do you know how difficult it is to keep a secret when you're living 24/7 with someone in a tiny Brooklyn apartment? Everything was shut down, and everyone was isolated, so I decided to plan a special moment for the two of us on the rooftop of our apartment building. I served slices of cake from Butter & Scotch, the neighborhood bar/bakery where we had our first date, and she said yes. Side note: The engagement ring got lost in delivery one week before the planned date. I chalk it up to COVID-19 craziness. It was nerve-wracking, but thankfully, I received a replacement ring in time.

                              Brianna: I was working insane hours during the peak of the pandemic, so despite sharing a one-bedroom apartment, there were some days we barely saw each other. I was taking a rare break when I walked into our living room and noticed the apartment was immaculate, and Meaghan was nowhere to be found. I saw the open window to the fire escape and climbed up to the roof where I found Meaghan at the rooftop table with dinner set for two. I thought it might just be her way of insisting I take a little time to relax, but then I noticed in the far corner of the rooftop there was a decorative string of pom-poms draped over the clunky old satellite dish that I always complained about being an eye sore. That's when I knew.

                              15. Successfully Shocking a Pro Planner Proposal Story

                                James was known as the expert planner out of the relationship, but that was all about to change with Stefano's top-notch proposal scheme.

                                Stefano: James was about to turn 30. As a treat to himself, he tasked me with planning his 30th birthday. He wanted to be 'whisked away,' so I knew this would be my only chance to surprise him. I wanted to take James on a vacation and then propose on the night of his 30th birthday. I started with the idea of a meditation retreat. Meditation had been good for me, and I thought James might benefit from it as well. So I started looking for an all-in-one retreat with a mix of meditation, yoga, relaxation and massages. As you can imagine, there are not that many options. The clear winner was a retreat in Bali, Indonesia.

                                The retreat turned out to be everything I hoped. It was all wonderfully planned, from meals to activities to tours. There was just one snag: all meals were communal. I had planned to propose during a private dinner. Fortunately, I was able to ask the staff to arrange a solo meal on the terrace of our villa for James' birthday. It worked out perfectly. Our terrace was secluded, facing a gorgeous tropical jungle. The staff lit candles and spread rose petals on the dining table.

                                I had a speech prepared. I'd watched famous proposals on YouTube for inspiration. The one that inspired me the most was Chandler proposing to Monica on Friends. I started with how we met and how far we'd grown together. The speech turned into more of a dialog. He agreed with all my points, and added to them! Not what I'd planned, but it worked out for the best. When I finally got to the words 'for the rest of my life,' it finally hit him. I asked the question, but he was so shocked he forgot to answer. I had to ask again to confirm. When it finally came, his 'yes' sounded a lot like a 'duh!'

                                16. Meaningful Sunset Marriage Proposal Story

                                  Christmas is one of the most popular proposal dates. It's a time full of loved ones, joy and festive energy. The beautiful couple below have one of the most romantic and thoughtful Christmas proposal stories of all time.

                                  Aryanna: We went to Asheville, NC to celebrate my 30th birthday and had all sorts of plans for the weekend. I'm obsessed with Christmas, so Doug told me we were going to a Christmas-themed restaurant with cool installations for photos, so to make sure I dressed for the occasion and brought my camera. After I got ready, Doug said the Uber would be there shortly and that we needed to head down.

                                  On the way to the Uber, I looked out the window and saw the most beautiful sunset over the Blue Ridge Mountains. I asked if we could quickly snap a few photos before we got in the Uber, and he said ok. He pointed to the perfect spot on a large balcony overlooking the mountains, and we headed there to take pictures. After snapping a few shots, he asked if I wanted to take a photo together. Doug is pretty camera-shy, so this rarely happens, and I immediately said yes. A woman was standing nearby, so Doug asked if she could take our photo. She looked really annoyed but agreed. She started taking pictures of us, and after about a minute, Doug stepped away and said this was another birthday surprise. The woman behind the camera was an Asheville-based proposal photographer he hired to take photos for my blog to capture my 30th birthday. I was shocked. She had me try out some poses and then asked me to turn around to get some shots from behind of me looking at the sunset and mountains.

                                  When I turned around, Doug was on one knee with a little black box in hand. He asked if I would marry him, and with happy tears in my eyes, I said yes. The photographer continued capturing the moment I thought was over, but there was one more surprise. Doug pulled out a hand-made poster board with a QR code and a detailed description of the meaning behind the custom Morganite engagement ring he designed. I scanned the QR code with my phone, and a video of all my closest family members and friends congratulating me on the engagement and wishing me a happy 30th birthday appeared. When I looked up, all the people around us were clapping and smiling––it was like something out of a movie. I sobbed, and we finally got in the Uber to head to a delicious birthday dinner.

                                  17. Sentimental Beach Proposal Story

                                    Ted and William felt that the trials of COVID-19 proved they could handle anything as partners. This is why Ted started making plans to ask for William's hand in marriage.

                                    Ted and William were in Maine for a summer vacation with family and brought their dog, Bagels. The coast of Maine is generally rocky, but there is an area in Acadia named "Sand Beach" Ted wanted to propose at. Ted took the ring and asked William if he wanted to take Bagels for a walk on the beach at sunset. While William was facing the water, Ted pulled out the ring and asked, "Should I kneel?" and William replied, "If you want to!" as he started to tear up. Ted got on one knee and said, "William, I love you with all my heart and want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?" William said yes. The next day a loved one took the happy couple and their siblings back to the beach to take photos and recreate the scene.

                                    18. Cape Cod Sunrise Marriage Proposal Story

                                      Here's another beach proposal story you'll love. And if you really like the sand between your toes and salty water, consider doing a beach engagement photoshoot.

                                      Suniti: Sam and I love traveling together, particularly around New England. We had taken a trip to Cape Cod in 2017 and loved it. A little after our 10th anniversary, we decided to take another weekend trip to Cape Cod. We went back to the quiet beach we went to on our first trip, Nauset Light Beach, where we stayed up late talking in a big lifeguard chair. Unfortunately, it was a cold and rainy night, so we left quickly. I had a strong feeling Sam was planning to propose because he suggested we go back to the beach for the sunrise, and I'm usually the one pushing to wake up early for a sunrise. We woke up the next morning and went to the beach. It was a beautiful sunrise, and a seal was playing in the water. Sam proposed as we were looking out on the ocean.

                                      19. Casual Home Proposal Story

                                        Some of the most romantic proposal stories are at peoples' homes. Mudra and Paul are a testament to that.

                                        Mudra: It was a Friday night after a long work week. We changed into our sweatpants and got ready for dinner. Paul made me dinner, and we spent the evening chatting about work and how much we loved each other. At some point, I said, 'You know it doesn't matter how, when or if you ask me. It's moments like these that matter the most.' Paul then asked me to grab our sangria so we could sit outside on the patio and relax. While I was getting the sangria, Paul changed out of his sweatpants and followed me. I instantly made fun of him for changing into a nice shirt, and then he got down on one knee and began to tell me why he loved me so much. At this point, I realized what was happening, started laughing and crying, and said 'yes' after saying 'no' about 10 times in disbelief.

                                        20. Rolling With the Punches Marriage Proposal Story

                                          Melisa and Angelica on their wedding day
                                          Photo: Hannah Bjorndal Photography LLC

                                          If you're in an LGBTQIA+ relationship, you might be wondering who proposes to whom. There are no strict rules on the matter. Follow Melisa and Angelica's lead by proposing to each other.

                                          Melisa: We planned a trip to Hawaii with friends in March, so I figured the Hawaiian landscape would make for a lovely backdrop. Angelica's mom, who passed away a few years ago, called Hawaii her home for four years, so there was also a unique tie to the island. I knew exactly where I wanted to propose, the exact location and the time of day. Of course, a few days before the big event was supposed to go down, the road leading to the beautiful hike was shut down due to erosion. Within 48 hours, I found a new location. I planned a sunrise hike, but it turned into an 11 a.m. hike because life happens. We finally got to the hike location but it was full of tourists. Our friends who joined us on the hike did a great job 'encouraging' the tourists to wait until I popped the question. I delivered my heartfelt message, and Angelica said 'yes' through the tears streaming down her face.

                                          Angelica: There was never a moment when I would have been content being proposed to without also proposing back to Melisa. I wanted her to feel an overwhelming sense of love, just like she made me feel when she proposed to me in Hawaii. During the summer of 2022, we had plans to travel to Europe to visit Melisa's family in Amsterdam. She considers Amsterdam her second home, and I've always dreamed of going there well before I even met Melisa. When thinking through my proposal, I had grandiose plans of getting down on one knee in the most perfect of settings with the most ideal weather. The planner in me meticulously outlined it all.

                                          First, we'd explore one of Amsterdam's cool new photography museums downtown to check off Melisa's love of art and photography. I'd follow her around the galleries, anxiously waiting for us to eventually make our way to the back courtyard garden. It was the perfect intimate setting for my (mostly) introverted future wife. I had her cousin on standby to take pictures and everything to capture the moments. From there, we had a surprise dinner with the rest of her family from the Netherlands where we'd celebrate. But my perfect plans didn't go anywhere near as planned.

                                          With Melisa jetlagged from our flight, she was not in a 'good' mood. Certainly not one to get proposed to at least. I ended up carrying her ring on me for days, waiting for the right moment. On the fourth morning of our trip, I finally asked her to share her life with me and be my wife on a canal overlooking the most scenic construction zone. It was perfect.

                                          21. Public New York Proposal Story

                                            If your partner is an extrovert and loves being the center of attention, consider planning a public proposal.

                                            Giancarlo: The proposal held lots of meaning to us. We always spent time in the spring and summers walking along the Westside Highway in New York City, chatting over coffee in the mornings and sharing a sip of wine in the parks during sunsets. The pier I happened to propose on was special because my cousin is a photographer who has documented the transformation of this pier for decades. It was during a summer night, before Mychaela's final exams in nursing school, I dropped to one knee and proposed in the middle of the park surrounded by New Yorkers.

                                            22. Birthday Trip Turned Marriage Proposal Story

                                              Want to know a surefire way to remember your engagement date? Propose to your partner on your birthday.

                                              Donell: We got engaged on my birthday getaway. Timmesha surprised me with a birthday trip to Costa Rica, but little did she know I was working with the hotel manager to pull off my own surprise. On my birthday, Timmesha charted a boat. While she was posing for a drone picture, I asked her to turn around, and I was on one knee.

                                              23. Chartreuse-Centered Proposal Story

                                                We guarantee you won't be able to deny that Jesse and Vita have the cutest proposal stories you've ever heard.

                                                Jesse: Vita asked me out and asked me to prom, so I knew she'd be the one to propose to me. We'd talked about it and had a loose timeline, but she still managed to totally surprise me.

                                                Vita: I planned the proposal for January 2021 in Napa and started with the idea of chartreuse. It's my favorite color and Jesse's favorite liquor. I knew he wouldn't want a ring, but I wanted to think of something special to get for him. I ended up sneakily taking his measurements and getting a chartreuse-colored custom suit made. I then built a changing room in the middle of the vineyard near the house we were living in and put an outfit inside the structure to match his favorite cocktail, a Last Word. Chartreuse for the suit, maraschino was represented with a burgundy pocket square, gin was a fresh white button down and lime was a pair of lime patterned socks. I also bought myself a super dramatic chartreuse gown on Etsy to match. But I needed to find a reason to get Jesse to the vineyard. I texted him I had hurt my ankle and needed him to come pick me up. I had blocked the road and put up a big arrow pointing at the changing room so he knew where to go. I thought it was pretty clear.

                                                Jesse: But of course, I was worried Vita was actually hurt, so the sign didn't even register, and I drove in circles around the sign trying to find her.

                                                Vita: Eventually, I came out from behind this rock where I was hiding and yelled, 'Turn around you muppet, you're ruining the moment!' Which incidentally is the only part we have on video.

                                                Jesse: I got it then. It was magical. I changed into the outfit and came out the other side of the structure to find Vita in this ruffled gown with two matching yellow rings from Amazon, one for each of us.

                                                Vita: This was perfect timing because it was the windiest day in Napa history, not a great day to build a small structure on a hill. Right after I proposed, the entire dressing room collapsed.

                                                24. Surprise Catamaran Marriage Proposal Story

                                                  If being on land isn't your thing, get your sea legs and ring and propose on a boat. Just ensure you get engagement ring insurance.

                                                  Francisco: We were working on a wedding in St. Thomas and had decided to extend our trip and visit St. Barth. Ultimately, a hurricane derailed our plans by a day, but we eventually made it, stayed at the super fabulous Cheval Blanc, and Julian proposed on a catamaran at sunset. I was quite surprised and thought it wasn't happening because there wasn't a photographer on board. Luckily, Julian had hired a photographer with a sense of fun who was disguised as a deckhand, serving us drinks and canapes the entire voyage.

                                                  25. A Sweet Double Proposal Story

                                                    Dom and Donnie on their wedding day
                                                    Photo: Meg Laffey Photography

                                                    Just because your partner proposed doesn't mean you can't return the favor. Take a page out of Dom and Donnie's book.

                                                    Dominique (Dom): I decided to propose at Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore. Me and a few of our friends put together a photoshoot that Donnie thought was work-related. During the shoot, I showed up as a surprise. Everything was caught on video, and it was the perfect moment for an engagement shoot. After she said yes, we joined family and friends at a surprise dinner.

                                                    Doneshia (Donnie): Because nothing we do is traditional, I also proposed. There was an exhibit at ArtTechHouse in D.C., where I originally asked her to be my girlfriend. So I planned to get there earlier than her and have her meet me. All her best friends and family were hidden around the exhibit. As she entered, I was in the middle of the room and proposed.

                                                    26. Surprise Park Marriage Proposal Story

                                                      Let nature be the perfect backdrop to a beautiful proposal.

                                                      Nikita: We were on vacation in Seoul, South Korea, walking around the Olympic Park. James was walking off the entire time, and I was under the impression I had chosen a boring place to visit, even though the scenery was gorgeous. James suggested finding a spot to sit down and read. I pointed out multiple spots, but James thought they weren't right because they weren't secluded or scenic enough. We finally found a spot with two trees covered in white flowers forming an arch and settled underneath them. James started reading, and I was taking pictures of him reading.

                                                      Once I stopped, he started saying words to me I couldn't remember and didn't believe. I remember telling him 'shut up' and 'screw you' multiple times because I genuinely didn't think he was proposing to me. I finally believed him when he pulled the ring out. The ring was perfect, a circular halo yellow gold ring with the most beautiful profile that he said reminded him of my Indian background and love for Princess Jasmine.

                                                      27. Intricate Tasting Menu Proposal Story

                                                        If your partner is a big foodie, including a meaningful feast in the proposal is a must. Kevin planned a mouthwatering proposal just about anyone would love.

                                                        Kevin: For the engagement, we were in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. I knew Ada wanted it to be a surprise, so I went with the following plan: I surprised Ada in the park with the proposal. I chose Madison Square Park, which we stayed by when we first moved to New York. I asked a few of our closest friends in the city to hide in the park, help take photos and then come out and surprise Ada. Afterward, we picked up takeout food from various restaurants to enjoy a 6-course tasting menu I put together. Each course was from a restaurant where Ada and I shared a meal at important milestones or dates in our relationship.

                                                        28. Tel Aviv Oceanview Marriage Proposal Story

                                                          Anyone who's been to a wedding can tell you that going to one puts you in the mood for love.

                                                          Eric: We were in Tel Aviv for our friends Michal and Yair's wedding. We stayed at the Soho House in Yafo, and Max woke me up one morning to go on a walk and get some coffee & pastries. We walked over to the ledge overlooking the sea, and he proposed. There were about 30 surfers in the sea, and they all clapped and cheered for us when it happened. We had picked the rings together in NYC before the trip, so I knew it was coming, but I didn't know when.

                                                          29. A Song-Inspired Proposal Story

                                                            We don't know if we're allowed to have favorites, but this is truly one of the most amazing proposal stories we've ever heard. We feel like we're in a Nicholas Sparks book.

                                                            Crystal: Persis had been planning this proposal for quite some time, or to be more accurate, since we were just four months into our relationship. And yes, she popped the question after seven years of being together–talk about long-term planning. The whole proposal revolved around the song, 'Girl in L.A.,' by Michael Alvarado, one half of the pop-folk duo, Us the Duo. It's a song about a long-distance love story, which kind of mirrored our journey. The singer expresses his love across various locations, from Nashville to China, and from the heights of the sky to the depths of the ocean.

                                                            Persis and I are a couple of travel bugs, so when she suggested hitting these spots, I was all in but had no idea why. Sure, China in the middle of winter seemed a bit out of left field, but who am I to turn down an adventure? Little did I know, each destination was part of her grand plan. The big reveal happened at the Hummingbird Temple in Los Angeles. As soon as I saw Us the Duo, I knew something was up. They started singing 'Girl in L.A.' and Persis' proposal video lit up on a big screen. After the song, I was led to the backyard where Persis was standing in front of towering letters spelling out 'Marry Me Today.'

                                                            30. Family Forward Marriage Proposal Story

                                                              Having family around for important milestones is crucial to a lot of people. If your partner shares this sentiment, invite their loved ones to the proposal location.

                                                              Dylan: COVID-19 threw a wrench into any extravagant plan. In our relationship, family matters most. I targeted Thanksgiving so Lita's whole family could be a part of it. My family knew the plan and was waiting to celebrate with us the following day. Lita's dad taking pictures, so after getting ready for dinner, he asked if everyone wanted to take photos outside. He grabbed his camera, and we started taking photos of different couples. When it was our turn, I awkwardly pointed to nothing and said, 'What's that?' She turned away, and I got down on a knee. This didn't start smoothly, and it didn't end smoothly. Before Lita turned back to look at me, she walked to her Dad's camera to see the photos. He had to physically turn her around so that she would see me. I asked Lita to marry me, and she said yes. Then, we all got to celebrate as one big family.

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